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Re: [pcgen] PR Proposal

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  • Eric C Smith
    A quick note . . . The BoD is currently considering this proposal and would like the PCGen communities comments. Eric Smith PR Silverback
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 28, 2007
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      A quick note . . .

      The BoD is currently considering this proposal and would like the
      PCGen communities comments.

      Eric Smith
      PR Silverback

      On Nov 28, 2007, at 8:25 AM, Eric C Smith wrote:
      > Greetings Folks!
      > In the interest of providing greater support for the publishers that
      > have provided PCGen with permissions to include datasets based upon
      > their material, I put forward the following proposal:
      > Item 1, Part A - PCGen shall approach all publishers who currently
      > have sources, in the form of PCGen datasets, distributed by PCGen
      > with an offer to include Cover Art/Company Logo with the datasets
      > based upon their source material. This artwork shall be displayed in
      > the Source Info Panel.
      > Item 1, Part B - The message will also include a summary of
      > additional advertising features which we are currently working on and
      > will, with the publishers permissions, be added as soon as the
      > capability has been implemented within PCGen. These additional
      > features will include active hyperlinks, to the publisher's website,
      > a PCGen Customer Survey, Amazon.Com's Associate Program, and
      > OneBookShelf.Com (DriveThruRPG and RPGNow) Affiliate Program, and a
      > product description (DESC tag in the PCC file), all to be displayed
      > in the Source Info Panel. Specific wording within PCGen concerning
      > hyperlinks to commerce sites will be clearly identified as such.
      > Note: The e-commerce links will require that additional information
      > be included in the hyperlink text. In the case of DruveThruRPG, it is
      > a name-value pair for the Affiliate_ID number. (see additional info
      > below for a link to the site for this program.)
      > Item 1, Roadmap - PCGen 5.14
      > Item 2 - The Source Tab GUI redesign to allow the Source Info Pane a
      > more prominent location to accommodate new advertising features.
      > Item 2, Roadmap - PCGen 6.0
      > Item 3 - That PCGen sign-up for the Amazon Associate Program and the
      > DriveThruRPG Affiliate Programs in order to evelop an income stream
      > that will provide operation funds. (i.e. website costs, PR Materials,
      > etc.) Beyond the potential income stream, these programs will give us
      > direct feedback on how many sources were bought based upon the source
      > being available in PCGen, or at least close enough to it. These
      > accounts would be maintained by the Admin Silverback.
      > Item 3, Roadmap - 5.14
      > Item 4 - As each capability is added, our publishers and user
      > communities will be notified by regular Press Release and the
      > appropriate publisher requests will be incorporated into the
      > Publisher Liaison Templates.
      > Item 4, Roadmap - As each capability is added.
      > Additional Information:
      > Amazon.Com Associate Program: Basic info on the Amazon Associate
      > Program can be found here: <http://affiliate-program.amazon.com:80/gp/
      > associates/join>. Depending which type of Associate Membership we
      > sign up for we would get a percentage of each order sent to PCGen.
      > The linking requirements and overhead are greater that what DriveThru
      > requires.
      > DriveThruRPG/RPGNow/OneBookShelf Affiliate program: You can get the
      > basic information here; <http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/
      > affiliate_faq.php.>, but the jist of the program is that if you have
      > an account with DriveThruRPG you can post a link to any source they
      > carry with your account number encoded. If someone follow that link
      > and then buys that source with a limited amount of time, your account
      > will be given 'Store Credit' which, if you have a PayPal account, can
      > in turn be cashed in for cash. One final note; the affiliate program
      > at DriveThruRPG will survive the current merger with RPGNow.
      > Eric Smith
      > PR Silverback
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