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  • karianna03
    Hi all, ... OK, this might get us around the legal part, but it still doesn t make me comfortable from a PCGen playing nicely with Publishers point of view.
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 20, 2009
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      Hi all,

      > Actually that's not quite what he is talking about Kar. Using the
      > DDI API key will give you the info from the Compendium see
      > referenced links
      > http://www.wizards.com/dndinsider/compendium/database.aspx
      > http://www.wizards.com/dndinsider/compendium/database.aspx
      > Here's what he and I talked a little bit about at the booth.
      > Somebody would input their DDI username and password into field
      > some where (I would prefer that it pop-up everytime to limit
      > possibly piracy), PCGen would then read the info that is gleaned
      > from the DDI Compendium. Scrape it off into some type of
      > convertor/script and then create a virtual dataset that ONLY
      > resides in memory that way it doesn't reside on the machine in any
      > form and would be dumped when PCGen shuts off (which would get
      > comply with any legal issues of possibly sharing data). And then
      > somebody could write additional datasets for third party books that
      > would work with the info gained from their DDI account.

      OK, this might get us around the legal part, but it still doesn't make me comfortable from a 'PCGen playing nicely with Publishers' point of view. I'd be happy if Eric contacted WotC and got their opinion on this.

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