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Re: [pcgen_developers] Redesigning the PCGen Loading Graphic

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  • John Carimando
    I think I have enough feedback to start. I have some images to work with and will try to get some comps out soon. I will also have some animation to review!
    Message 1 of 9 , Jun 26, 2012
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      I think I have enough feedback to start. I have some images to work with and will try to get some comps out soon. I will also have some animation to review!

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      Subject: Re: [pcgen_developers] Redesigning the PCGen Loading Graphic
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      On Sat, Jun 23, 2012 at 3:23 PM, James Dempsey <jdempsey@...> wrote:

      Hi John,

      On 23/06/2012 1:30 AM John Carimando wrote

      <*>[Attachment(s) from John Carimando included below]
      For the new version of PCGen I would like to design a new loading graphic. I need some info before I can get started, can anyone help me answer these questions?
      What has to be shown in the loading graphic? (Vitruvian Man, "PCGen", version number...)
      The PCGen logo, PCGen and the state : Alpha, Beta or the major version. We have included the ennie on previous screens - it is a pretty cool thing, but it may be getting to time to retire it now. I'm not sure what others feel about that though.

      Some examples of what we have are: Alpha splash, beta splash, 5.16 splash.
      Where do I get the original graphic files?
      Eddy Anthony would be the one to talk to there IIRC. I've copied him in.
      What is the font? Can I get a copy? Does it matter? (I personally do not like the font)
      I think the fonts works well for that purpose :) However I think a change of font would be fine.

      Does it have to be rectangular or can it have an alpha channel like
      the attached example?
      We may be able to do alpha channel work - but I'd have to try it out. Connor might be able to comment on that one.
      I don't have much experience with this but from what I can tell the ability to control window shape and translucency are not officially supported in the version of java we are releasing for.
      What are the max pixel dimensions?
      Personally I wouldn't want it too big. Our minimum screen resolution is 1024 x 600. My personal view is that it shouldn't be a full screen one like a game load or the like.
      IMHO the splash screen shouldn't take up more than half of the screen. So 512 x 300 or similar size would be my preference.
      Can it be animated?
      We'd have to do that by hand, so unless Connor volunteers, I'll say no :)
       Yes it can be animated to an extent.The easiest way I can think of doing this is to use an animated GIF. If you want a non-repeating animation we would need each individual image of the animation so it can be animated by hand. It is a little work but certainly doable :)
      Can I incorporate the dynamic elements into the design? 
      The loading bar, does it have to be at the bottom and look generic?
      It doesn't have to be at the bottom, but it does have to look generic.

      The progress bar can be placed anywhere and look like anything; it need not be generic. Although anything NOT generic would need to be drawn from the code so try not to get too crazy with the design :). Anything with gradients and textures would be very easy. Alphas should be OK.
      Can I leave a space for the version number so it can be written out by the program?
      Yes please.
      Is there anything else that I am missing?

      Not that I can see :)


      Best Regards,
      Connor Petty
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