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Re: [pcgen] Custom Feat Creation

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  • Andrew Maitland
    Hi Conner, This should be asked over on the listfilehelp Y! Group. However, at this time, there isn t any easy way to change the cost of a skill other than
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 27, 2008
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      Hi Conner,

      This should be asked over on the listfilehelp Y! Group.

      However, at this time, there isn't any easy way to change the "cost" of
      a skill other than using the CSKILL and CCSKILL tags.

      There is a method by which you can "cheat". I've not tested this so it's
      theory. But it should still 'max' out at the cross class level, but the
      extra point should off set the cost (not sure if it will do half point
      for half point, or only bonus for full points.


      The problem is 1) If you had previous ranks in it, then you'll increase
      without "buying" it.
      2) No way to tell honest points and ones purchased after feat taken.

      I'm sure there is a third issue... but I can't think of it.

      Almost bed time... I hope this helps Conner.

      You can email me direct if you try and use this method for help.

      I'm also on yahoo IM 'Drew0500'

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      conner_jw wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I was wondering if anyone might have some suggestions on how to create
      > a feat I'm working on. The Feat is as follows:
      > The feat requires a minimum Int or Wis of 17. If you take this feat
      > you then are able to acquire cross class skills for the same cost as
      > class skills. However the cross class skills are still limited to half
      > the level of the class skills.
      > I was able to setup the Min Int/Wis requirement with no problems,
      > however the only way I was able to change the cross class skills cost
      > was to use the CSKILL tag and convert all cross class skills to class
      > skills. The problem with this of course is that by converting them to
      > class skills the maximum skill cap becomes the class skills cap rather
      > than the cross class cap. If anyone can offer any suggestions on how
      > to correct this they would be much appreciated.
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