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BoD Log - 10/20/08

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  • Andrew Maitland
    [19:01] [Chair]Eddy: Well, I have 10pm, shall we start? [19:01] [Admin_SB]Drew: yes [19:01] [Chair]Eddy: I ll start, Content Report: [19:01] [Chair]Eddy: Docs
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      [19:01] [Chair]Eddy: Well, I have 10pm, shall we start?
      [19:01] [Admin_SB]Drew: yes
      [19:01] [Chair]Eddy: I'll start, Content Report:
      [19:01] [Chair]Eddy: Docs
      [19:01] [Chair]Eddy: Doc Bugs: 1 for 5.16 (1 total, +1 since last meeting)
      [19:01] [Chair]Eddy: Doc FREQs: 29 for 5.16 (39 total, -9 since last
      [19:01] [Chair]Eddy: Output Sheets
      [19:02] [Chair]Eddy: OS Bugs: 4 for 5.16 (5 total, unchangedsince last
      [19:02] [Chair]Eddy: OS FREQs: 17 for 5.16 (36 total, unchanged since
      last meeting)
      [19:02] [Chair]Eddy: Data
      [19:02] [Chair]Eddy: Data Bugs: 42 for 5.16 (61 Total, +32 since last
      [19:02] [Chair]Eddy: Data FREQs: 36 for 5.16 (118 Total, -8 since last
      [19:02] [Chair]Eddy: New Source Development: 21 for 5.16 (28 Total, +1
      since last meeting)
      [19:02] *** TirGwaith has joined #pcgen.
      [19:02] [Chair]Eddy: The ability conversion for the SRD, MSRD and RSRD
      is complete.
      [19:02] [Chair]Eddy: I'm currently preparing the abilities for the new
      OS configuration.
      [19:02] [Chair]Eddy: The SRD is complete apart from actually making them
      visible and deleting the SAB content.
      [19:03] [Chair]Eddy: I'm on the RSRD now and the MSRD will be next, I
      expect to wrap that up in a week.
      [19:03] [Chair]Eddy: The last step of making them visible and deleting
      the SAB tags can be done quickly once the PDF's are ready to go.
      [19:03] [Chair]Eddy: That's content, questions?
      [19:03] [Admin_SB]Drew: None here
      [19:04] [OGL]Nylanfs: Eddy I just cleared both sets waiting for OGL
      [19:04] [BD]merton_monk: nice report, Eddy
      [19:04] [PR_SB]Maredudd: No questions, but wonderng how a doc bug snuck
      past me . . . :-)
      [19:04] [Chair]Eddy: Thanks Bryan
      [19:04] [Chair]Eddy: I saw Paul, those will go up into OOC downloads
      soon :-)
      [19:05] [Chair]Eddy: Eric, it's our new monkey looking for a Doc rank :-)
      [19:05] [PR_SB]Maredudd: :-)
      [19:05] [Chair]Eddy: Drew, want to go next?
      [19:05] [Admin_SB]Drew: Sure
      [19:05] [Admin_SB]Drew: Admin Report -
      [19:06] [Admin_SB]Drew: Website - We've made no progress at this point
      due to RL for our coders. Frustrating but it's life. The Wiki is looking
      awesome, complete with our team extras.
      [19:07] [Admin_SB]Drew: Release - We did 5.15.5 - Alpha, we have three
      weeks remaining of the alpha cycle before we go into Beta Mode... Next
      release in a week, and then two weeks after will be the final alpha (5.15.7)
      [19:08] [Arch_SB]thpr: I have a question about that
      [19:08] [Admin_SB]Drew: Go
      [19:08] [Arch_SB]thpr: I'm unsure if alpha ends at the last alpha release
      [19:08] [Arch_SB]thpr: or day before the first beta release
      [19:08] [Arch_SB]thpr: the 2 week delay implies the latter
      [19:08] [Arch_SB]thpr: (to me anyway)
      [19:08] [Arch_SB]thpr: delay being time between releases
      [19:08] [Admin_SB]Drew: James would know that better than me.
      [19:09] [Arch_SB]thpr: ok, we'll leave that as an action for when he
      reads the log :)
      [19:09] [Admin_SB]Drew: I'll ask him when he's available...
