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BoD Log 12-3-2007

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  • Andrew Maitland
    [17:59] [Chair]Eddy: OK, I have 9pm, lets begin *bangs the banana gavel* [17:59] [Admin_SB]Andrew: ook! [17:59] [Chair]Eddy: We ve got Code, Arch, Admin and
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2007
      [17:59] [Chair]Eddy: OK, I have 9pm, lets begin *bangs the banana gavel*
      [17:59] [Admin_SB]Andrew: ook!
      [17:59] [Chair]Eddy: We've got Code, Arch, Admin and I'm standing in for
      [17:59] [Chair]Eddy: Here's a brief content report
      [18:00] [Chair]Eddy: Data bugs: 2 for 5.14, 2 are unaasigned
      [18:00] [Chair]Eddy: Data FREQs: 6 for 5.14, all are unassigned
      [18:00] [Chair]Eddy: Doc bugs: 4 for 5.14, all unassigned
      [18:00] [Chair]Eddy: Doc FREQs: 11 for 5.14, 2 unassigned
      [18:00] [Chair]Eddy: OS Bugs: 4 for 5.14, all are unassigned
      [18:00] [Chair]Eddy: OS FREQs: 16 for 5.14, 12 unassigned
      [18:00] [Chair]Eddy: Data Source Development: 5 for 5.14
      [18:01] [Chair]Eddy: Most of the trackers look like they will be done
      [18:01] [Chair]Eddy: I'm only worried about the tricker job of keeping
      up with th code changes
      [18:01] [Chair]Eddy: but things are looking good
      [18:01] [Chair]Eddy: Questions for content?
      [18:02] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Yup
      [18:02] [Chair]Eddy: ask away
      [18:02] [Admin_SB]Andrew: But unfortunately Tir isn't here... We have
      two Freqs I think we'll be pushing back. But it depends on Tir.
      [18:02] [Chair]Eddy: which ones?
      [18:03] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Uh, hold on and I'll get them.... go ahead and
      continue while I look.. :)
      [18:03] [Chair]Eddy: Arcanis overhaul and Aura strengths?
      [18:04] [Chair]Eddy: or the inherent stat bonus thing
      [18:04] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Inherent Stat Bonus
      [18:04] [Admin_SB]Andrew: and Auras,
      [18:04] [Admin_SB]Andrew: I'm not sure about the Arcanis overhaul
      [18:05] [Chair]Eddy: Yeah, I don't see those as part of the goals of
      this cycle. They can be completed whenever someone gets to them
      [18:05] [Admin_SB]Andrew: I did speak with the Arcanis overhaul and he
      was working on it.
      [18:05] [Chair]Eddy: same with Arcanis
      [18:05] [Admin_SB]Andrew: So, is okay if we push those back for 6.0 then
      unless picked up by a lst monkey?
      [18:06] [Chair]Eddy: thats fine
      [18:06] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Okay, that's my questions for now. :)
      [18:06] [Chair]Eddy: So far the data stuff I think should be for 5.12
      are this:
      [18:06] [Chair]Eddy: Some good work with Ability objects
      [18:07] [Chair]Eddy: and updating the data for the token deprecations
      [18:07] [Chair]Eddy: we need to get at least the core sets to load clean
      [18:07] [Chair]Eddy: I'd like all the sets to load clean if we have the time
      [18:07] [Chair]Eddy: And we need to finish any Ability object conversion
      we start
      [18:08] [Chair]Eddy: Tir seems in the middle of that now
      [18:08] [Admin_SB]Andrew: We have MSRD occupations that is on hold till 6.0
      [18:08] *** [OGL]Nylanfs has joined #pcgen.
      [18:08] [OGL]Nylanfs: Ook
      [18:08] [Chair]Eddy: Any data work not falling in these groups can be
      done as they are done but don't hold up the release
      [18:08] [Chair]Eddy: Hi Paul
      [18:08] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Hi Paul
      [18:09] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Paul - I'll send you what you've missed
      [18:09] [Chair]Eddy: Eric can get online right now so you've got the PL
      [18:09] [Code_SB]james: That sounds like a good plan to me Eddy
      [18:09] [Chair]Eddy: OK, any other questions?
