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Re: [pcgen][Trackered] Re: Fantasy statblock output sheet question

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  • Andrew Maitland
    1805235 Prepared Spells not listing... ... -- -- Andrew Maitland
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 30, 2007
      1805235 Prepared Spells not listing...

      Tir Gwaith wrote:
      > On 9/30/07, kevin_fernandes01453 <drkstorm@...> wrote:
      >> Answering my own question...
      >> I see this line in the fantasy_statblock2 template when processing
      >> prepared spells
      >> I don't know if I understand everything that is happening here but if
      >> I change the "-2" to "-1" it works as expected, and this is what I
      >> find in statblock3 and statblock4. Is this an output sheet bug or is
      >> there another reason why its "-2" in statblock2 that I do not understand?
      > I'm going to guess a Bug. I'm putting [OS] in the header to attract
      > the attention of OS monkeys and TMs....

      -- Andrew Maitland
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