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BoD Log 6/8/09

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  • Eddy Anthony
    [Chair]Eddy: OK I ve got 10 and we have 3 SB s so a quorum? [PR_SB]Maredudd: Hi Paul, James and Eddy! [PR_SB]Maredudd: Just barely . . . [Chair]Eddy: K, lets
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2009
      [Chair]Eddy: OK I've got 10 and we have 3 SB's so a quorum?
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Hi Paul, James and Eddy!
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Just barely . . .
      [Chair]Eddy: K, lets start then
      [Chair]Eddy: I'll begin
      [Chair]Eddy: Content Report:
      [Chair]Eddy: Docs
      [Chair]Eddy: Doc Bugs: 0 (1 total, unchanged since last meeting)
      [Chair]Eddy: Doc FREQs: 25 for 5.16.1 (60 total, +2 since last meeting)
      [Chair]Eddy: Output Sheets
      [Chair]Eddy: OS Bugs: 3 for 5.16.1 (11, +4 since last meeting)
      [Chair]Eddy: OS FREQs: 0 for 5.16.1 (34 total, +1 since last meeting)
      [Chair]Eddy: The 3 bugs are new and I'll evaluate them this week.
      [Chair]Eddy: Data
      [Chair]Eddy: Data Bugs: 2 for 5.16.1 (34 Total, +7 since last report)
      [Chair]Eddy: Data FREQs: 4 for 5.16.1 (114 Total, -3 since last report)
      [Chair]Eddy: All the data trackers are related to the Pathfinder beta, we'll
      either resolve these or roll them into the PF final developement effort
      [Chair]Eddy: Developement on the Pathfinder RPG dataset is ongoing.
      [Chair]Eddy: Eric, are the 25 doc freqs doable or will you be moving some of
      those trackers?
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: I will be moving most of them out but there should be no
      hurry. We'll get as many done as we can and then move the rest.
      [Chair]Eddy: Thanks Eric
      [Chair]Eddy: Any other questions for content?
      [Chair]Eddy: That's it for content
      [Chair]Eddy: Eric can you go next?
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Yep. I can go next.
      [Chair]Eddy: thanks
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: PCGen has been submitted for consideration for the ENnies.
      We made it in just under the wire. We will find out early July if we have
      been nominated.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: On a different note, 300 PCGen CDs made it to Paizo in time
      for this coming weekends PaizoCon.
      [OGL]Nylanfs: sweet :)
      [Code_SB]james: Nice work!
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: I am expecting to get a letter out to Paizo to see if we
      can extend the terms of our agreement with Paizo.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Thanks!
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: I have nothing else to discuss at tis time . . .
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Oh wait. Something else.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Andrew had asked my to inquire with a number of companies
      for permissions. Those letters are out and the discussions underway.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: These are sources recommended by BP
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Now thats all.
      [OGL]Nylanfs: BP?
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Battlefield Press
      [OGL]Nylanfs: Battlefied Press never mind
      [OGL]Nylanfs: Was thinking Bastion
      [Chair]Eddy: Thanks Eric, James are you ready to go next?
      [Code_SB]james: Sure
      [Code_SB]james: For 5.16.1 we have 6 bugs scheduled to fix. I fixed one of
      those last week, Tom has 4 he is working on and 1 is outstanding. I'll grab
      that one this week
      [Code_SB]james: I've been playing with getting us up to mven 2 for builds
      and using Hudson for CI - that's going well
      [Code_SB]james: I've also started work on the demostration facades for use
      by Connor in the UI proposal demo.
      [Code_SB]james: Tom has also been continuing on some 6.0 targetted work
      [Code_SB]james: Lastly Kar has been out recruiting Java devleopers and we
      have a few people interested. They are just getting started
      [Code_SB]james: any questions?
      [Chair]Eddy: none here
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: None here.
      [OGL]Nylanfs: Nope, we definitely need more coders though
      [OGL]Nylanfs: Don't want burn-outs
      [Chair]Eddy: OK, on to the agenda then
      [Chair]Eddy: 1.) 5.16.1 - Progress on the small amount of bug fixes we
      [Chair]Eddy: 2.) 5.16.1 - Progress on the organisation of documentation and
      data trackers currently in this group (I think most should be shifted out).