      [18:10] [Admin_SB]Andrew: looks good
      [18:10] [Chair]Eddy: Shall we move to Code?
      [18:10] [Chair]Eddy: James you got the floor
      [18:10] [Code_SB]james: Code Report
      [18:10] [Code_SB]james: 7 freqs closed. 5 open for 5.14, all assigned, 2
      under discussion
      [18:10] [Code_SB]james: 2 bugs closed. 34 open for 5.14, of which 10 are
      [18:10] [Code_SB]james: 0 plugin freqs closed. 1 open for 5.14, unassigned
      [18:10] [Code_SB]james: 0 plugin bugs closed, 7 open for 5.14, of which
      3 are assigned
      [18:11] [Code_SB]james: Those stats on closed items are since the last
      BoD meeting
      [18:13] [Chair]Eddy: Looks like you are close to closing out all the freqs
      [18:13] [Code_SB]james: Yes, I'm quite pleased with the progress on the
      feature requests - they seem to have surged ahead in the last couple fo
      weeks after languishing for a while. Thanks to Joe for his help there
      and to Andrew and Eric for keeping up the enthusiasm and feedback
      [18:13] [Chair]Eddy: here here
      [18:14] [Chair]Eddy: Cool, any questions for James
      [18:15] [Code_SB]james: We still have a couple of things under
      discussion that are on the 5.14 list though - I think a focus on getting
      those discussions wrapped up in the next two weeks would be enormously
      [18:15] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Nope, he's been very receptive to our ideas
      and thoughts.
      [18:15] [Code_SB]james: I have a question for everyone else :)
      [18:15] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Agreed
      [18:15] [Code_SB]james: [ 1612795 ] Eliminate Hard Coding of Hit Dice -
      seems straight forward - any objections to it going ahead immediately?
      [18:15] [Arch_SB]thpr: no
      [18:15] [Admin_SB]Andrew: no
      [18:16] [Code_SB]james: with the proposed syntax that is.
      [18:16] [Chair]Eddy: It doesn't require a data change other than to the
      gameMode right?
      [18:16] [Code_SB]james: That's right
      [18:16] [Chair]Eddy: I don't see any problem with that
      [18:17] [Code_SB]james: Excellent. You ok with implementing that Joe?
      [18:17] jfrazierjr: I am...
      [18:18] [Code_SB]james: BTW: I'm thinking that the fallback to the
      default gamemode is unnecessary complexity and just an error message if
      it is mising will be sufficient
      [18:18] jfrazierjr: busy week at work and home, so probably be late this
      week or early next...
      [18:18] [Code_SB]james: That'll be great
      [18:19] [Chair]Eddy: Shall we move on to Arch?
      [18:19] [Admin_SB]Andrew: yup
      [18:19] [Arch_SB]thpr: okay...
      [18:19] [Code_SB]james: Yep, I'm done.
      [18:19] [Chair]Eddy: Tom, you got the floor
      [18:19] [Arch_SB]thpr: I just posted a followup on PROFICIENCY to
      _experimental talking about those issues
      [18:20] [Arch_SB]thpr: still some things for the data folks to think about
      [18:20] [Arch_SB]thpr: ADDPROF got a positive vote, so that can be removed
      [18:20] [Arch_SB]thpr: I believe I have a solution to AUTO:FEAT and
      FEATAUTO: that I will post to _experimental once I can type it out
      [18:21] [Chair]Eddy: Is this for the CLEARALL problem?
      [18:21] [Arch_SB]thpr: General gist is: FEATAUTO: comes out in 5.13
      [18:21] [Arch_SB]thpr: AUTO:FEAT supports .CLEAR, but shares .CLEAR
      [18:21] [Arch_SB]thpr: basically, yes
      [18:21] [Chair]Eddy: looking forward to it :)
      [18:22] [Arch_SB]thpr: and I can detect and therefore not produce the
      problem from PRELEVEL cross-level interaction
      [18:22] [Arch_SB]thpr: so I will try to type that up tonight if we don't
      run too late, otherwise Wed evening
      [18:22] [Chair]Eddy: OK
      [18:22] [Arch_SB]thpr: That leaves CHOOSE fixes
      [18:22] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Yes... much confusion over that...
