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BoD Log 3/10/08

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  • Eddy Anthony
    [Chair]Eddy: Hi everyone, I ve got 10pm, lets begin [Chair]Eddy: I m not feeling well tonight so I m planning on signing off at the 1 hour mark [Chair]Eddy:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 2008
      [Chair]Eddy: Hi everyone, I've got 10pm, lets begin
      [Chair]Eddy: I'm not feeling well tonight so I'm planning on signing off at
      the 1 hour mark
      [Chair]Eddy: Someone can take the gavel if you guys wish to continue.
      [Chair]Eddy: I'll start with Content
      [Chair]Eddy: Documentation
      [Chair]Eddy: Doc Bugs: 11 for 5.12 (11 total, +4 since last meeting)
      [Chair]Eddy: Doc FREQs: 6 for 5.14 (30 total, -2 since last meeting)
      [Chair]Eddy: Doc FREQ status: I need to complete my review of the screen
      shots but otherwise the doc team is on top of things.
      [Chair]Eddy: The doc team is doing an excellent job of hitting many trackers
      as they are entered, the tracker list doesn't really show the fast turnover
      they are accomplishing.
      [Chair]Eddy: Output Sheets
      [Chair]Eddy: OS Bugs: 3 for 5.14 (4 total, unchanged since last meeting)
      [Chair]Eddy: OS FREQs: 18 for 5.14 (40 total, -1 since last meeting)
      [Chair]Eddy: OS FREQ status: There are quite a few trackers set for 5.14 but
      since there isn't anyone to put good time into those most of them will need
      to be put off.
      [Chair]Eddy: The ones I consider relevant to 5.14 are cleaning up the
      Preview sheets and adding new Ability blocks to the PDF's.
      [Chair]Eddy: The Preview cleanup can be considered on-going, they all
      function, they just don't look as good as they could but I don't thing that
      should hold up a release.
      [Chair]Eddy: I've cleaned up the standard fantasy sheet and most all of the
      stat block sheets but I don't think I'll have time to do too much more.
      [Chair]Eddy: As for the PDF's were still using SAB tags to output abilities
      so for the 5.14 release this isn't essential.
      [Chair]Eddy: Data
      [Chair]Eddy: Data Bugs: 3 for 5.14 (29 Total, -2 since last meeting)
      [Chair]Eddy: Data FREQs: 6 for 5.14 (55 Total, -2 since last meeting)
      [Chair]Eddy: Data FREQ status:
      [Chair]Eddy: The last major FREQ to be done is to convert the Turn Undead
      feature to ability objects, all the other SRD/RSRD class features which used
      ADD:FEAT have been converted already.
      [Chair]Eddy: The rest of the FREQ trackers can be filed under cleanup.
      [Chair]Eddy: Outstanding CODE/DATA issues:
      [Chair]Eddy: Kit LEVELABILITY tag with missing ADD kills kit, tracker
      [Chair]Eddy: [MSRD] Problems with Languages, tracker 1885521
      [Arch_SB]thpr: languages are fixed
      [Chair]Eddy: Cool!
      [Chair]Eddy: New Data Development:
      [Chair]Eddy: We have 4 sets currently being prepared for the release, I'm
      hoping we can get them in before the next release after tonight.
      [Chair]Eddy: Questions?
      [Admin]Amaitland: Which four sets?
      irc: [Code_SB]james has joined pcgen
      [Admin]Amaitland: Hi James
      [Code_SB]james: Hi Everyone
      [Chair]Eddy: AEG Gods, 2 Paizo Pathfinder sets and RPGObjects Darwin's World
      [Chair]Eddy: Might have another set to go with Darwin's World as well
      [Chair]Eddy: Hi James
      [Admin]Amaitland: Cool... I've lost the FiM pdf, so I can't continue to work
      on that till I get another copy... sorry
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: FiM from PCI? If you bought it online, you should be able
      to get a replacement
      [Admin]Amaitland: Nope, Eric gave me a copy to take over for him.
