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BoD log 3/2/09

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  • Eddy Anthony
    [Chair]Eddy: Cool, we have everybody tonight and early to boot [PR_SB]Maredudd: Hi Tom! [Code_SB]James: Hi Tom [Chair]Eddy: Alright, I ve got 8:30 and we re
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2009
      [Chair]Eddy: Cool, we have everybody tonight and early to boot
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Hi Tom!
      [Code_SB]James: Hi Tom
      [Chair]Eddy: Alright, I've got 8:30 and we're all here, let's begin
      [Chair]Eddy: I'll start
      [Chair]Eddy: Content Report:

      [Chair]Eddy: Docs
      [Chair]Eddy: Doc Bugs: 2 (3 total, unchanged since last meeting)
      [Chair]Eddy: Doc FREQs: 40 for 5.16 (59 total, +12 since last meeting)

      [Chair]Eddy: Output Sheets
      [Chair]Eddy: OS Bugs: 3 for 5.16 (4, unchanged since last meeting)
      [Chair]Eddy: OS FREQs: 0 for 5.16 (32 total, unchanged since last meeting)

      [Chair]Eddy: Data
      [Chair]Eddy: Data Bugs: 7 for 5.16 (31 Total, +1 since last meeting)
      [Chair]Eddy: Data FREQs: 6 for 5.16 (102 Total, -9 since last meeting)
      [Chair]Eddy: The data trackers mostly relate to the Pathfinder work, that is
      progressing well.
      [Chair]Eddy: We've been getting some good feedback from Paizo forum users.
      [Chair]Eddy: Between Tir and I most of the existing trackers should be
      completed by the weekend.
      [Chair]Eddy: New Source Development: 1 for 5.16 (11 Total, +1 since last
      [Chair]Eddy: I've completed a new Paizo set, the players guide to the next
      AP, Legacy of Fire.
      [Chair]Eddy: I was thinking it could be the first 5.16 OOC set but it's
      ready to go in now,
      [Chair]Eddy: PL, should we go ahead and add it to the release now?
      [Chair]Eddy: ?
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Certainly.
      [Chair]Eddy: No objections?
      [Chair]Eddy: Any other questions for Content?
      [Admin_SB]Drew: Sounds good to me
      [Code_SB]James: Yes sounds like a good idea
      [Admin_SB]Drew: none from Admin.... Eddy can I go next (Cooking dinner and
      need to keep an eye it)
      [Admin_SB]Drew: ?
      [Chair]Eddy: No problem
      [Chair]Eddy: You're up then
      [Admin_SB]Drew: Thanks
      [Admin_SB]Drew: ? Web Team Reports:
      [Admin_SB]Drew: ? Web Form Module has been installed and works
      [Admin_SB]Drew: ? Website quota should be reset - James should be
      moving the autobuilds and Docs back to the main site.
      [Admin_SB]Drew: ? Email link doesn't look feasible. The site is SF
      itself and I can't see a way to edit it.
      [Admin_SB]Drew: Let me touch up on the last one... The link is the project
      admins which link to our developer profiles
      [Admin_SB]Drew: ? Release Team Reports -
      [Admin_SB]Drew: ? Beta .12 released Sunday (5.15.12)
      [Admin_SB]Drew: ? Next release RC .14
      [Admin_SB]Drew: ? Current Schedule
      [Admin_SB]Drew: 5.15.14 (RC1) - 3/01/09
      [Admin_SB]Drew: 5.16 - 3/08/09
      [Arch_SB]thpr: uhh, I think that's one of our agenda items
      [Admin_SB]Drew: So, James should be working on the Release soon, RC if we
      give the green
      [Admin_SB]Drew: Okay... :)
      [Code_SB]James: yes was planning on kicking off the release after the
      [Chair]Eddy: yeah, let's make that agenda #1 after reports
      [Admin_SB]Drew: I've got nothing for Trackers
      [Admin_SB]Drew: Any questions for Admin?