      [18:22] [Arch_SB]thpr: both the trailing number (which I don't believe
      has a tracker yet)
      [18:22] [Arch_SB]thpr: which is a code bug
      [18:23] [Arch_SB]thpr: and then there is confusion over EqMod vs. non-EqMod
      [18:23] [Arch_SB]thpr: that needs clearing up
      [18:23] [Arch_SB]thpr: and then I still would like opinions on my 6.0
      CHOOSE proposal
      [18:23] [Arch_SB]thpr: (which should give you what is needed to solve
      the Tenacious Magic issue)
      [18:24] [Chair]Eddy: Looks like we will need something in the doc on the
      CHOOSE page indicating there is a difference in format for EQMOD vs non
      [18:24] [Chair]Eddy: Question: is a trailing number going to be part of
      the syntax?
      [18:24] [Arch_SB]thpr: yes, I think that's appropriate, but I think we
      (code/arch) owe the data & doc folks the list first
      [18:25] [Arch_SB]thpr: trailing number seems to have been accidentally
      removed (thus a code bug) and thus should be in the syntax of all (or at
      least all non-EqMod) CHOOSES
      [18:25] [Admin_SB]Andrew: I can tracker that Tom
      [18:25] [Chair]Eddy: I agree it is something we need, we have several
      instances of abilities which more than one choice per pool point
      [18:25] [Arch_SB]thpr: (I need to check on whether it belongs in the
      EqMod ones, because those are often triggered in different places)
      [18:25] [Chair]Eddy: that's what it addresses right?
      [18:26] [Arch_SB]thpr: the EqMod vs. Non-EqMod is really a doc cleanup
      issue to identify what is legal in what file and to identify that
      EqMod's CHOOSE arguments are title as the first arg
      [18:26] [Arch_SB]thpr: I don't think that's related to the trailing
      number bug
      [18:26] [Arch_SB]thpr: unless I'm missing something
      [18:27] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Is the trailing number relevant for EQMOD
      chooses Tom?
      [18:27] [Code_SB]james: EQMod chooses have their own code too, so they
      won't be affecting the trailing number issue
      [18:27] [Arch_SB]thpr: Andrew: I think James is correct (meaning no),
      but I will probably check anyway, just to make sure there isn't shared code
      [18:28] [Admin_SB]Andrew: ok... just setting up the tracker now...
      [18:28] [Arch_SB]thpr: thanks
      [18:28] [Chair]Eddy: Tom, if there is no trailing number will a default
      of 1 be assumed?
      [18:28] [Chair]Eddy: or is the number required?
      [18:28] [Arch_SB]thpr: I'm not sure that's safe
      [18:29] [Arch_SB]thpr: consider: CHOOSE:NUMBER|5|4|3|2
      [18:29] [Arch_SB]thpr: what does the LST coder mean?
      [18:29] [Arch_SB]thpr: I think it has to be required
      [18:29] [Chair]Eddy: point taken
      [18:29] [Chair]Eddy: OK
      [18:29] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Yeah, agreed
      [18:30] [Arch_SB]thpr: On the other hand, there is probably a lot of LST
      files without
      [18:30] [Code_SB]james: It'll be a big conversion task
      [18:30] [Arch_SB]thpr: and I'm also proposing a CHOOSE change in 6.0
      [18:30] [Arch_SB]thpr: so now that I think about it, we will assume 1
      [18:30] [Code_SB]james: Maybe apart from CHOOSE:NUMBER?
      [18:30] [Arch_SB]thpr: and let the ambiguous situations stand in 5.14
      and resolve those in 6.0
      [18:31] [Chair]Eddy: I'm confused, what has been the standard up to now?
      [18:31] [Arch_SB]thpr: well, one could also cause problems in
      CHOOSE:STRING, since theoretically one could use numbers as strings
      [18:31] [Arch_SB]thpr: bus basically I think those are the only two that
      can cause problems
      [18:32] [Arch_SB]thpr: Eddy: Seems to be a mixed standard
      [18:32] [Arch_SB]thpr: perhaps some CHOOSES used to support it and some
      [18:32] [Admin_SB]Andrew: And to clarify CHOOSE:STRING|Blah,Foo,Bar|1
      translates to CHOOSE:YourTitle|Blah,Foo,Bar|1, correct?