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: oh, hmmm
      [Chair]Eddy: What does that set need? I recall it mostly needed work on the
      [Admin]Amaitland: So when Eric get's back I'll ask him to resend it... but
      we're getting off subject.
      [Chair]Eddy: Any other questions for Content?
      [Admin]Amaitland: In the pcc file I have which files are completed and which
      need to be completed
      [Chair]Eddy: I'll take a look
      [Chair]Eddy: Can we go to you next Andrew?
      [Admin]Amaitland: Sure...
      [Admin]Amaitland: Admin Front
      [Admin]Amaitland: Trackers have been going by faster than superman on
      speed... Thanks in part to Kar, Eric, Eddy and the other dedicated monkeys!
      [Admin]Amaitland: Keep up the good work guys!!!
      [Admin]Amaitland: Release, Tonight is our first BETA 5.13.11, James will
      handle that and update the release notes for the last minute closed
      [Admin]Amaitland: Yeah! BETA... That's a big accomplishment, so pat
      yourselves on the backs guys. You have earned it!!!!
      [Admin]Amaitland: Website, Anestis and Kar are starting to figure this
      tangled mess up... I'll pass the buck to Anestis for comments on what has or
      needs to happen on that front.
      [Admin]Amaitland: Anestis?
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: I posted a plan of action on the test site's Developer
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: There's been no comments from anyone, no feedback from
      anyone, so I'm a little disheartened and disappointed.
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: It seems all the volunteers have disappeared
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: I'm going to start investigating different CMS products on
      my end, and will make my recommendation to the BoD as to which we should go
      with (that's stage 1 of the plan of action)
      [Admin]Amaitland: Yeah, I read it... Sorry didn't reply to it...
      [Admin]Amaitland: It looked good!
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: that's about it from me
      [Admin]Amaitland: I'll take the plan and put it on the WIKI...
      [Admin]Amaitland: That's it from the Admin side... On a personal note, the
      move is being delayed so I may be absent longer than anticipated.
      [Admin]Amaitland: Oh, James did you want to add anything?
      [Code_SB]james: Oh yes, we have had a request for .deb files to be added to
      the releases - these are "installers " for linux distros. I was thinking we
      should enquire twith the requester if he is interested in contributing...
      [Code_SB]james: and should eb something we look at doing at leats for the
      production releases
      [Admin]Amaitland: I see no reason not too... I think there was a concern
      about supporting other platforms..
      [Code_SB]james: That was all from me on the release front though
      [Admin]Amaitland: Ok... Questions for Admin?
      [Admin]Amaitland: Thanks James... :-)
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: most linux distros have the ability to install .deb files
      (I know Ubuntu does)
      [Chair]Eddy: no questions here
      [Arch_SB]thpr: the Red Hat based ones won't - they would require .rpm files
      [Admin]Amaitland: So .deb and .rpm for linux based systems... any other
      systems we need to consider?
      [Chair]Eddy: Moving on to PR, Eric is on vacation and Paul just got back
      from one... Paul would you like to say anything for the PR team?
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: there is a program/paclage called alien that allows you to
      do so in redhat, and Debian and Ubuntu have tools to install .rpm files
      [Arch_SB]thpr: I'd worry about .deb first
      [Arch_SB]thpr: Ubuntu is the larger installed base
      [Admin]Amaitland: ok... let's hold that thought till the end of the
      reports... :-) sorry eddy
      [Chair]Eddy: no problem
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: oops, Apologies
      [OGL]Nylanfs: Sorry busy downloading files to clear
      [OGL]Nylanfs: :)
      [Chair]Eddy: don't worry about it, thought that discussion had died off :-)
      [Admin]Amaitland: Eric had a note on the BoD about some stuff to publishers
      [Chair]Eddy: I will say that Eric got 4 positive replies to expand the
      source info and I have implemented this for those four publishers sets
      [Admin]Amaitland: Regarding the new logos, and affliate program
      [Chair]Eddy: Yeah, Kar has posted that he has set up something with RPG Now
      and is working on Amazon.com
      [OGL]Nylanfs: About the only things I know of that need cleared up are the
      final GenCon details
      [Chair]Eddy: There was a decision to be made.. Amazon doesn't pay off with
      [Chair]Eddy: just Amazon credit, or a check
      [OGL]Nylanfs: Or to a bank account
      [Chair]Eddy: He thought just taking the credit would be fine
      [Admin]Amaitland: Excellent progress by the sound of it.