      [Arch_SB]thpr: I'd note that the autobuild links in the pcgen Yahoo group
      are still pointing to SF, which I don't think is correct
      [Code_SB]James: and hasn't been for 6 months or so
      [Admin_SB]Drew: We need to get that fixed
      •: [Arch_SB]thpr points to a pcgen group admin (because I'm not one)
      [Admin_SB]Drew: I'll look at it in a minute then
      [Admin_SB]Drew: Any other questions?
      [Code_SB]James: however the link to
      http://pcgen.sourceforge.net/07_autobuilds.php is still accurate
      [Code_SB]James: None from me
      [Arch_SB]thpr: actually yes
      [Admin_SB]Drew: Go ahead Tom
      [Arch_SB]thpr: now that I look at the list of moderators on the PCGen Yahoo
      Group - we need to clean that up
      [Arch_SB]thpr: there are names of folks I don't even recognize
      [Admin_SB]Drew: Okay, does anyone object to me removing inactives from the
      mod list?
      [Chair]Eddy: no objections
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: None here.
      [Chair]Eddy: I recognize all the names, I see 3 who have disappeared and
      Devon (who's inactive but we know how to find him)
      [Admin_SB]Drew: okay, I'll clean up all the groups Mods then.
      [Admin_SB]Drew: Anything else?
      [Admin_SB]Drew: Questions, otherwise, I'm done. :)
      irc: [Arch_SB]thpr has left pcgen
      irc: [Arch_SB]thpr has joined pcgen
      [Chair]Eddy: Oh, and I guess Paul King is inactive but where-abouts known as
      [Chair]Eddy: no questions here
      [Admin_SB]Drew: k
      [Chair]Eddy: Eric, would you like to go next?
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Sure.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: PL Report
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Made contact at a local con with Dark Tavern Press. They
      are developing a non-d20 system and would be interested in granting us
      permission once they release their product. I made sure they understood that
      we will need to review their mechanics to see how much of it we can
      currently support before pursuing the permissions. I picked up their
      pre-release book to review.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Got a letter from Paizo concerning their new license. They
      are hoping to have it ready this week, or maybe next week.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Hm, I guess I should have cut that down some.
      [Chair]Eddy: I saw it all
      [Code_SB]James: likewise
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Good. Here come the next one. :-)
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Advertising Report
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Press Releases went out as expected this last release with
      no problems.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: A few of the sites we post PRs to have been slow to posting
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: press releases. If anyone has any sugestion of other site
      to post to,
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: let me know.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: And finally . . .
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Licensing Report
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: WotC's new GSL is out. Bottom line? Doesn't help us any.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: We didn't expect it to. Anything to add Paul?
      [Code_SB]James: The sites slow to post may be finding our regular releases a
      bit much - maybe put those on the list for prod releases only?
      [OGL]Nylanfs: Not really, it's a LOT better than the first version
      [OGL]Nylanfs: They stripped out the "no going back to OGL" sec. 6
      [OGL]Nylanfs: clarified some of the template use.
      [OGL]Nylanfs: Still no eletronic support though
      [OGL]Nylanfs: but it's good for print publishers.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Thats all I had.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Any questions?
      [Chair]Eddy: nope
      [Admin_SB]Drew: nope
      [Arch_SB]thpr: no
      [Code_SB]James: no
      [Chair]Eddy: Tom, do you have anything for ARCH?
