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Re: [pcgen] Re: [Vista] Uninstall Problem . . .

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  • James Dempsey
    Hi, On 7/01/2009 2:47 AM Eric C. Smith wrote ... Actually that s no longer the case. In response to a number of user requests, the default is to have the
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      On 7/01/2009 2:47 AM Eric C. Smith wrote
      > Hi Folks!
      > Andrew wrote:
      >> Mine is setup as so...
      >> c:/users/<windows user name>/.pcgen
      >> program default install location is:
      >> c/program files/pcgen/pcgenxxxx/
      Actually that's no longer the case. In response to a number of user
      requests, the default is to have the preferences stored in the user's
      home directory. On windows, that is C:\Documents and Settings\<user
      name>\.pcgen (on XP anyway). You can override this by either deleting
      the filepaths.ini file in the pcgen install folder, or changing it in

      > In the default install configuration, is "c:/program
      > files/pcgen/pcgenxxxx/", and thus the settings preferrences,
      > removed when Uninstall is run?
      No, the settings are not removed when uninstalling. We should add this
      in really as an option.

      > We use a custom dataset that was originally installed through
      > PCGen's Data Install feature, with the data being placed in the
      > data folder. My player has verified that after running uninstall,
      > the PCGen folder is removed, including the custom gamemode,
      > campaign and data files, as you would expect. After reinstall-
      > ing PCGen, but NOT the custom_dataset_install file, she launches
      > PCGen and finds that the custom gamemode has returned, as
      > has all of the associated campaign and data files.
      > Has anyone else run into this problem? Or have any suggestion
      > as to what we can do to fix it?
      That is very odd - I could see how the dataset could reappear, if it
      were in the vendordata folder and that were not deleted when you
      uninstalled and deleted last time. However the system folder where the
      game modes are kept really should have been uninstalled and thus the
      game mode not come back. I'd check your preferences to see if the system
      folder is set to somewhere non standard. Note that the uninstaller
      doesn't read the options, so it will only uninstall the data and system
      stuff that it installed originally.

      With respect to your original issue, I'd see it as very unlikely that
      PCGen would cause reboot issues for a PC - it just isn't working at that
      level of the operating system. I'd recommend scanning for viruses and
      malware. If you already use these sorts of tools, try out a new one just
      in case (Windows Defender, Avast anti virus, spybot etc are decent free
      >> Eric C. Smith wrote:
      >>> Hi Folks!
      >>> One of my players is using PCGen on her Vista pack'n
      >>> Laptop and has had little problem getting it to run until
      >>> she went to uninstall in preparation for a total reconfig-
      >>> uration of the gamefiles I use in my campaign.
      >>> The following is her description of the problem:
      >>>> It's hard to pin it on PCGen because what's happening
      >>>> is that when I try to reboot after uninstalling, it freq-
      >>>> uently hangs shutting down & then hangs a lot or takes
      >>>> an extraordinary amount of time to come back up. Some-
      >>>> where in the midst of one of those occasions I lost my
      >>>> iTunes library (but was able to recreate it - I didn't lose
      >>>> any files). It's just that I haven't done anything else with
      >>>> the computer, although I do get automatic Microsoft
      >>>> updates pretty much weekly. So, from my perspective it
      >>>> seems like PCGen, but could easily be some quirky Micro-
      >>>> soft update.
      >>>> Also, I continue to see the weird effect that the PCGen
      >>>> folder is completly gone after uninstalling, but the pcg
      >>>> files magically reappear when I re-install. It may be some
      >>>> unheralded/unrealized Vista "feature". At one point I was
      >>>> going to try running a defrag after the uninstall, but I just
      >>>> didn't have the time to wait on it.
      >>> Where does PCGen store the preferences on Windows?
      >>> Thanks
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