      [Chair]Eddy: I guess we can worry about that if it becomes wildly successful
      [Chair]Eddy: Hopefully more positive replies are piling up in Eric's IN box
      [Chair]Eddy: As far as GenCon goes we have an April deadline so we can hold
      discussion til Eric returns
      [OGL]Nylanfs: One thing I had is the OGL info for the four sets in the
      nondist section
      [Chair]Eddy: Any problems? are you missing info?
      [OGL]Nylanfs: I haven't checked the trackers but there isn't any info on the
      Sec. 15's of them or the OGC declar
      [OGL]Nylanfs: neither in that folder or the OGL stuff folder for the exp
      [OGL]Nylanfs: Also anyone know an easier way to download from the SVN
      directory? :)
      [Admin]Amaitland: Hm, I'm sure we can get the contributors to send a copy of
      those to you.
      [Admin]Amaitland: Yes, why?
      [Chair]Eddy: I'll get that stuff up on the trackers for you, I bought all
      those PDF's :-)
      [Chair]Eddy: Are you downloading via the svn web browse?
      [OGL]Nylanfs: It's a pain to right click and download usingt he SVN browse
      [OGL]Nylanfs: Yes
      [Admin]Amaitland: Use Tortoise, much easier
      [Chair]Eddy: I'd get an SVN program and check it out
      [OGL]Nylanfs: :(
      [OGL]Nylanfs: I was hoping there'd be a way using the browse feature. Oh
      [Chair]Eddy: The program I use has a nice GUI interface and is cross
      [OGL]Nylanfs: That was all from me, any questions?
      [Code_SB]james: See http://pcgen.sourceforge.net/autobuilds/scm-usage.html
      for SVN config - may as well take the plunge!
      [Admin]Amaitland: No questions from me...
      [Chair]Eddy: It's free too, Smart SVN
      [Chair]Eddy: http://www.syntevo.com/smartsvn/index.html
      [Chair]Eddy: Anyway, shall we move on to ARCH?
      [Arch_SB]thpr: ok
      irc: [Admin]Drew2 has joined pcgen
      [Arch_SB]thpr: so I've mainly been focused on 5.14, ensuring that we have
      what we need there
      [Arch_SB]thpr: I've also been working more on getting a full round-robin in
      the CDOM branch (of the RSRD is the first thing I'm trying)
      irc: [Admin]Drew2 has left pcgen
      irc: [Admin]Drew2 has joined pcgen
      [Arch_SB]thpr: I've encountered some challenges where I might be able to use
      some help from data folks
      [Arch_SB]thpr: We'd have to figure out the particulars, but there are going
      to be some items that require manual inspection to ensure they are
      [Arch_SB]thpr: things where the LST files use syntax that isn't exactly
      deprecated, but isn't exactly current either
      [Arch_SB]thpr: like almost every use of PRETEMPLATE (format technically is
      x,y,y but the files all use y,y)
      [Arch_SB]thpr: so I'd need some folks to review files and built a table that
      says "yes A translates safely to B"
      [Arch_SB]thpr: so if the Data folks could muster some volunteers that would
      be great
      [Admin]Drew2: PRETEMPLATE doesn't follow the normal PRExxx tag syntax rules
      [Arch_SB]thpr: heh
      [Arch_SB]thpr: internally to the code it does
      [Arch_SB]thpr: no one has pointed that out to the docs guys, though
      irc: [Admin]Drew2 has left pcgen
      [Chair]Eddy: Should't we just convert to the new syntax?