      [Chair]Eddy: I think these have been addressed
      [Code_SB]james: Agreed
      [Chair]Eddy: the data trackers should be wrapped up this week or so
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Yep
      [Chair]Eddy: look like the code trackers are in a similar situation
      [Chair]Eddy: so maybe release 5.16.1 in a week or two?
      [Chair]Eddy: 3.) Gencon - Volunteer status, does Karianna need to donate
      some $£ to get people there?
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Thats fine by me . . .
      [Code_SB]james: RC1 in a week or so at the earliest
      [Chair]Eddy: cool
      [Chair]Eddy: GenCon, it sounds like a decision Kar needs to make as it's his
      [OGL]Nylanfs: I'll be going to GenCon, so that's at least one person for the
      [Chair]Eddy: Great
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: On GenCon, thats up to Kar. I would like to go but if I
      can't afford to go I won't.
      [Chair]Eddy: from last years experience you need a few more
      [Code_SB]james: I don't think Kar wants to cover my travel costs :P So I
      won't be there
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Right. My primary interest is to make sure someone is there
      in the event we get nominated for the ENnies . . .
      [OGL]Nylanfs: I think there will probably be less traffic, at least from 4e
      [OGL]Nylanfs: Unless we have a good 4e starter set to handout
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: :-)
      [Chair]Eddy: We'll know if we're nominated way before then
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Right. July 10th I believe is when the nominations come
      [Chair]Eddy: If we are I might consider trying to finagle the trip
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: :-)
      [Chair]Eddy: moving on..
      [Chair]Eddy: 4.) 5.18/6.0 - I can't quite remember where we left off with
      this, I think Data and Code were doing some tracker x-referencing, is that
      correct? Anyhow, we need to get the Roadmap planning back on track so we
      can get the team started.
      [Chair]Eddy: Kar is correct
      [Chair]Eddy: I owe the code team some cross-referenceing
      [Chair]Eddy: I started that but got way-layed by RL
      [Chair]Eddy: I'll get back to that this week so we can move on to the
      feature scope discussion
      [Chair]Eddy: Any comments to add to that?
      [OGL]Nylanfs: Dude, called shot on RL!
      [Code_SB]james: :)
      [Chair]Eddy: Got to work and rolled a 1 on save vs busy work
      [Code_SB]james: Nope
      [Chair]Eddy: Alright, that the agenda, time for open discussion
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: I have othing I can think of for open discussion . . . :-)
      [Chair]Eddy: what you got?
      [Code_SB]james: Paul, are you getting the responses you want with the
      discussion question?
      [Code_SB]james: Time to go - see you guys later
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Wrong Paul . . .
      [Code_SB]james: oops!
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Later James!
      [Chair]Eddy: Bye James
      irc: [Code_SB]james has left pcgen
      [OGL]Nylanfs: :)
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Technically, this is still an open discussion . . . :-)
      [Chair]Eddy: yup
      [Chair]Eddy: did you have a topic Eric?
      [OGL]Nylanfs: What about flyers &/or CD's for GenCon?
      [OGL]Nylanfs: Or should we wait and talk on that in a month?
      [Chair]Eddy: We should definitely do those, but yeah we got time
      [OGL]Nylanfs: flyers we can get in 2-3 weeks
      [OGL]Nylanfs: CD's might take longer
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: We don't have a lot of money for CDs unless Kar wants to
      cover that. Its a lot to ask of him.
      [Chair]Eddy: Let's put that together once 5.16.1 is done
      [Chair]Eddy: If we don't do a booth we would have plenty for CD's
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: We have the art and the disc image for the CDs so getting a
      company started on it is the long pole.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Booth is paid for and on-refundable . . .
      [Chair]Eddy: Oh
      [OGL]Nylanfs: Hey Eddy are the name sets detailed anywhere in the docs?
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: No, they aren't.
      [Chair]Eddy: name sets?
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Something that needs to be trackered.
      [OGL]Nylanfs: The random name feature
      [OGL]Nylanfs: K just wondered
      [Chair]Eddy: Anything else for discussion?
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: None here.
      [OGL]Nylanfs: Not that I can think of
      [Chair]Eddy: OK, let's call this done then
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Cool.
      [Chair]Eddy: *bangs gavel* thanks everyone
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