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PCGen BoD Log - 5/11/09 (Non-Quorum)

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  • Andrew Maitland
    [19:00] [Admin_SB]Drew: Okay Folks I ve got 7pm time to start. Bangs Gavel [19:00] [Admin_SB]Drew: Tonight we don t have a quorum so we can t pass anything
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      [19:00] [Admin_SB]Drew: Okay Folks I've got 7pm time to start. Bangs Gavel
      [19:00] [Admin_SB]Drew: Tonight we don't have a quorum so we can't pass
      anything requiring a vote.
      [19:00] [Admin_SB]Drew: I'd like to start of the meeting with a note of
      best wishes for a speedy recovery for Michael, after being in the car
      [19:01] BPIJonathan: Seconded.
      [19:01] [Code_SB]james: Agreed!
      [19:01] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Absolutely! Get well soon!
      [19:01] [Admin_SB]Drew: Team reports - Not much on those fronts. Since
      James is present a short time I'll let him have the floor for any
      announcements or comments before proceeding with the agenda... James
      [19:02] [Code_SB]james: ok
      [19:02] [Code_SB]james: Code has been fairly quite over the last
      fortnight - only a couple of bug fixes.
      [19:03] [Code_SB]james: We did have a code meeting after the last
      meeting and that was very productive. The requirements for the GUI demo
      were worked out and we should see some progres so that soon (Connor that
      means I'll get that mock implementation done for you soon)
      [19:04] cpmeister: thanks :)
      [19:04] [Code_SB]james: Note for simplicity we are referring to the next
      release as 5.18 on the assumption that the question of its identify
      (5.18 or 6.0) will be resolved once we have abetter idea of what goes
      into it.
      [19:04] [Code_SB]james: As an outcome of the meeting we created a new
      code list on Yahoo groups and are migrating code discussions over to that.
      [19:06] [Admin_SB]Drew: For reference that is the pcgen_developers yahoo
      [19:06] [Admin_SB]Drew: pcgen_developers@yahoogroups.com
      [19:06] [Code_SB]james: Thanks Drew - couldn't remember the full address!
      [19:06] [Code_SB]james: 5.16.1: With only a couple of bug fixes in so
      far this isn't progressing too fast. As a result of the few code monkeys
      available to work on it the list of bugs scheduled there will have to be
      trimmed down to those with the most impact.
      [19:07] [Code_SB]james: Please post to the pcgen list if you know of
      something that really needs to be addressed for 5.16.1 - I'm mainly
      going to be focusing on things that impact the general user
      [19:07] [Code_SB]james: That's probably about it - any questions?
      [19:08] [PR_SB]Maredudd: None from PR
      [19:08] [Admin_SB]Drew: None for Admin
      [19:08] [Admin_SB]Drew: Thanks for the input James.
      [19:08] [Code_SB]james: np
      [19:08] [Admin_SB]Drew: Eric, would you like to add anything for the PR
      team at this time?
      [19:09] [OGL]Nylanfs: Hopefully Kar can drum up some code monkey's at
      the Conferance he's going to
      [19:09] [OGL]Nylanfs: :)
      [19:09] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Can do . . . Not much to report tonight. A
      couple of announcements/call for volunteers went out in the last two
      weeks. I'll be following up with additional posts.
      [19:09] [PR_SB]Maredudd: One of these is a call for volunteers to man
      the PCGen booth at Gen Con this year.
      [19:11] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Several weeks ago our fearless Leader and Chair
      Monkey mentioned that PCGen might take advantage of the explosion in
      Social Media Marketing.
      [19:12] [PR_SB]Maredudd: To that end, PCGen is now on Twitter . . . Not
      many twitters going up right now, but I am hoping to get some help in
      that area . . . :-) Look for @PCGen on your local twitter account!
      [19:12] BPIJonathan: I have a technical support question whenever there
      is an chance to answer it.
      [19:13] [Admin_SB]Drew: Regarding Twitter?
      [19:13] [Admin_SB]Drew: Or PCGen in general?
      [19:14] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Thats about all I have for tonight . . .
      [19:14] BPIJonathan: PCGen
      [19:14] [Admin_SB]Drew: Thanks Eric.
      [19:14] [PR_SB]Maredudd: np
      [19:15] [Admin_SB]Drew: Jonathan - Go ahead and ask. And then I'll hit
      the agenda quickly for posterity.
      [19:16] BPIJonathan: I have PCGen installed on two different machines.
      One is running Windows XP SP3 and the other is running Windows Vista 64
      SP1, PCGen wont run on my Vista Machine.
      [19:17] [Admin_SB]Drew: Ah, we had that one come up before. James was
      working on changing the default configuration for that.
      [19:17] [OGL]Nylanfs: I thought it was a permissions issue to the
      directory structure?
      [19:18] [Admin_SB]Drew: UAC seems to be a main culprit as does the
      default install location, save your files to a non default location and
      it should work just fine.
      [19:18] [Code_SB]james: 5.16 should work better if you delete youre old
      config file in C:\My Documents\userid\.pcgen
      [19:18] [Code_SB]james: Otherwise feel free to IM or email me or post to
      the pcgen list and we can work through the issue
      [19:18] [Code_SB]james: Gotta go now though sorry
      [19:18] [Admin_SB]Drew: Thanks for hanging as long as you did James
      [19:18] * [Code_SB]james casts rope trick and climbs up into the hidey-hole
      [19:19] [Admin_SB]Drew: Okay, Agenda Items
      [19:19] [Admin_SB]Drew: 1.) 5.16.1 - Some bugs have definitely crept in
      that we should be looking at. I'd like for the various SBs/2nds to
      nudge their teams into looking at these.