      irc: [Admin]Drew2 has joined pcgen
      [Admin]Drew2: -- aggravating -
      [Arch_SB]thpr: I already deprecated PRESPELLSCHOOL, PRESPELLSCHOOLSUB and
      [Arch_SB]thpr: that's already data work
      [Arch_SB]thpr: If I do the rest, you also get PRETYPE, PRETEMPLATE, PRERULE,
      and perhaps a few others
      [Arch_SB]thpr: that's a lot of data changes
      [Arch_SB]thpr: IMHO
      [Chair]Eddy: I saw, I've already converted the first two in the data
      [Admin]Drew2: Nothing a few of us can't tackle in a day or two at most
      [Chair]Eddy: I've found that it's pretty easy to do using regular
      [Admin]Drew2: Just need the trackers and assign them
      [Arch_SB]thpr: if you guys want me to do it, I can make those changes
      [Chair]Eddy: ditto
      [Chair]Eddy: I'm OK with that
      [Admin]Drew2: I second the motion... :-)
      [Arch_SB]thpr: ok
      [Arch_SB]thpr: having said that
      [Arch_SB]thpr: there may be some others that still require manual
      inspection, but since it'll be a much smaller count, I'll come back if it's
      still a problem
      [Arch_SB]thpr: in particular, PRESPELL* and PREFEAT and PREABILITY will be
      [Arch_SB]thpr: there are inconsistencies in those that date back to 2006 (or
      [Arch_SB]thpr: and we aren't going to change those in 5.14
      [Arch_SB]thpr: but it also means they won't properly round-robin
      [Arch_SB]thpr: so it makes my life a bit more difficult
      [Arch_SB]thpr: on the one FREQ I still own, 1904979, I'm not going to do
      [Arch_SB]thpr: I'm going to move that to a BUG and fix it when I fix the
      related items
      [Arch_SB]thpr: there are 3 impacted choosers
      [Arch_SB]thpr: that are still dependent on ROOT (removed from use circa
      PCGen 3.0)
      [Arch_SB]thpr: since they've been broken so long, backwards compatibility
      isn't an issue
      irc: [Admin]Drew3 has joined pcgen
      [Arch_SB]thpr: and some folks seem to want to use them
      [Arch_SB]thpr: so might as well fix 'em rather than remove 'em
      [Code_SB]james: Shall I shift that to a bug now Tom?
      [Arch_SB]thpr: if you'd like
      [Arch_SB]thpr: saves me the trouble
      [Arch_SB]thpr: ;)
      [Arch_SB]thpr: I think that's it from arch
      [Arch_SB]thpr: don't want to take too much time
      [Chair]Eddy: Thanks Tom
      [Chair]Eddy: James, lets go to Code
      [Admin]Drew3: Thanks Tom... to bad I missed most of it...
      [Code_SB]james: OK, the code report.
      [Code_SB]james: Since the last release we have had 14 bugs fixed, and have
      42 outstanding for 5.14
      [Code_SB]james: and 7 features completed, with 2 outstanding for 5.14
      [Code_SB]james: So we are so very close to the beta goal of all features
      [Code_SB]james: After talking to Joe I'm going to split 1789856 - SERVESAS
      Token into two and close the current one as Joe has compelted a lot of the
      work already.
      [Code_SB]james: Kar has the last remaining one 1894301 - Alter build to
      distribute identical Output Sheets and as that has no user visible impact we
      can give a sanction for during beta implementation for that. I'll chat with
      kar about a timetable for that oen though
      [Code_SB]james: Next target for code after beta is bug fixing - I think the
      best way is if eveyrone in the code team does a little bit, that should get
      us a good start on getting things in shape for the prod release
      [Code_SB]james: So, code is right for beta
      [Code_SB]james: Any questions?
