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Re: [pcgen_developers] Re: People committing to wrong repository!

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  • Andrew
    Hi, I just got this to work with Tom helping, it does need quotes if you have spaces in your file path: ssh = C:/Program Files/Putty/plink.exe -i D:/My
    Message 1 of 10 , Dec 9, 2012

      I just got this to work with Tom helping, it does need quotes if you have spaces in your file path:

      ssh = "C:/Program Files/Putty/plink.exe" -i "D:/My Documents/yourKey.ppk"

      And I believe this should work without requiring Pageant to be loaded constantly. (For our TortoiseSVN users)

      On 12/8/2012 9:28 AM, Tom Parker wrote:

      I got it. 

      Assuming you are using putty/plink/puttygen:
      Generate a private/public keypair using puttygen.  Make sure to follow the key generation instructions (including the comment part) here: https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/sourceforge/wiki/SSH%20keys
      While you are in puttygen, copy and paste from the public key entry in the UI.  Do not save the public key file and then paste that file into the SourceForge submission page, it will not work since it is a different format.

      Submit the public key here: https://sourceforge.net/account/ssh

      Wait a few minutes for the public key to "take" (you can test this by doing a direct ssh to the server with putty - noting that it will log you out immediately, so you have to pay attention to what messages you get.  You also need to set the login ID and private key location if you are testing using this method)

      Follow the directions here: https://sourceforge.net/p/forge/community-docs/SVN%20on%20Windows/
      ...for setting up the location of the private key for Subversion.  Note that the config file is in a different place on older versions of Windows, so you will need to employ Google to figure that out.
      ...note that you need to be in the correct part of the config file, and that the config file requires slashes, so if you do "Properties" on your private key to copy the directory location, you will need to manually change the backslashes to slashes.


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