      [18:32] [Arch_SB]thpr: but the current LST files are half and half, not
      sure if there is a pattern to the trailing numbers
      [18:33] [Arch_SB]thpr: hold on one sec
      [18:34] [Arch_SB]thpr: Andrew: First, CHOOSE:STRING is | delimited not ,
      [18:34] [Admin_SB]Andrew: --Paul you get the catch up email I sent earlier??
      [18:34] [Arch_SB]thpr: which is part of the trailing | problem
      [18:35] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Tom - Oh, I saw the discussion or proposal and
      it had , delimiter
      [18:35] [Admin_SB]Andrew: instead of |
      [18:35] [Arch_SB]thpr: well, the docs read |
      [18:35] [Arch_SB]thpr: the 6.0 proposal may be ,
      [18:35] [Arch_SB]thpr: We'll need to check that
      [18:35] [Arch_SB]thpr: make sure it's consistent in code & docs
      [18:36] [OGL]Nylanfs: Send to yahoo address?
      [18:36] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Oh ok... thanks. CHOOSE has been a hassle
      figuring out what is working currently.
      [18:36] [Arch_SB]thpr: anyway, CHOOSE:YourTitle|Blah,Foo,Bar|1 would
      work for EqMods
      [18:36] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Paul - YES
      [18:36] [OGL]Nylanfs: I see it
      [18:36] [Arch_SB]thpr: and CHOOSE:STRING|Blah,Foo,Bar|1 wouldn't
      [18:37] [Arch_SB]thpr: so I'm confused... let's close on that outside
      the BoD meeting, if necessary
      [18:37] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Agreed...
      [18:37] [Arch_SB]thpr: don't want to tie this forum up
      [18:37] [Chair]Eddy: OK, lets move on the Admin
      [18:37] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Okay, sorry but my part is very short compared
      to everyone else.
      [18:37] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Admin Report:
      [18:38] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Website: I got the password and site details
      from Koen. Otherwise we aren't moving much here. I think a general
      announcement to get the volunteers back up will be required...
      [18:39] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Website 2nd: Koen has turned down the position
      due to RL and a lack of being able to commit the required time.
      [18:40] [Admin_SB]Andrew: I'm considering Eric... :) - However, I think
      pulling him away from docs would be bad. I'm open to suggestions for the
      [18:40] [Chair]Eddy: I think you should open it up to the community
      [18:40] [Chair]Eddy: like you said make a general announcement
      [18:40] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Trackers - Yes, we've been closing and moving
      plenty of trackers. Not much to say here. Looking Awesome guys, good work.
      [18:41] [Chair]Eddy: we're looking for folks to work on it and someone
      to be on the board
      [18:41] [Admin_SB]Andrew: OKay, sounds good. I'll do that after the
      meeting. :)
      [18:42] [Admin_SB]Andrew: I've been assisting closing trackers in
      Bugs/FREQs for the Data team and coordinating with Eddy on resolving
      other code/data related issues.
      [18:43] [Admin_SB]Andrew: RELEASE: I think our next release is in a
      week... I'll turn Release over to the Release 2nd for any comments....
      [18:43] [Admin_SB]Andrew: James?
      [18:44] [Chair]Eddy: One thing for release, we go the go for the Secular
      Games set that we moved last time, hopefully RPGO will not be far behind
      [18:44] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Excellent news.
      [18:45] [Code_SB]james: Yeah, last release went smoothly apart from the
      delay for the three data sets.
      [18:45] [Code_SB]james: Next release will be a shorter one to catch up,
      so release on Dec 16th or 17th
      [18:46] [Admin_SB]Andrew: 17th if you want me to handle the notes
      again... :)
      [18:46] [Code_SB]james: Ok, 17th then
      [18:46] [Chair]Eddy: You think we'll have a longer period between
      releases due to the holidays?