      [Arch_SB]thpr: I'd note that I still have docs to finish up for the release,
      and am working those, but nothing concrete to show right now
      [Arch_SB]thpr: other than that, arch is really on hold pending release of
      [Chair]Eddy: understood, James, you're up then
      [Code_SB]James: ok, code report
      [Code_SB]James: All the effort has been focused on bugs, 8 deleted, 19
      closed, 17 still open for 5.16. We have also rescheduled 14 bugs for 5.16.1
      [Code_SB]James: We have two issues that I would like to be fixed before RC:
      [Code_SB]James: 2139245 - Domain spells cause spontaneous problems
      [Code_SB]James: 1988447 - Equipment referred to by Name and Key
      [Code_SB]James: please let me know if there are others in the list that
      anyone feels are showstoppers
      [Arch_SB]thpr: I think 2644022 might be a candidate
      [Code_SB]James: Oh and one team news item - Alec Ross (haeldusk) has landed
      an internship at IBM
      [Chair]Eddy: The rest will be fixed during RC?
      [Arch_SB]thpr: since it's changing behaviro from 5.14
      [Code_SB]James: hopefully, but not guaranteed
      [Arch_SB]thpr: congrats to Alec
      [Code_SB]James: RC is after all a releasable product by definition
      [OGL]Nylanfs: Cool, Congratz to Alec. He did get PCGen time written into his
      contract right? :)
      [Arch_SB]thpr: I'd note that 2484562 still doesn't have data attached that
      can reproduce the issue
      [Code_SB]James: :)
      [Arch_SB]thpr: ooh, correction maybe it does now
      [Code_SB]James: I'll up the priority on 264402 Tom
      [Code_SB]James: Any questions on the code report?
      [Chair]Eddy: not from me
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: None from PR
      [Chair]Eddy: We ready to move to the agenda?
      [Chair]Eddy: to of the list: 5.16.0 - Are we ready to go RC?
      [Chair]Eddy: Data has a few more items to complete for Pathfinder
      [Chair]Eddy: We've also been getting feedback from the Paizo forum resulting
      in a few bug trackers
      [Chair]Eddy: I'd like to get those resolved before the RC
      [Chair]Eddy: Tir and I need a few more days
      [Admin_SB]Drew: We can push back the release, or we can do one more beta
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: I vote for one more beta.
      [Code_SB]James: As I noted in the code report I think we need to knock off a
      couple more bugs before we are ready for RC
      [Chair]Eddy: and the last release was pushed back a bit
      [Admin_SB]Drew: I vote one more Beta
      [Code_SB]James: I was thinking that a beta tonight and then an RC early next
      week would be a good approach
      [Chair]Eddy: doing one now would be less than a week between them
      [Arch_SB]thpr: I'm with James
      [Chair]Eddy: I can live with that
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Me too.
      [Code_SB]James: agreed - I was quite busy last week so that beta was late
      [Chair]Eddy: I would like to get some quick bug fixes in tonight though
      [Admin_SB]Drew: OKay, Beta after a few more bugs fixed then it is.
      [Admin_SB]Drew: afk - dinner has issues
      [Code_SB]James: Eddy, there was a note from Tir that the full RSRD set
      shouldn't include the divine stuff - did you want me to implement that?
      [Code_SB]James: That;'s the SRD 3.5 for Game mastrs on the quick sources
      [Chair]Eddy: Oh
      [Code_SB]James: I agree that the divine stuff is probably best left as a
      custom option
      [Chair]Eddy: What should it include? just the 3 core books or Psionics as
      [Chair]Eddy: I'd have though it would be the full RSRD
      [Code_SB]James: Well psionics, epic and divine are the opnes where you can
      choose. Of those divine is definitely the most out there
      Grendel_T_Troll: hope to be back later. This is interesting, but dinner
      •: Grendel_T_Troll is away: I'm temporarily out of my mind, right now. I
      will return when I regain my senses.... (gone at 2nd Mar, 18:05:11)
      irc: Grendel_T_Troll is now known as Grendel_T_`away
      [Chair]Eddy: I don't know what the criteria is, why would a GM not want the
      Divine stuff and why are we deciding that?