      [19:09] [Arch_SB]thpr: we should just get it clear (and written down) so
      the policy is clear
      [19:10] [Admin_SB]Drew: Agreed -
      [19:10] [Arch_SB]thpr: that's all, sorry to interrupt
      [19:10] TirGwaith: I'm pretty sure it is when the code freeze goes in
      before beta
      [19:10] [BD]merton_monk: normally alpha ends the moment the beta is relased
      [19:10] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Which makes sense.
      [19:10] [BD]merton_monk: so beta might contain a few fixes etc. found in
      last alpha
      [19:11] [Arch_SB]thpr: either way, needs to be clear so we know when
      FREQs have to stop
      [19:11] [Admin_SB]Drew: Trackers - I'm the recent cause for the upsurge
      in Data Bugs. We have several sets that throw errors now due to the
      better error catching in the 5.15 series. A special note - SF has a new
      look for the Trackers, you can alternate between the two.
      [19:12] [Admin_SB]Drew: RSRD and SRD supplements need to be reviewed as
      well, those are the only remaining sets I've not gone through and trackered.
      [19:12] [Admin_SB]Drew: We have plenty of time - and some eager
      monkeys... :)
      [19:12] [Admin_SB]Drew: Any further questions for Admin?
      [19:13] [PR_SB]Maredudd: None from PR.
      [19:13] [Chair]Eddy: Drew, I had trackers covering that work
      [19:13] [Admin_SB]Drew: Cool... I'll go through and remove any duplicates
      [19:13] [Chair]Eddy: 2000139
      [35e gameMode] Data integrity test load
      [19:14] [Admin_SB]Drew: Gotcha - I made the smaller bites for our new
      lst monkeys
      [19:14] [Chair]Eddy: was basically a load test to fix any reported
      errors which was to be done when Tom finished his token conversion
      [19:14] [Chair]Eddy: That's fine
      [19:14] [Admin_SB]Drew: Okay, unless any other questions.... Eric you ready?
      [19:14] [Chair]Eddy: it's not like the tracker represent any additional
      work, you'll just make it look like we're doing more ;-)
      [19:14] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Sure. Why not . . . :-)
      [19:14] [Chair]Eddy: Go
      [19:14] [Admin_SB]Drew: (always a good thing) :)
      [19:15] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Publisher Report -
      [19:15] [PR_SB]Maredudd: I havn't heard anything back yet from Paizo on
      the new license. i'll stay in touch with them until we get something
      [19:16] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Other than that, we havn't really been working
      any new publishers lately.
      [19:16] [PR_SB]Maredudd: And the notes I sent out post Gen Con haven't
      really brought anything new in.
      [19:16] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Data Liscensing Report -
      [19:17] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Well, Paul already gave that . . . :-)
      [19:17] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Sets are getting review at a steady pace.
      [19:17] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Oh, a goback for PL . . .
      [19:18] [PR_SB]Maredudd: I've sent a note to WotC to ask about rrata,
      but don't really expect anything in any kind of near time frame. I
      haven't gotten through to the liscensing person yet.
      [19:18] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Now on to the Adverising Report -
      [19:18] [PR_SB]Maredudd: All press releases went out in a timely fasion
      for the last release. As usual, I'm always looking for sugestions as
      towhere else I can post them
      [19:19] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Paizo has asked that we include a statement on
      any PR thfor Paizo source data sets. That statement has been added.
      [19:20] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Finally, I have modified the PR template to
      bring it closer to the standard online PR format.
      [19:20] [PR_SB]Maredudd: I am always looking for suggestion on how to
      make them netter.
      [19:20] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Any questions?
      [19:20] [Chair]Eddy: none here
      [19:20] [Admin_SB]Drew: None here... but if I may interject
      [19:20] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Certainly.
      [19:21] [OGL]Nylanfs: Just comment, I can no longer find the errata for
      3.5 on the WotC website.
      [19:21] [Admin_SB]Drew: I spoke with James - Per James - first beta is
      the last one to contain new code features
      [19:21] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Its there, you just have to dig.
      [19:21] [Chair]Eddy: do a search, it's there just not linked from anywhere
      [19:21] [PR_SB]Maredudd: I can send you the url if you like. . .