      [18:46] [Chair]Eddy: like we're planning for the BoD meetings?
      [18:47] [Code_SB]james: I'l be availabel to do one on th 30th, but we
      can decide if there is enough content to justify one
      [18:47] [Admin_SB]Andrew: I'd say only if we haven't had any commits...
      We should get the next one out on the 17th for the inclusion of the new
      [18:47] [Chair]Eddy: agreed
      [18:47] [Code_SB]james: Agreed
      [18:48] [Chair]Eddy: Anything else from Admin?
      [18:48] [Admin_SB]Andrew: OKay, 17th, and next after should be the 30th
      unless no significant content has been added.
      [18:48] [Admin_SB]Andrew: I think that concludes Admin side. Any questions?
      [18:49] [Chair]Eddy: Alright, let's skip the PR report since Eric is not
      with us and I don't want to put Paul on the spot :)
      [18:49] [Chair]Eddy: and go to agenda items
      [18:49] [Admin_SB]Andrew: I can sorta wing it
      [18:49] [Admin_SB]Andrew: for Eric
      [18:49] [OGL]Nylanfs: Only thing I have is Secular Games
      [18:49] [OGL]Nylanfs: And Eric has a couple Proposals that he posted and
      wanted feedback on on the BoD list
      [18:50] [Chair]Eddy: I had 4 items, 3 of these are Eric's proposals
      [18:50] [Chair]Eddy: 1) PL Source Tab enhancement proposal.
      [18:50] [Chair]Eddy: 2) Proposed Change to PCGen's Data Inclusion Policy.
      [18:50] [Chair]Eddy: 3) Out-of-Cycle Dataset Proposal.
      [18:50] [Chair]Eddy: 4) Website, I think we've covered this one as much
      as we can at the moment
      [18:51] [Admin_SB]Andrew: *AEG Feats approved - sent a request for the
      3.5 conversion as well.
      [18:51] [Chair]Eddy: Cool, I'm working on that now BTW
      [18:51] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Cool, I have 3.5 stuff in the set, so it
      should be an easy conversion.
      [18:52] [Chair]Eddy: bought the PDF so I could get some source questions
      [18:53] [Admin_SB]Andrew: ok, well looks like most of Eric is covered
      here then... We are also working to get the Forged In Magic set
      [18:54] [Code_SB]james: Eddy did we want to discuss the 3 items in
      Eric's absence. I can talk to #3 if needed. Mostly I think Eric was
      after feedback, so him being unable to attend shouldn't be too much of
      an issue
      [18:54] [Chair]Eddy: With Eric not here I'm not sure what needs to be
      discussed about items 1 and 2, let's look at 3 first
      [18:54] [Chair]Eddy: beat me to the type :)
      [18:55] [Chair]Eddy: OK, what's involved in that proposal
      [18:55] [Code_SB]james: quick summary - give users a menu item to
      install a set they have downloaded that was produced after a release but
      still compatible with the release
      [18:56] [Code_SB]james: 5.14 -propose to limit fucntionality to adding
      sets to the data directories only (data and vendordata).
      [18:57] [Chair]Eddy: So they won't need to know where it goes in the
      program, they just choose it and PCGen copies it in?
      [18:57] [Code_SB]james: 6.0 or later allow game mode and other system
      file updates (output sheets etc)
      [18:57] [Code_SB]james: Pretty much
      [18:57] [Code_SB]james: PCGen wouldn't download it, but would do the install
      [18:57] [Chair]Eddy: And we have some sort of pcc tag to say what
      version it runs in?
      [18:57] [Code_SB]james: I think this is doable from a code persepctive
      and has no CDOM impact
      [18:58] [Code_SB]james: Yes - MINVER:5.14
      [18:58] [OGL]Nylanfs: ?
      [18:58] [OGL]Nylanfs: Never seen that tag, cool
      [18:58] [Chair]Eddy: Has no impact on content since it would only be
      future datasets we would need to add the tag to
      [18:59] [Code_SB]james: but that would be in a new file which only
      occurs as part of a data release archive
      [18:59] [Code_SB]james: Yep
      [18:59] [Chair]Eddy: Would it allow importing sets with the tag, with
      perhaps a warning?