      [Code_SB]James: I guess it is a less frequently used option and including it
      if a GM wants monsters could slow things down and make the display confusing
      [OGL]Nylanfs: I would assume that the GM's set is the full RSRD
      [Code_SB]James: but it is easy to leave it as is :)
      [Chair]Eddy: I would leave it as is, load the full RSRD
      [Code_SB]James: ok
      [Chair]Eddy: I think that take care of the first item
      [Chair]Eddy: next we have: Gencon - Does anything further need to be done at
      this stage?
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: I'll be putting together a list of possible items based on
      last years effort and will post it to the BoD list.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: The next thing we will need to do is submit a list of folks
      for badges.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: That deadline is fairly distant though.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: We qwill also need to post something on the open list to
      see if any of our team members are planing on attendinfg and see if they
      want to help out.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: And of course, we need to start a fundraising effort.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Decisions willhave to be made as to what we will need money
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Afain, I have the info for last year, including our budget.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: More later.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Any questions or thoughts?
      [Chair]Eddy: not from me
      [Chair]Eddy: Ok Eric, that's a good list of action items
      [Chair]Eddy: next on the agenda: Next version of PCGen discussion
      [Chair]Eddy: first question: should we start this or is it premature?
      [Code_SB]James: I think we should be assembling our wish lists, but serious
      discussion is a bit early as it will distract from getting to RC
      [Arch_SB]thpr: well, I think it's salient to discuss whether we are
      releasing based on a feature set or a date
      [Admin_SB]Drew: back
      [Chair]Eddy: I vote for feature set, a date is a good target but I don't
      think it should drive the cycle
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Feature Set.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Rather, I vote for . . .
      [Code_SB]James: While feature set is tempting I think we should temper that
      with keeping in mind project momentum
      [Chair]Eddy: What we need to do is keep the feature scope paired down
      knowing it will grow a bit as we find new needs
      [Code_SB]James: We don;t want to go so long between releases that we lose
      iterest from users or monkeys
      [OGL]Nylanfs: toilet flushing
      [Code_SB]James: yes, agreed
      [Arch_SB]thpr: Request rejected... It's not Apr 1 yet
      [OGL]Nylanfs: I'm still waiting
      [Admin_SB]Drew: I'd like to go for a feature set, with a goal in the six
      months to nine months range
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: I can back that Drew.
      [Admin_SB]Drew: Since the six months is a nice goal and keeps us focused on
      getting the releases out in a steady pace.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Shoot for six months, allow for nine, or something like
      [Arch_SB]thpr: which I think puts us back to requiring a sizing on the CDOM
      [Arch_SB]thpr: which goes back to James' point that we aren't yet prepared
      to have this discussion for fear of distracting RC
      [Arch_SB]thpr: unless I'm misinterpreting folks...
      [Chair]Eddy: that's about right as I see it
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: So we hold off on detailed discussion until yu and James
      have a chance to put your arms around the question . . . after RC, or
      Production release.
      [Chair]Eddy: So we're agreed that we all like short cycles with awesome
      features! :-)
      [Arch_SB]thpr: LOL
      [Code_SB]James: Pretty much :)
      [Chair]Eddy: OK then, anyone have anything for open discussion?
      [Admin_SB]Drew: I'm good.
      [Code_SB]James: None here
      [Chair]Eddy: If not we can call this one done and get back to bug stomping!
      [Arch_SB]thpr: yea!
      [Admin_SB]Drew: Bug stomp and dinner fixing!
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: :-) Or Doc Updateing Thanks Tom! :-)
      [Arch_SB]thpr: dessert tiem for me :)
      [Chair]Eddy: not a good combo
      [Chair]Eddy: I don't eat bugs for dinner
      [Arch_SB]thpr: you have a few minutes to chat on docs Eric?
      [Chair]Eddy: ;-)
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Yes Tom.
      [Admin_SB]Drew: Dinner falling of the rotiserrie
      [Admin_SB]Drew: Had to cut it up and patch it together
      [Chair]Eddy: Thanks for coming everyone *bangs gavel*
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