      [19:22] TirGwaith: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/er/20040125a
      [19:22] TirGwaith: etc.
      [19:22] [PR_SB]Maredudd: beat me too it . .. :-)
      [19:23] TirGwaith: I have it bookmarked, since my game group uses it
      (now semi- ) frequently.
      [19:23] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Any athoer questionsor comment?
      [19:24] [BD]merton_monk: my group is trying 4e, but I may want to switch
      back to 3.5e
      [19:24] [Admin_SB]Drew: No more here... sorry for the tangent
      [19:24] [Chair]Eddy: lets go to Tom for Code and Arch reports then
      [19:24] [Arch_SB]thpr: okay, Code first
      [19:24] [Arch_SB]thpr: Bugs stand at 57, same as last meeting, though we
      have open & closed 16
      [19:24] [Arch_SB]thpr: FREQs stand at 23, 5 at Prio 7+, 18 others
      [19:25] [Arch_SB]thpr: my math shows down 5 from last meeting, but that
      doesn't sync with the last log, so there's a +/- 2 error somewhere
      [19:25] [Arch_SB]thpr: didn't have time to resolve where it came from
      [19:25] [Arch_SB]thpr: we have a handful of new recruits wanting to help
      out on the code side
      [19:25] [Arch_SB]thpr: some intro notes have been exchanged, and some of
      them are already SF members
      [19:26] [Arch_SB]thpr: James will be working to set up some code
      meetings (or something of that form)
      [19:26] [Arch_SB]thpr: since the high number of new members may require
      a bit more focus and coordination
      [19:27] [Arch_SB]thpr: key point on 5.16: any Code FREQs we want to get
      into the release need to be finalized
      [19:27] [Arch_SB]thpr: James pointed out this one: [ 1886722 ] Spell
      Chooser (Advanced) [Discussing on _Exp]
      [19:27] [Arch_SB]thpr: I would add a few more:
      [19:27] [Arch_SB]thpr: [ 1986958 ] [Pathfinder] Skill Cost and CSKILL
      overhaul a.k.a.
      [19:27] [Arch_SB]thpr: and this:
      [19:28] TirGwaith: I flagged a bunch yesterday. I've finally got time
      later this week (read Wed) to respond.
      [19:28] [Arch_SB]thpr: that would be good
      [19:28] TirGwaith: I was planning tonight, but then saw the meeting
      [19:28] [Arch_SB]thpr: I know we had some discussions on the CSKILL one
      and you were going to make some changes on the wiki
      [19:28] [Arch_SB]thpr: I'm not sure if those got done, but there are
      still open issues posted there, so it still needs some work
      [19:29] TirGwaith: I thought I finished that
      [19:29] [Arch_SB]thpr: anything that says "ISSUE" should get at least
      comments from the data chimps
      [19:30] [Arch_SB]thpr: there are still 3, ISSUE A, ISSUE B, and ISSUE D
      [19:30] [Arch_SB]thpr: some of them have R1 and R2, which are responses
      to the issues
      [19:30] [Arch_SB]thpr: or additional questions to help clarify
      [19:30] TirGwaith: yeah, I hadn't resolved everything
      [19:31] [Arch_SB]thpr: so it should be looked at, and James wanted
      things pinned down in the next week
      [19:31] [Arch_SB]thpr: on the major items
      [19:31] [Arch_SB]thpr: any questions on the code side?
      [19:31] [Admin_SB]Drew: None here
      [19:32] [PR_SB]Maredudd: None here.
      [19:32] [Chair]Eddy: nope
      [19:32] [Arch_SB]thpr: okay, arch
      [19:32] [Arch_SB]thpr: token conversion has continued
      [19:32] [Arch_SB]thpr: 11 primary tokens (plus 5 SOURCE* tokens), 11
      secondary tokens (plus the CHOOSE subtokens) remain
      [19:33] [Arch_SB]thpr: plus 1 token to be deprecated
      [19:33] [Arch_SB]thpr: I hope to get in the Kit and Campaign tokens,
      too, as those won't be too hard
      [19:33] [Arch_SB]thpr: I found a potential issue with the ADD: tokens I
      have already converted
      [19:33] [Arch_SB]thpr: Andrew is going to do some testing for me to see
      if there are issues I need to fix
      [19:33] [Arch_SB]thpr: will hold up other ADD token changes until I know
      [19:34] [Arch_SB]thpr: other than that, looks good for finishing by end
      of alpha
      [19:34] [Arch_SB]thpr: no other arch items of significance
      [19:34] [Arch_SB]thpr: any questions?
