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Re: 4E questions

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  • Jason Horner
    ... and a - ... PREFEAT ... Maybe I can work around it by defining some extra VARs or something. If I define VARs in the class for each ability score, and
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 23 12:19 PM
      > > For the stats I didn't choose, I see a +2 in the Race Adj column
      and a -
      > > -2 in the Other Adj column -- it's like the system is
      > > somehow "canceling" out the bonus with a generic penalty if the
      > > fails.
      > Hmm, yeah that's not pretty.

      Maybe I can work around it by defining some extra VARs or something.
      If I define VARs in the class for each ability score, and always add
      them (most will be 0) in the class file, then I could have the "Human
      Ability Bonus" feats bonus the VARs instead of the stats directly
      (that way, the source of the stat mod would still be the race file,
      but the actual amount would be configured through a hidden feat).
      That might be enough to get PCGen to think that the bonus is coming
      from the Race file (albeit indirectly).

      I'm beginning to think I didn't express myself clearly after reading
      the minutes from the last BoD meeting. I really only care about
      tracking bonuses by bonus type, not by source. It would be perfectly
      fine (for me, at least) if I could get access to stat groups by bonus
      type, without caring what the source of the bonus was. If a feat
      gives an untyped bonus to a score, I'm fine with that showing up as
      a "Misc" bonus. If a feat gives a +1 feat bonus to something, I'd
      like to be able to track that. Ideally, I'd like to be able to do
      things like:


      ... or something similar. I think these kinds of tags would be a lot
      less work, since, as I understand it, you do track all the bonuses by
      type (so I don't think it would take a massive new code addition to
      implement them -- the info should all be there, you just have to look
      up the bonus of the requested type for the object and pull it out). I
      can still make the categories mutually exclusive (without needing the
      ACTYPE-style of tags) if I do some clever math (instead of using
      the .MISC tags, I can report the Misc bonus as TOTAL - Type1 -
      Type3 ... etc.)

      I don't think I'm terribly crazy here, as a lot of the 4e static
      print-out and fill-in character sheets (even the official one) do
      more detailed breakdowns like this, and supporting this kind of thing
      would seem like a natural thing to want to do for 4e.

      What I probably should do is learn a little more Java and try to do
      it myself (I hear that C# and Java are pretty similar).

      > Well the last 10% is what we're all here to make better :-)

      I know, and believe me, that's why I'm not complaining. In my
      limited experience interacting with the team members, they've all
      been pretty wonderful about giving advice and help to users.
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