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Re: [pcgen_developers] Java 7 and the 5.16.x line

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  • Martijn Verburg
    Hi James, Sounds good to me. K
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 8, 2011
      Hi James,

      Sounds good to me.


      On 7 September 2011 22:50, James Dempsey <jdempsey@...> wrote:


      On 8/09/2011 12:59 AM Martijn Verburg wrote

      > Hi all,
      > There are changes in Java 7 which cause PCGen 5.16.4 to fail under
      > some (all?) OS's. So I'll put the question out there (now that Java 7
      > has been released), do we need to think about a 5.16.5 build that
      > works around those bugs?
      The fix to work with java 7 is to use the new UI. This cannot be ported
      back to 5.16 with any reasonable level of effort. Thus I think the 5.16
      line should be left and our focus be on getting 6.0 out.


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