      [18:59] [OGL]Nylanfs: Be nice if PCGen could access the SVN directly and
      update data :)
      [18:59] [Chair]Eddy: the import function is usefull in and of itself
      [18:59] [Admin_SB]Andrew: oh a freq.... :)
      [19:00] [Code_SB]james: That could be include in the 6.0 stuff Paul
      [19:00] [Chair]Eddy: I know it's a pain to explain how to get into the
      Mac app
      [19:00] [Chair]Eddy: Devon proposed something like that a while back
      [19:00] [OGL]Nylanfs: Would we need different installers for different OS's?
      [19:00] [Chair]Eddy: This seems like the foundation of that
      [19:00] [Code_SB]james: Eddy - no, I'd recommend against that. Having
      5.14 as in version would mean that it needs syntax that was only
      introduced in 5.14
      [19:01] [Code_SB]james: @Paul - no, only the one package and the code
      sorts out the rest - we arre talkin a very simple process. However we
      would need to tets on our regualr platforms
      [19:03] [Chair]Eddy: James, your proposal timetable for the 5.14 and 6.0
      parts look very reasonable to me. I'm all for it
      [19:03] [Code_SB]james: Yeah I think this was first proposed by Devon -
      I'm championing it curently :)
      [19:04] [Chair]Eddy: Anyone see any issues with it?
      [19:04] [Code_SB]james: Shall I post a syntax and archive format
      proposal to experimental and link to it from the dev list?
      [19:04] [Chair]Eddy: Please do
      [19:04] [Admin_SB]Andrew: sounds good
      [19:06] [Code_SB]james: OK, I think that is #3 wrapped up
      [19:06] [Chair]Eddy: James, I see no problem moving forward with it
      [19:06] [OGL]Nylanfs: Hmm found a bug
      [19:08] [Chair]Eddy: As for #1 and #2 do we want to take it up tonight?
      [19:08] [Admin_SB]Andrew: 1 I know about
      [19:08] [Code_SB]james: Likewise
      [19:09] [Chair]Eddy: Eric posted to the main list but got no reply
      [19:09] [Chair]Eddy: I think it's pretty solid
      [19:09] [Admin_SB]Andrew: I spoke with him about it off-list
      [19:09] [OGL]Nylanfs: so did I
      [19:09] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Agreed
      [19:10] [Chair]Eddy: James, do you know what parts you want on the raodmap?
      [19:11] [Code_SB]james: The new tags for images should eb fine for 5.14.
      The GUI revamp I think needs more discussion as I think it could be time
      to redesign the sources tab - I think it is currently a big hurdle for
      new users
      [19:11] [Code_SB]james: So the GUI revamp can be 5.0
      [19:11] [Code_SB]james: or 6.0 even :)
      [19:12] [Chair]Eddy: So the hyperlink tags won't be a problem?
      [19:13] [Code_SB]james: No I think they should be fine. Tis might work
      in well with Joe's proposal to tidy up the info panels too
      [19:13] [OGL]Nylanfs: Can we have multiple IMAGE: tags for the *.pcc?
      [19:13] [OGL]Nylanfs: On the sources tab I have a proposal
      [19:14] [Chair]Eddy: Paul, I'd wait and incorporate multiple images in
      6.0 with the GUI change
      [19:14] [Code_SB]james: Agreed - little steps for this release
      [19:14] [Chair]Eddy: the COVER tag we have now is adiquite for 5.14
      [19:14] [OGL]Nylanfs: Is it cover or image? I forget even though I used
      it for my work in progress
      [19:14] [Chair]Eddy: And we can put multiple pictures in a single image
      file if needed
      [19:14] [OGL]Nylanfs: :)
      [19:15] [OGL]Nylanfs: That's true
      [19:15] [Chair]Eddy: it's COVER
      [19:16] [OGL]Nylanfs: On the Sources tab we should add text in large and
      bold at the top of the left pane. "Availible Sources", on the left have
      either "Loaded Sources" or "Selected Sources", Selected might be better
      [19:16] [Chair]Eddy: OK so what we need it to propose some syntax at
      experimental for discription and the hyperlink tags
      [19:17] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Sounds like a plan...
