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Re: Adding Trapsmith Prestige Class.

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  • joefrazierjr
    ... You don t need to be a programmer, you just need to learn some fairly simple tags. If you look in the PcGen PCGen5139 data directory, you will see a
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      > I did read the docs actually. There is quite good info on how to add
      > new domains, races, feats, dieties, etc. I don't see anything on
      > classes although I am sure alot of the variable tags would apply to
      > classes as well. I am not a programmer (I am an art teacher). If
      > someone could give me a rough guide to adding classes. If its
      > something you think is beyond my capability let me know as I don't
      > really have hours to figure out how to do this.

      You don't need to be a programmer, you just need to learn some fairly
      simple tags. If you look in the PcGen\PCGen5139\data directory, you
      will see a folder named my_dataset which contains several files. Here
      are my suggested steps:

      1) Make of copy of my_dataset with a different name
      2) in the new folder you just created, open the .pcc file named
      3) change the CAMPAIGN tag's value (everything AFTER the colon) to
      your value, usually the name of your world or something else you can
      identify with.
      4) on or around line 20, you will see some items "commented out" with
      an octothorp (this is the official name, but most people call it pound
      sign or hash sign), looks like this: #
      5) find the one name CLASS and remove the octothorp/pound sign.
      6) now open the my_clases.lst file. This will contain a LOT of
      commented out information and a sample class (Rouge) also commented out.
      7) add your class information with each tag seperated by a tab(it is
      IMPERATIVE that you use tabs and not spaces) using the example as a
      guide. For example, if your class(lets call it class "blah" has d8
      for Hitdice, you would add HD:8 somewhere after the class name on the
      same line or another one that begins with the CLASS:blah

      Other rules:
      1) make sure you are using a TEXT editor (ie, NOT a word processing
      program). If you are on windows, I would suggest notepad.
      2) This assumes you have read the docs located in the help files under
      the following sections:
      List Files->LST Token Documentation Standards
      List Files->Important Things to Know
      List Files->New Source Development Process
      List Files->PCC and List Files Explained
      3) Case is VITAL. if you get it wrong, it won't work.

      I think that about covers it.

      Now open PCGen and select the SRD source you usually do AND the new
      source you just created and load. The new class should show up in the

      At this point, if you need specific help (such as "how do I give my
      the character 2 extra spells at 5th, 10th, and 15th level", post to
      the PCGenListFileHelp group as that's where the people who do the
      coding tend to hang out. Also, under List Files->List File Tag Index
      is a list of every single possible tag you can use. Tags either say
      what type of thing they work in such as Feat, Class, etc OR are Global
      which means they should work in pretty much any type of thingy.

      Hope this helps,

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