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Re: Great taste, less filling

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  • Artus Faucon
    Right, so I found a found a way to create a new custom item, but this is something I expected to find in my character inventory, not the gear database. It
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 21, 2008
      Right, so I found a found a way to create a new custom item, but this is something I
      expected to find in my character inventory, not the gear database. It seems counter-
      intuitive to me to have to right-click on a base item in the database to build my custom
      item, rather than build one from scratch in my inventory. I first looked for this by right-
      clicking in my inventory area, and had to re-read your instructions to realize I had to
      right-click on an existing item in the database. Confusing, but there is definitely potential
      there once the UI has been improved. PCGen definitely has the right approach in terms of
      the underlying mechanics, it's mostly the UI that gets in the way.

      And btw, yes RPTools has a very active community and pump out development builds
      surprisingly often. I've seen quite a bit of discussion about bridging PCGen with their
      tools, but I'm not sure where that will go with the development of their CharacterTool
      (which I can't currently get to run on my Mac).


      --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, "Martijn Verburg" <martijnverburg@...> wrote:
      <snipped for brevity>
      > > - I am limited to the choices available in the lists. It's gotten
      > > a lot easier since earlier versions to modify those lists (adding
      > > custom skills, for example was relatively painless), but I still
      > > can't just add a blank item to my inventory and add custom
      > > attributes later.
      > This is an outstanding code feature request (to build items purely
      > from scratch), I'll be totally honest with you and say it's not likely
      > to happen soon (it's actually quite complicated to support that)
      > > I'm limited to choosing something from the list, and I couldn't
      > > quickly figure out a way to edit those (not in the "List Editors"
      > > window).
      > You can choose any object from the list and right click on it to
      > customise the item. There are several 'blank' base items you can use
      > to build common items from scratch.
      > The lack of obvious button to customise the item is also being
      > addressed in 5.16.0.

      > > - The interface is bit busy. I sort of prefer having a clean
      > > interface for presenting my character stats, then using dialogues
      > > for adding things from a list, or especially adding blank entries
      > > that I can fill in with custom data, if I want to add something not
      > > on the list.
      > Connor Petty is leading a UI overhaul project to simply the PCGen UI,
      > please do let him know your thoughts either here or on pcgen_experimental
      > > The equipment area is both powerful, but limiting for me. I like
      > > that I can put things into containers, equip sets, etc., but it
      > > drives me bonkers that I can't easily add a custom item
      > > to my inventory. It's equipment! I should be able to pick up "a
      > > gnarly stick" if I wanted, without having to buy it from the gear
      > > list. I want to be able to add it's weight, whether
      > > it's a container or weapon, etc. after-the-fact, on my own.
      > See above, again there are some code freqs out there that we're hoping
      > Connor can tackle, but no promises until he figures out what is doable
      > in the current code base.
      > > Same for spells, and feats, and probably other list-type things
      > > (skills are less of an issue
      > > in this regard and are already quite useable for me).
      > > Also, the ability to drag a graphic file onto the portrait area
      > > would be sweet.
      > Cool idea, I'm sure Connor will pick this up.
      > > Being able to export PCGen data to MapTools token properties
      > > (www.rptools.net) would also rock. I think there are home-grown
      > > conversion tools in existence, but are not necessarily easy to use.
      > I _thought_ we had an rptools output sheet, if we don't then I'm very
      > sure that we have a OS freq covering it, Chuck Pint our OS 2nd has a
      > bit more time this cycle, hopefully he can tackle it.
      > > PCGen has a great framework and system built-up, but until it gets
      > > easier to use, I think I'm going to stick with my Crystal Ball :(
      > > ... for now. in the meantime, I will follow PCGen development with
      > > interest.
      > Thanks very much for your post, this is exactly the sort of info we
      > want back from our users, happy gaming and I hope we can entice you
      > over soon!
      > K
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