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Re: [pcgen] Re: Basic questions from a n00b (i.e.: Help!)

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  • John Kantner
    Success, finally, with my rat-gives-you-plus-4-instead-of-plus-2-as-familiar problem! I had sent my character save file to Andrew, who generously offered to
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 8, 2009
      Success, finally, with my
      "rat-gives-you-plus-4-instead-of-plus-2-as-familiar" problem!

      I had sent my character save file to Andrew, who generously offered to take
      a look at it. Only problem was that when he loaded the file he didn't see
      the problem. He proved this to me by exporting it to a .pdf file and
      e-mailing that file back. I was very frustrated, of course, by this! I mean,
      by now he was probably thinking I was making the whole thing up.

      Well, I decided to try this: one by one I used the Advanced screen to load
      the sources instead of using the Basic, default was as I had. Finally, I
      achieved success! By loading *only* the "3.5 RSRD - Campaign Set - Core
      Books I - III" source, my character sheet now looks 100% correct.

      Question is, I wonder which crappy source was being loaded when I used the
      Basic option and choose either "SRD 3.5 for Game Masters (includes
      Monsters)" or "SRD 3.5 for Players" that caused this problem in the first
      place? Will I be missing out on some cool stuff, now? Hope not, but at least
      I know how to make my sheet look right for the moment.

      Thanks to everyone, especially Andrew, for your help with the program. I'm
      really beginning to feel that I have a handle on the damned cool thing! Not
      to sound too over-confident, but I was even able to add a magic item the
      other day that doesn't come with PCGen. With some of the advice I learned
      here I managed to make it look perfect on my sheet. You guys rock. Keep up
      the good work!


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