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Re: [pcgen] Re: How do I make a barbarian rage?

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  • Michael W. Fender
    ... Here s a problem I see: What if Rage doesn t come from a class? I ll agree that some PREAPPLYs are rather straightforward as to where they come from.
    Message 1 of 12 , Mar 17, 2009
      On Monday 16 March 2009 21:52:39 Tir Gwaith wrote:
      > On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 6:32 PM, Andrew Maitland <drew0500@...> wrote:
      > > The object granting the Rage ability is actually an "Ability" but falls
      > > under the 'feat' category. We really should look into cleaning that up.
      > > It's not very intuitive as it stands.
      > >
      > > Two Freqs I see:
      > >
      > > Move Temporary Bonuses to it's own Tab, instead of lumped under
      > > Inventory.
      > Yes. Please tracker. Straightforward. :)
      > > Allow lst monkeys to define what type of Temp Mod category it should
      > > really fall under...
      > >
      > > I'd look at perhaps lumping Class, Feat together under 'Abilities'.
      > Hmm.. We could use some defintion stuff for that.... Maybe part of
      > TEMPDESC token expansion, to lump some 'abilities' as class...

      Here's a problem I see: What if Rage doesn't come from a class?

      I'll agree that some PREAPPLYs are rather straightforward as to where they
      come from. Others, not so much. Say you had a character that acquired Rage
      from a Template. Or maybe you took a feat that granted you the Rage ability.
      Well, they're going to both refer back to the ability itself. So when you
      look at your special abilities and see Rage, you'd want to go for the Ability
      for the temp bonus.

      However, altering the TEMPDESC code to allow a specific place for PREAPPLY
      bonuses to pop up could be very nice. Take Combat Expertise, for example.
      You take the feat and the hidden template "Combat Expertise trade off" is
      applied. If someone wants to apply the changes, they're going to have to look
      under Templates, which actually makes no sense since Combat expertise is a
      feat. Sure, it can be coded right into the feat (I'm sure there's a reason
      it's not now), but using this an an example, why not make it so instead of in
      Templates, we override the default behavior with something like:
      TEMPDESC:Blah blah blah %1|WhateverVar|PREAPPLYSHOW:Feat
      ...causing it to show up under the feats instead of in Templates.

      On a side note, now that I think of it, does any class grant anything as a
      temp bonus that qualifies for a PREAPPLY that wouldn't be better off as an


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