      [Arch_SB]thpr: you planning the release tonight?
      [Code_SB]james: Yes
      [Arch_SB]thpr: hmm
      [Arch_SB]thpr: I just acquired about half a dozen deprecation changes from
      the data folks
      [Arch_SB]thpr: you okay if I miss the beta release on those?
      [Code_SB]james: If desired we could delay for a couple of days - would that
      be enough time?
      irc: [Admin]Drew4 has joined pcgen
      [Arch_SB]thpr: I can code them tomorrow night my time
      irc: [Admin]Amaitland has left pcgen
      [Arch_SB]thpr: if that's okay
      [Code_SB]james: Any objections form the other SBs?
      [Admin]Drew4: On what? Sorry bad internet
      [Chair]Eddy: Not from content, gives me a chance to convert some of that
      [Code_SB]james: delay fo 2 days for Tom to get the new deprecations
      [Admin]Drew4: Oh, so delay the beta release for two days? No objections
      [Chair]Eddy: Tom, is the syntax we are moving to already documented?
      [Arch_SB]thpr: not necessarily in the docs
      [Arch_SB]thpr: but it's all really simple stuff
      [Arch_SB]thpr: the vast majority (maybe all, I'll have to check)
      [Arch_SB]thpr: is ensuring the leading x, number
      [Arch_SB]thpr: I'll send a specific note with the changes to _exp
      [Arch_SB]thpr: in parallel to filing Doc Freqs
      [Chair]Eddy: If you could send me a quick note on what to do I can get
      started before your deprecation messages go in
      [Admin]Drew4: Eric can handle that in an hour, I'm sure.
      [Chair]Eddy: THanks
      [Admin]Drew4: I don't think he'd even break a sweat... I swear he's a
      Doc-A-holic Monkey!
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      irc: [Admin]Drew4 has joined pcgen
      [Code_SB]james: Any other code questions?
      [Admin]Drew4: I'm good.
      [OGL]Nylanfs: Hmm, sounds like a good title :)
      [Admin]Drew4: I think we had two open agenda items... Eddy?
      [Chair]Eddy: I don't recall, what were they
      [Admin]Drew4: Going BETA and Website concerns
      [Admin]Drew4: Plus we did halt the discussion during the reports
      [Arch_SB]thpr: AFAIK, we addressed the beta thing during James' report
      [Chair]Eddy: Right, that was about Linux installers
      [Arch_SB]thpr: that's the arch opinion anyway
      [Chair]Eddy: I agree
      irc: [Admin]Drew2 has left pcgen
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      irc: [Admin]Drew4 has joined pcgen
      [Chair]Eddy: How many of you are there Andrew? ;-)
      [Admin]Drew4: Yeah, Beta is delayed... so that agenda item is good...
      [Admin]Drew4: I'm wondering that myself
      [OGL]Nylanfs: That just lets him get more work for PCGen done :)
      irc: [Admin]Drew4 has left pcgen
      irc: [Admin]Drew4 has joined pcgen
      [Chair]Eddy: The website was also discussed... we need Kar to breakout the
      ninja monkeys and russell up the volunteers
      [Arch_SB]thpr: I've tried to tell him there isn't a vote this evening...
      [Admin]Drew4: Darn it...
      [Admin]Drew4: I was hoping to stuff the ballot box tonight
      [Admin]Drew4: Hopefully this internet fiasco will be resolved when I get in
      my new house
      [Chair]Eddy: The issue's with Linus installers is technical, doesn't need to
      happen now
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: Like I said, I'm a little disheartened and disappointed.
      The volunteers seem to have disappeared
      [Admin]Drew4: I say we have a Website Pow-wow after we go Beta
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: Do any of the BoD have a preference for CMS used?
