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Re: [pcgen] BoD Log 1/21/08

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  • Terry FitzSimons
    I wonder if its possible to run up a code that someone could download to monitor their use of PcGen for the purpose of figuring out five or six stripped down
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 24, 2008
      I wonder if its possible to run up a code that someone could download to
      monitor their use of PcGen for the purpose of figuring out five or six
      stripped down versions (3e (With and Without Some or All Datasets), 35e
      (W\Wout Datasets), Deadlands, Legends_of_Excalibur, Modern (W\Wout
      Datasets), Sidewinder, Spycraft, Xcrawl (W\Wout Datasets)) that could
      become the standard available downloads on the web site with the full
      package still available on Sourceforge.

      Web Site location for those that are interested in viewing:

      On Mon, 21 Jan 2008 22:42:40 -0500, Eddy Anthony <eddyba@...>
      Been trimmed to the area being questioned
      >[Web_2nd]Anestis: There is something else I wanted to ask
      >[Web_2nd]Anestis: How big in size is the current PCGen release to download,
      >including all the data sets?
      >[Chair]Eddy: 27mb?
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: something on that order
      >[Web_2nd]Anestis: That is fairly big
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: yea, we don't want to be providing the download service from
      >our website
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: we'd die of bandwidth cost
      >[Web_2nd]Anestis: Has there been consideration given to releasing a basic
      >PCGen package, only having 3.0/3.5 and Modern?
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: I don't think data is the volume issue
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: is it?
      >[Chair]Eddy: no
      >Fitzs: 25,256kb for the zip
      >[Chair]Eddy: I must fess up
      >[Chair]Eddy: I'm guilty of some bloat
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: Eddy: I'm totally unsure if that's in context or designed as
      >a joke on your own waistline
      >[Chair]Eddy: that Fantasy Character Sheet with the graphics probably added a
      >coulple of megs
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: ah
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: ;)
      >[Chair]Eddy: LOL
      >[Chair]Eddy: the waist could use some reduction too
      >[Web_2nd]Anestis: It's just I was thinking we could offer a basic download
      >package, just PCgen with 3.0/3.5/Modern, and have available for downlaod any
      >other extra datasets people might want
      >[PR_SB]Maredudd: With the data set installation feature James added, that
      >would work . . .
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: Better 'press' for the content owners to ship it all at once
      >[Chair]Eddy: Yeah, that does open up some possibilities there
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: Given that data isn't driving the volume, I'm not sure why
      >we'd hold back
      >[PR_SB]Maredudd: I'll agree with that . . . :-)
      >[PR_SB]Maredudd: The better press part . . .
      >[Chair]Eddy: I'd say all the data should stay
      >[Web_2nd]Anestis: As I said, it was just a thought
      >[Chair]Eddy: extra stuff like my bloat sheet could be done separatly
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: Eddy: Interesting point, we should probably FREQ being able
      >to download plugins and OS as well as new data
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: Anestis: Good idea to be thinking about the size - we
      >probably can make a smaller package to ship
      >[Chair]Eddy: The installer handles that just fine now, it just gives a
      >message if the item is outside the data folder
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: I was referring more to having a menu in PCGen that says
      >"fetch more output sheets online"
      >[Chair]Eddy: ah yes
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: and putting big or obscure ones on the site
      >[Chair]Eddy: I'm all for that
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: could do the same with plugins
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: Actually that's another web site idea
      >[Web_2nd]Anestis: How much does GMGen add to PCGen?
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: let people upload output sheets
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: and then produce a snapshot/sample of what they look like
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: and give others the ability to download them
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: Anestis: probably not much, but the challenge there is that
      >it's not a true plugin
      >[Web_2nd]Anestis: ahhh
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: There are core dependencies on GMGen
      >[PR_SB]Maredudd: Will those core dependancies hold in 6.0?
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: (the issue is that the Plugin System is based on the GMGen
      >Bus, which is part of GMGen, so without GMGen, no plugins)
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: Maybe
      >[PR_SB]Maredudd: So GMGEN is a core capability that is released with the
      >rest of the program . . .
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: that code needs to be restructured, and the Bus is a large
      >candidate to be moved out of the GMGen package and back into core
      >[PR_SB]Maredudd: Other plugins can be added as the user requires/desires
      >tham . ..
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: so the function won't change, but the GMGen core may get a
      >bit lighter and the core a bit heavier - just reorganization
      >[Arch_SB]thpr: something like that, yes
      >[PR_SB]Maredudd: Cool . ..
      >[Web_2nd]Anestis: Anyway, that's all from me. Next! :-/
      >[Chair]Eddy: anyone else got a topic?
      >[PR_SB]Maredudd: No tonight . . . Next time . . . :-)

      Terry FitzSimons
      FITZSIMONS@...(Small Letters Only)

      Data Lemur, Docs Gibbon
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