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Re: PCGen v5.14.0 Stable Released!

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  • Martijn Verburg
    Hi all, I d just like to add in a personal thanks from me :) I am (as always) completely humbled by the sheer effort that goes into PCGen by our volunteers,
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 9, 2008
      Hi all,

      I'd just like to add in a personal thanks from me :)

      I am (as always) completely humbled by the sheer effort that goes into
      PCGen by our volunteers, the work they do is nothing short of amazing!
      Over the last few release cycles we've also certainly become more
      professional in our approach and the quality of 5.14 is hopefully
      proof of that!

      As a magnimonious reward, the Ninja monkeys have been ordered to be
      nice to all volunteers for a period of 24 hours (see I can be nice ;p)

      We're also very blessed in that we have a wonderful community that is
      willing to share their experiences with us, filing bug reports
      discussing feature requests and just generally being very involved in
      PCGen. More of that please, we love the feedback!

      Now I'm sure many of you are wondering, what's next? Well here's the
      rough plan:

      1.) Take a breather for a week and do a post release analysis. This
      means potentially changing team structures, the way we work internally
      etc etc, we'll keep you posted of what's happening for this.

      2.) 5.14.1 - The BoD agreed that the focus should remain firmly on
      getting the remaining low priority bugs fixed and produce a 5.14.1 as
      quickly as we are able. We really want the 5.14.x to be a benchmark
      in quality.

      3.) 5.16.x - We're going through a roadmapping exercise as we speak,
      but there's going to be roughly 3 main focuses.

      a.) Pathfinder support - this is already being worked on on spec'd by
      Stefan amongst others

      b.) 4e support - As stated a fews times in last week, we need to read
      up on and absorb the various licensing issues before we can commit to
      supporting 4e, naturally if we're allowed to support it we will!

      c.) Removing ambiguities, this is basically further preparation for
      the 6.0 series in which we pretty much overhaul the PCGen 'engine'

      Again thank you, thank you, thank you!

      <exceedingly proud Chair Monkey>

      > PCGen is pleased to announce the release of PCGen v5.14.0!
      > Welcome to the latest stable release of PCGen, PCGen v5.14.0. In the
      > 10 months since our last stable release we haven't been idle! There
      > are 282 Feature requests (70 code, 99 data, 107 docs, 6 output
      > sheets), 351 Bug fixes (158 code, 107 data, 75 docs, 11 output
      > sheets) and 16 New sources included in this release. The highlights
      > of the changes for PCGen 5.14 are listed below and you can view the
      > full release notes here:
      > http://sourceforge.net/docman/display_doc.php?
      > docid=109537&group_id=25576
      > Major Changes:
      > * User programmable preview tab
      > * Move point buy definitions to Custom data
      > * Data installer for easy installation of out of cycle data releases
      > * Add cover art, logos, publisher links and purchase links for many
      > source books
      > * Extensive tidy-up of the LST syntax in preparation for future
      > automatic migration
      > * Convert class and racial abilities to ability objects improving
      > visibility and edit-ability
      > New Output Sheets:
      > * Graphical preview sheet.
      > * Preview sheet with rolling functionality
      > New Sources:
      > * [AEG] Feats
      > * [AEG] Gods
      > * [Alea Publishing Group]Honor and Corruption
      > * [Bad Axe Games] Heroes of High Favor - Dwarves
      > * [BnG2] On The Ground
      > * [BP] Sherwood: Legend of Robin Hood
      > * [Paizo] Rise of the Runelords - Chapter 1
      > * [Paizo] Rise of the Runelords Player's Guide
      > * [RPG Objects] Darwin's World 2 - Survivors Guide
      > * [RPG Objects] Darwin's World 2 -Terrors of Twisted Earth
      > * [RPG Objects] Modern Dispatch #108 Teamwork Mechanics
      > * [RPG Objects] Modern Dispatch #115
      > * [Secular Games] Shadows of Shinobi
      > * [Silven Publishing] Curses!
      > * [TGM] Modern Magic Vol 1
      > * [Vigilance Press] Clash of Arms: Cavalry
      > Documentation:
      > * Extensive updates to LST tag and output token documentation
      > * Updated walkthrough to reflect system changes
      > A lot of this work has been setting us up for the future. Our LST
      > syntax has been overhauled to ensure future backward compatibility.
      > Those of you with data sets you have created yourself should drop by
      > the PCGenListFileHelp, <http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/
      > PCGenListFileHelp> list and inquire about conversion tools to bring
      > your data up to date. Those with data from Code Monkey Publishing
      > should check with CMP regarding updated data sets before upgrading.
      > We have been working with them to ensure this future upgrade path. In
      > the future releases we have setup PCGen so that updates can be
      > performed by the program, so this should be the last of these
      > transitions.
      > PCGen Team
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