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Re: [DOCS][BUG][TM] SKILL in the Kit file

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  • Martijn Verburg
    Trackered - K ... find it) ... and a ... grant 18
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 3, 2008
      Trackered - K

      > Two things:
      > 1) There is no listing for the SKILL tag in kits in the master tag index
      > (you have to go to the specific file list to find it)
      > 2) There is no mention in the documentation for the tag (once you
      find it)
      > that you may offer a choice of skills by using a pipe delimited list
      and a
      > COUNT tag with it.
      > SKILL:Bluff|Concentration|Hide RANK:18 COUNT:2
      > This would offer a chooser and allow you to pick 2 of the three and
      grant 18
      > ranks to the chosen skills.
      > Barak
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