      [19:19] [Admin_SB]Drew: - James addressed this already.
      [19:20] [Admin_SB]Drew: Resolution is to defer bugs to 6.0 and only
      tackle the user critical ones at this point.
      [19:20] [Admin_SB]Drew: 2.) The 5.18/6.0 debate. My understanding from
      last time is that some x-mapping of Data and Code freqs still needed to
      take place before we started to discuss this? I know the code team have
      discussed their goals to date so I think we're getting closer to
      defining a roadmap, we can then argue what the version number should be

      [19:21] [Admin_SB]Drew: - Need Full Board Members to discuss this item.
      At this point we will default to 5.18 on the developer list; the
      trackers will remain 6.0 till a decision has been made.
      [19:21] [Admin_SB]Drew: 3.) Gencon - We've had 2 donations of $93
      (which I think is $100 before SF takes their processing fee), so that's
      a good start, I've posted again to keep the momentum going. Still no
      volunteers to man the booth though?

      [19:21] [Admin_SB]Drew: - Eric touched on the volunteers
      [19:21] BPIJonathan: If I was going i would have manned the booth for a
      shift for you.
      [19:21] [Admin_SB]Drew: Thanks
      [19:22] [Admin_SB]Drew: 4.) 5.16.0 uptake - The download stats seem...
      underwhelming? I'm hoping that they're not spiking because a vast
      majority of our users download the Alphas and Betas as they go... Thoughts?

      [19:22] [OGL]Nylanfs: I was called back to work last week on a week to
      week basis. To there's a slightly increased chance of me going :)
      [19:22] [OGL]Nylanfs: There's been 3,580 downloads of 5.16.0
      [19:22] [Admin_SB]Drew: That's it for the proposed agenda, with the last
      one, each of the others is pretty much discussed to the conclusion till
      we have a full quorum.
      [19:22] [OGL]Nylanfs: 3,2,80 I mean
      [19:22] [Admin_SB]Drew: Thanks Paul
      [19:22] BPIJonathan: Im going to another con the weekend before. Makes
      it difficult.
      [19:23] [Admin_SB]Drew: Okay, any questions of the Agenda items ???
      (All present may participate, this is open forum now).
      [19:25] [Admin_SB]Drew: No questions on Agenda...
      [19:25] [Admin_SB]Drew: Open discussion - Does anyone present have
      anything they would like to bring up?
      [19:28] BPIJonathan: We should have some more open products being
      released in the next year/18 months.
      [19:28] [Admin_SB]Drew: Awesome. Any teasers? I saw mention on the
      Dragonstar group during a Pathfinder discussion.
      [19:29] BPIJonathan: Plenty. Wyrm Space, Gaslight, Solar and Trius are
      all core books that I am working on now.
      [19:30] BPIJonathan: Plus we are releasing our our Core Rulebook as an
      alternative for the PF RPG
      [19:30] [Admin_SB]Drew: Wow, four books. Nice.
      [19:30] [OGL]Nylanfs: Jon, just wondered if you were going to do
      anything for 4e?
      [19:30] BPIJonathan: our own, not our our
      [19:30] BPIJonathan: Not a thing for 43.
      [19:30] BPIJonathan: 4e
      [19:31] [Admin_SB]Drew: Well, five books in the next 18 months.
      Definitely something to look forward too. Nice to know we'll have plenty
      of d20 products to keep us busy. :)
      [19:31] [Admin_SB]Drew: Well, it looks like that's it for tonight then.
      Unless anyone else has something they want to add.......?
      [19:32] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Nothing from PR, except to say that I'll be in
      touch with you Jonathan! :-)
      [19:32] [Admin_SB]Drew: Okay, thanks for coming everyone. Meeting
      adjourned *Bangs Gavel*


      Andrew Maitland (LegacyKing)
      Admin Silverback, PCGen Board of Directors
      Data Chimp, Docs Tamarin
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