      [19:34] [Admin_SB]Drew: None here
      [19:35] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Nope.
      [19:36] [Chair]Eddy: I'm good
      [19:36] TirGwaith: good
      [19:36] [Chair]Eddy: that does it for reports
      [19:36] [Chair]Eddy: before we go to open discusstion I'd like to wish
      Martijn Verburg, our fearless leader a happy birthday from all of us :-)
      [19:37] [OGL]Nylanfs: Early since it's tomorrow :)
      [19:37] [Chair]Eddy: at least it is where he is, and it will be soon for us
      [19:37] [Arch_SB]thpr: tomorrow his time or ours?
      [19:37] TirGwaith: :D
      [19:37] [Admin_SB]Drew: Happy B-Day FL :)
      [19:37] [OGL]Nylanfs: stupid curved earth
      [19:37] TirGwaith: questions only brought up in a global group...
      [19:39] [Chair]Eddy: So does anyone have anything we need to discuss?
      [19:39] [Admin_SB]Drew: Anything our BD would like to add before open
      [19:39] [BD]merton_monk: happy bday Kar! :)
      [19:39] [Admin_SB]Drew: My agenda item is taken care of... Nothing new
      to report.
      [19:40] [BD]merton_monk: I'd just like to add that I sure wouldn't mind
      visiting NZ someday :)
      [19:40] [Admin_SB]Drew: It's lovely, at least according to all the
      movies I see shot there... :)
      [19:40] [Arch_SB]thpr: me too. That's what I'm saving my frequent flyer
      miles for :)
      [19:41] [Chair]Eddy: that would be nice, Kar's in Great Briton these
      days though
      [19:41] [Arch_SB]thpr: minor details, Eddy
      [19:42] [Arch_SB]thpr: ;)
      [19:42] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Yeah. BryAn didn't say anything about visiting
      Kar . . . :-)
      [19:43] [Admin_SB]Drew: Eddy - only agenda item I see is this - 3.) Are
      the couple of UI changes that Connor was working on going to
      be merged in soon? I'd like to see it merged in earlier than later.
      [19:43] [BD]merton_monk: if I made it all the way to NZ, I'd definitely
      look up Kar.
      [19:43] [Chair]Eddy: That's what Kar says anyway, who knows where the
      Ninja Monkey lair is actually located
      [19:43] [Arch_SB]thpr: I'm not sure we know the status of that
      [19:44] [Arch_SB]thpr: Connor has been prioritizing schoolwork, and I
      didn't ask the status
      [19:44] [Admin_SB]Drew: Ninja monkeys aren't centrally located, they
      dispersed everywhere... :)
      [19:44] [Chair]Eddy: Ah, like sleeper cells ;-)
      [19:44] [Admin_SB]Drew: Exactly.
      [19:45] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Yeah, I though I saw one the other day, but I
      was wrong . . .
      [19:46] [Arch_SB]thpr: Anything we need to cover, Eddy?
      [19:46] [Chair]Eddy: I think we're done unless anyone has anything
      [19:46] [Admin_SB]Drew: Sounds like it's a night... :)
      [19:46] [Admin_SB]Drew: Eric where the beer keg?
      [19:47] [PR_SB]Maredudd: In my living room . . .
      [19:47] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Come on over and get some!
      [19:47] [Admin_SB]Drew: :)
      [19:47] [Admin_SB]Drew: Eddy I've got the log as soon as you gavel us
      [19:47] [Chair]Eddy: OK then, *bangs gavel* it's a night!
      [19:47] [Chair]Eddy: Thanks for coming everyone

      ~ Andrew Maitland (LegacyKing)
      ~ Admin Silverback, PCGen Board of Directors
      ~ Data Chimp, Tracker Gibbon, Docs Tamarin
      ~ Unique Title "Quick-Silverback Tracker Monkey"
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