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RE: [pcgen] Re: [CODE] Custom Race Creation Question

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  • michael.schoeller@inhouse.wko.at
    Just to be complete. I found a new solution: ###Races.lst### Human.MOD LANGBONUS:.CLEAR TEMPLATE:CHOOSE:Subhuman1|Subhuman2 ###Template.lst### Subhuman1
    Message 1 of 16 , May 27, 2009
      Just to be complete.
      I found a new solution:
      Human.MOD LANGBONUS:.CLEAR TEMPLATE:CHOOSE:Subhuman1|Subhuman2
      Subhuman1 SUBRACE:YES TEMPLATE:CHOOSE:DummyRegion1|DummyRegion2 SOURCEPAGE:PGTF p.10
      Subhuman2 SUBRACE:YES TEMPLATE:CHOOSE:DummyRegion1|DummyRegion2 SOURCEPAGE:PGTF p.10
      DummyRegion1 REGION:YES LANGBONUS:Sublanguage1, Sublanguage2, Sublanguage3
      DummyRegion2 REGION:YES LANGBONUS:Sublanguage1, Sublanguage2, Sublanguage4

      That worked pretty well.

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      Subject: [pcgen] Re: [CODE] Custom Race Creation Question

      You did get rid of the default Human entry. The .COPY, .MOD and .FORGET are working as designed (though a weak design point, see below)

      (1) The problem - and the intent behind the "Unconstructed Reference" is that Human is referenced elsewhere in the data. It is related to the .FORGET (since Human is reference but not constructed due to the .FORGET) but the root issue is that you have things like:

      (making that up)

      The point is the use of Human elsewhere in the data makes the data produce the message. There is a checkbox in the preferences that would help determine the location of all of the messages should you really wish to go down the path of clearing them out (probably not worth it)

      (2) With the code below, it is likely you will not get what you expect. ALL .COPY entries will be processed before ALL .MOD entries, so your LANGBONUS:.CLEAR entry will not have any impact on Subrace1 or Subrace2.

      Otherwise, the message isn't critical to operation, things will still work with the message, and yes, we realize there are different levels of criticality with respect to the unconstructed reference messages, but those levels are not distinguished today.


      p.s. VISIBLE is not a valid tag for Races

      --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com<mailto:pcgen%40yahoogroups.com>, Andrew Maitland <drew0500@...> wrote:
      > Hi Michael,
      > This would be more appropriate over on the PCGen ListfileHelp Yahoo Group.
      > However, I'll do my best to answer this:
      > Question, do your new races show up?
      > Is Human missing?
      > You can try doing all those steps, and at the final one, you can try
      > Human.MOD VISIBLE:NO
      > instead of .FORGET
      > That might work. Sounds like an order of operation isn't being enforced.
      > Flagging for Code.
      > michael.schoeller@... wrote:
      > > Hello,
      > >
      > > Just a little question for understanding
      > >
      > > I tried to replace the Human race with some subraces but I got sucked with an "Unconstructed Reference: Race Human" Message.
      > > What I tried:
      > > Human.COPY=Human (MYBASEHUMAN)
      > >
      > > Human (MYBASEHUMAN).COPY=Human (Subrace1)
      > > Human (MYBASEHUMAN).COPY=Human (Subrace2)
      > > ...
      > > Human (MYBASEHUMAN).FORGET
      > > Human.FORGET
      > >
      > > This should work from an logical pint of view.
      > > Well I know it has to do with the .FORGET lines.
      > > So how do I get rid of the default Human entry?
      > >
      > > Thanks
      > > Michael
      > >
      > >
      > >
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