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Re: [pcgen] Need help adding some data to Pcgen 51514 (Pathfinder beta)

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  • Andrew Maitland
    Hi Will, Welcome to the PCGen Community. Question - Is this feat only for this particular player or is it available to anyone? If it s only one player (As in
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 9, 2009
      Hi Will,

      Welcome to the PCGen Community.

      Question - Is this feat only for this particular player or is it
      available to anyone?

      If it's only one player (As in this guy is really special), then don't
      worry about PREREQs, you add it to him when he qualifies, or key it to
      his character only. (I like a Template for each of my characters when
      I'm GMing, if I need to add something only to them I attach it to that
      'character's template' and I'm done.)

      And as a future reference lst coding questions are preferable on the
      PCGenListFileHelp Yahoo group. ;)

      First prime example is to look at the Animal Companion Special Ability,
      since this feat will be mimicking that behavior, a working example is
      best for a visual aid.

      Here is how I'd do it. I'll use an existing example for my homebrew
      campaign, since saying Foo and Bar gets old.... Time to shake things up
      a bit :)

      Now going by your request of ADDING this to the existing Animal
      Companion List I'll have to tweak mine. (Mind you this was a special
      ability, so I'm modifying it to a feat.)

      Each line represents a tab for the spacing.

      Raven Wolf Animal Companion
      (First thing is the name of your feat. Mine happens to be simply what
      you get. Use OUTPUTNAME if you want to change the name)
      OUTPUTNAME:Animal Companion
      (I'd do this if I'm substituting out the actual ability. Otherwise
      having a unique name is good)
      (TYPEs are handy to put things in different 'pools', as a feat the TYPE
      is good for organization or grouping things together. In an ability it
      has more uses, such as where it will be available and show up. Details
      for that are another topic of discussion.)
      DESC:You have the Raven Wolf Animal Companion

      (Whatever you want the feat to say on the sheet AND in the GUI when
      selecting it. Mine is simple and to the point.)

      <Snip the un-needed stuff for a new Companion type>
      COMPANIONLIST:Animal Companion|Raven Wolf,Dire Kitten,Fog Bear
      (This says to add to the Animal Companion these races - Raven Wolf, Dire
      Kitten and Fog Bear. Only the first one actually exists, the other two
      are names I made up. And if you place that in your feat, PCGen will tell
      you about an unconstructed reference, handy if you misspell the race name. )

      Now, if this animal requires you to be a certain level, or reduces the
      effective level to compensate, you may append a special tag
      '|FOLLOWERADJUSTMENT:-3' adding that will reduce the effective level by
      3, you may adjust the number as you desire.

      COMPANIONLIST:Animal Companion|Raven Wolf,Dire Kitten,Fog
      So any of my animals in this list will be effectively five levels lower
      in the Animal Companion Progression.

      As far as limiting who can take it, well that is up to you. You can
      limit feats with PRExxx tags. From class, to level, to certain abilities.

      If you want only a ranger, or druid or characters that get access to
      animal companions, then the way to do that is
      PREABILITY:1,CATEGORY=Special Ability,Animal Companion

      If you want to limit it by character level
      PREPCLEVEL:MIN=x with x being the level they can get it

      If you want to limit to just Druids,

      Is that what you were looking for?

      Don't hesitate to ask if you need any further help. Though, ask on
      PCGenListFileHelp and others like me will leap in and offer you their
      sound advice.


      Andrew Maitland (LegacyKing)
      Admin Silverback, PCGen Board of Directors
      Data Chimp, Docs Tamarin
      Unique Title "Quick-Silverback Tracker Monkey"

      deathboy1_home wrote:
      > Hi everyone.
      > I am trying to add a few nuggets of data to my campaign so as to give a player access to a specific animal companion, by using a feat. I have added the data of said creature to my database, but how do I set the feat up, with prerequisites and allowing the creature to be added to their animal companion list?
      > Thanks,
      > Will
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