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Re: [pcgen_developers] Thumbnail - awesome

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  • James Dempsey
    Hi Connor, I ve had a bit of a look at how the sheets handle images. Here is the sizing information: Front page Thumbnail * PDF: 1/8 of the used page width and
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      Hi Connor,

      I've had a bit of a look at how the sheets handle images. Here is the sizing information:

      Front page Thumbnail
      * PDF: 1/8 of the used page width and 6 rows.
      * Fantasy combined 100px high
      * Fantasy Compact 100px high
      * Laptop 100px high
      * Fantasy Standard 100px high
      * Party sheet 120px wide

      Full portrait:
      * PDF: 92mm wide scaled
      * Fantasy combined 400px high
      * Laptop 400px high
      * Fantasy Standard 400px high

      So I would vote for setting the thumbnail to 100x100 as you have done and having the box zoom-able with the thumbnail then scaled to be 100 square. Scaling the full portrait to 400px high also seems worthwhile.

      BTW: Currently there are a variety of ways the images are referred to, some as the name of the image file and some expecting the images to be named after the characters (e.g. name.jpg and name_full.jpg). I have no problems with the concept of standardising that and having them use the portrait file name for the full name and a temporary file name for the generated thumbnail.

      On 11/09/2011 1:46 PM Connor Petty wrote

      On Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 8:14 PM, Andrew <drew0500@...> wrote:


      Just wanted to say the thumbnail looks awesome, two points of concern though:

      1) a Large Picture will go beyond the bottom of the screen with no scroll bar :(

      Thanks for pointing out the scroll bar, I'll make sure to add one

      2) said large picture won't have a nice thumbnail section if it's stuck at one size  box - will it be possible to "resize" the viewable area of the thumbnail?  (Dimensions will remain the same, but just adjust what will fit in the dimensions)

      Right now the thumbnail is created by cropping fixed 100x100 pixel rectangle from the primary image. But resizing this rectangle doesn't necessarily mean that the thumbnail is resized as well since the cropped image could be scaled to compensate. I'm not sure what the capabilities of the OS system are, but I think there should be some limitation on the size of a character portrait when it is exported. So there are some incentives to include scaling in the thumbnail creation. But if we wanted full customization we would allow the height and width to be controlled separately, which again might cause problems for output sheets when getting exported.

      So in summary, there are a resizing methods that should be discussed:
      1) Should the cropped image be scaled?
      2) Should the thumbnail dimensions(height/width) be adjustable?
      3) Should the cropping dimensions(height/width) be adjustable? If so, should this also change the thumbnail dimensions?

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