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Re: [pcgen] Resize weapons and armor?

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  • Michael W. Fender
    Accessing archive from James Dempsey ... Archive found in file 13843.1656.28484 ... Consider it raised:
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 16 3:38 PM
      Accessing archive from "James Dempsey"...
      Archive found in file 13843.1656.28484

      > Hi,
      > 2008/12/16 Michael W. Fender <fluxxdog@...>:
      > > Call me crazy, but I could have sworn that there was a drop down menu in
      > > the Item Customizer that let you choose the size of the gear. Right now,
      > > I'm trying to make an Ogre with a Greatclub, but I can't just "custom"
      > > make one like I used to. Was really handy for that halfling rogue of
      > > mine, but it's gone.
      > >
      > > Am I going nuts or could this be related to the recent item customizer
      > > spitting out the NPE errors?
      > You are not going nuts, but it isn't that error. :) The size drop-down
      > only shows if the item can be resized. This is done by a type
      > comparison against the types the game mode has recorded as resizable.
      > I think there is an issue with cases of types happening internally
      > which is causing all equipment to be regarded as not able to be
      > resized.
      > Could you raise a tracker please and we'll sort it out.

      Consider it raised:

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