      [Admin]Drew4: Get everyone together and form a plan of action on getting the
      website moving in the proper direction.
      [Chair]Eddy: What is CMS?
      [Admin]Drew4: It's the module system to make everything work
      [Arch_SB]thpr: Content Management System
      [Admin]Drew4: Mail and Forum handlers and such
      [Code_SB]james: I've used Joomla - it's not too bad
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: Content Management System, like Drupal or Joomla
      [Code_SB]james: but I have no objections to Drupal either - heard it has
      nicer code to work with
      [Chair]Eddy: Afraid I'm too ignorant to have a preference
      [OGL]Nylanfs: Likewise
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: ok
      irc: [Admin]Drew4 has left pcgen
      [Arch_SB]thpr: I think either would work
      [Arch_SB]thpr: we should use the one where we can find folks who know it
      [Arch_SB]thpr: (if possible)
      irc: [Admin]Drew3 has left pcgen
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: If anyone else has any ideas, I'm open
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: Is it worth setting up a website team mailing list?
      irc: [Admin]Drew5 has joined pcgen
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: wb Andrew, I was asking if it's worth setting up a website
      team mailing list?
      [Admin]Drew5: Sorry guys, I'm tired of trying to reconnect... If you need
      something from me let me know... otherwise I'm calling it a night
      [OGL]Nylanfs: Isn't it already from the website? :)
      [Admin]Drew5: Sure, we have one though
      [Admin]Drew5: but only those who've gone to the website
      [Admin]Drew5: can access it
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: Only if you subscribe from the test website, and I'm not
      sure all the volunteers have
      [Admin]Drew5: Did you want a yahoo group?
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: Plus I'd like something more reliable than the test
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: That's my opinion anyway
      [Admin]Drew5: Sure, let's set up a Website Yahoo group team... Eddy can you
      handle it?
      [Admin]Drew5: Hello?
      [Admin]Drew5: Bueller?
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: yeah, everyone seems to have gone quiet
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: but Eddy did say he had to go at right on the hour
      [Admin]Drew5: I thought my connection had died for the umpteeth time
      [Admin]Drew5: Tom?
      jfrazierjr: here...
      [Chair]Eddy: Sorry, here
      [Arch_SB]thpr: here
      [Chair]Eddy: Yes, I can handle that
      [Admin]Drew5: Ok... Eddy, if you don't mind, can you set up a PCGen Webteam
      [Chair]Eddy: YUp
      [Admin]Drew5: Thanks... Tom, sorry I was going to ask if you could do it if
      Eddy was gone
      [Admin]Drew5: Does that cover everything?
      [Code_SB]james: I'm good
      [Chair]Eddy: I'm good, thanks for tuning in Andrew
      [Code_SB]james: Main thing for me was that everyone was comfortable going to
      beta this week
      [Admin]Drew5: Cool... I'm calling it a night then... Thanks guys... Good
      night and see you at the next meeting...
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: night
      [Chair]Eddy: night
      irc: [Admin]Drew5 has left pcgen
      irc: [Arch_SB]thpr has left pcgen
      [Chair]Eddy: ANyone else have a topic?
      [Web_2nd]Anestis: not that I can think of
      jfrazierjr: Just verify SERVESAS
      [Chair]Eddy: Shall we call it a night then?
      [OGL]Nylanfs: Yea, I gotta get to bed also :)
      [OGL]Nylanfs: Stupid time change
      [Code_SB]james: Joe, what did you need to know about SERVESAS?
      irc: jfrazierjr has left pcgen
      irc: cpmeister has left pcgen
      [Chair]Eddy: Guess it can wait
      [Code_SB]james: Apparently :)
      [Chair]Eddy: Thanks for showing up everyone
      irc: [OGL]Nylanfs has left pcgen
      [Chair]Eddy: *bangs gavel*
      [Chair]Eddy: Night all
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