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Re: [BUG]? or {FREQ]? Oddness about what Auto Resizes. 5.13.13

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  • taluroniscandar
    ... to ... the ... in ... goods ... that a ... remember ... I m pretty sure it was supposed to be Resizable. But I don t think it works correctly. In the Goods
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 17, 2008
      > > Sorry if this is explained somewhere else, but I have been trying
      > > figure out how to use Auto Resize (or something similar) to get
      > > expected results. (I'm using 5.13.13 -- I forgot to mention that
      > > other posts...) This seems to have elements of BUG, in that some
      > > should auto resize and others not, and something of a FREQ in
      that a
      > > more intelligent program behavior would be useful.
      > >
      > > When I check Auto Resize, I get some items resized for a Small
      > > character as expected (e.g. Arrow (Small), Quiver (Small), Rations
      > > (Trail/Per Day) (Small)).
      > These are done with TYPE:Standard (or was it Resizable, can't
      > off the top of my head.)

      I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be Resizable. But I don't think it
      works correctly.
      In the Goods lst most everything has Standard. I thought that was
      meant to indicate it could be customized in the item customizer.

      > > Others, though, seem logical, but not RSRD (or, at least), non-PHB
      > > 3.5e, such as Spellbook (Wizards/Blank) (Small) and Torch
      (Small). I
      > > would think that Halflings (etc) might use smaller spellbooks and
      > > torches; unfortunately, the rules don't really seem to be set up
      > > properly accommodate these types of changes. Likewise with the
      > > Tools and Kits which Auto Resize.
      > If not listed as resizable, we haven't coded them that way.
      > > Others make some sense and could be generally useful, if the
      > > and or names also changed. Water (Pint), Ale (Gallon), and Oil (1
      > > Flask) don't make much sense in their Small forms ("Water (Pint)
      > > (Small)" at 4 ounces, etc.). Interestingly, Ink (1 Oz. Vial)
      > > autoresize like these others.
      > >
      > > Others don't make sense at all, like the Mule (Small). Hmmm.
      > That shouldn't be possible at all.

      Any Good AFAIK can be resized. Even if they are not supposed to be,
      like mounts.
      This issue seems very similar to one I was having with KITs. I had
      placed a Mule and Pack saddle in an "Adventurers Kit". Without the
      size tag, applying the kit resized and renamed both items.
      I Trackered that issue as a DOC problem as it said in the docs that
      SIZE was optional. I realized from testing, SIZE is necessary to keep
      something from being resized when applying the KIT.
      If that is not INTENDED then it is a BUG.
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