      [19:17] [Chair]Eddy: James, got anything in mind you think would work best?
      [19:17] [Code_SB]james: Nothing in particular
      [19:18] [Admin_SB]Andrew: For the hyperlink tag? How about WEBLINK
      [19:18] [Admin_SB]Andrew: or PUBLINK?
      [19:18] [Code_SB]james: Let's take that to EXP
      [19:18] [OGL]Nylanfs: sounds logical :)
      [19:18] [Admin_SB]Andrew: ok
      [19:19] [Chair]Eddy: My first thought was to use standard html so you
      could have a line of text and only certain words would be links
      [19:19] [Chair]Eddy: you could also then have multiple links on a single
      [19:19] [Chair]Eddy: would that work?
      [19:20] [Code_SB]james: It would, butthen formatting of the pane would
      be controlled in data - pros and cons
      [19:20] [Code_SB]james: il8n for instance
      [19:21] [Chair]Eddy: OK, yes this is getting into nuts and bolts, lets
      take it to the list
      [19:21] [Admin_SB]Andrew: So that leaves Eric's #2 proposal....
      [19:22] [Chair]Eddy: Anyone care to comment on #2) Proposed Change to
      PCGen's Data Inclusion Policy?
      [19:22] [Admin_SB]Andrew: I think it looked sound.
      [19:22] [Chair]Eddy: same here
      [19:22] [Arch_SB]thpr: ditto
      [19:25] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Are we moving into open forum?
      [19:26] [Chair]Eddy: OK, we'll tell Eric to move forward with that if
      there are no objections
      [19:26] [Admin_SB]Andrew: No objections
      [19:26] [Chair]Eddy: and yes, lets open the floor
      [19:26] [Admin_SB]Andrew: okay me quick since wife is setting diner on
      [19:27] [Admin_SB]Andrew: International Community - Are we meeting their
      needs? I haven't seen any international stuff in a long while on the
      main lists.
      [19:28] [Arch_SB]thpr: There are i18n issues we need to look at in the
      5.15 cycle
      [19:28] [Arch_SB]thpr: in prep for 6.0
      [19:28] [Arch_SB]thpr: but the focus has been on the 5.13 tokens
      [19:29] [Admin_SB]Andrew: Ok, I'll be away from keyboard --- I'll post
      the log again. :)
      [19:30] [Admin_SB]Andrew: When the meeting is done.
      [19:30] [Chair]Eddy: Can't say I know much about il8n issues
      [19:31] [Chair]Eddy: anny other comments on it?
      [19:31] [Code_SB]james: None - just to agreed with Tom's assessment
      [19:32] [Chair]Eddy: Any other topics?
      [19:32] [Code_SB]james: None here
      [19:33] [OGL]Nylanfs: I can't think of any more
      [19:33] [Chair]Eddy: OK, I'll call this one done, thanks for being here
      [19:33] [Arch_SB]thpr: none from me
      [19:33] [Code_SB]james: Thanks Eddy
      [19:34] [Code_SB]james: bye everyone
      [19:34] [Chair]Eddy: welcome
      [19:34] [Arch_SB]thpr: 'night all
      [19:34] [Chair]Eddy: night
      [19:34] *** [Arch_SB]thpr has left #pcgen.
      [19:34] *** [Code_SB]james has left #pcgen.
      [19:34] *** Maredudd has joined #pcgen.
      [19:35] jfrazierjr: Hey Eric..
      [19:35] *** Maredudd is now known as [PR_SB]Maredudd.
      [19:35] [PR_SB]Maredudd: I'm Back Online!!!!
      [19:35] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Did I iss th meeting?
      [19:35] [Chair]Eddy: Hi Eric
      [19:35] [Chair]Eddy: by 30 second even
      [19:36] [PR_SB]Maredudd: Hi folks!

      ~ Andrew Maitland (LegacyKing)
      ~ Admin Silverback, PCGen Board of Directors
      ~ Data Gibbon, Tracker Gibbon, Docs Lemur
      "Quick-Silverback Tracker Monkey"

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