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Re: [Bug?] Brooch of Shielding Charges

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  • Martijn Verburg
    Trackered - K
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 9, 2008
      Trackered - K

      > In GameMode 3.5e on version 5.13.12 and 5.13.13, using the brooch of
      > shielding from the RSRD Complete dataset, I get an error on loading a
      > character after I modify the charges.
      > Step by Step to recreate problem:
      > 1. Load RSRD Complete
      > 2. Create new character
      > 3. Use inventory tab to purchase a brooch of shielding
      > 4. Modify charges of brooch of shielding(35)
      > 5. Equip brooch of shielding
      > 6. Save and close character
      > 7. open character
      > Error message is:
      > Warning: Could not find equipment: Brooch of Shielding(35)
      > If you click OK, and go to the equipping tab, it shows a brooch of
      > shielding in inventory, not equipped, with 101 charges and the price
      > of the brooch with the modified charges. If you try to change the
      > charges back again, it makes the brooch have a negative value.
      > Hope this helps recreate the problem.
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