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Re: [pcgen] Customization desires for PCGen

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  • Andrew Maitland
    Hi James, ... We welcome any and all questions, as long as they aren t meant to start a flame war or cause problems. ... Yes, we encourage this. We have a
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 8, 2007
      Hi James,

      James Clement wrote:
      > It is me once again, and once again I must say that I really like what you
      > are doing with this program, just have a few more comments to throw out
      > there, just tell me to shut the **** up if I start to get on your nerves.
      We welcome any and all questions, as long as they aren't meant to start
      a flame war or cause problems.
      > I originally downloaded PCGen because I was looking for a comprehensive
      > program to create, track, and manage characters within my currently running
      > campaign. To be specific, my campaign players are using the core rulebooks
      > for the most part, but I also see a lot of content used from Spell
      > Compendium (Closed Content) and Complete Divine (Closed Content). To this
      > effect, I spent two days trying to custom code data into my PCGen so I could
      > successfully create copies of my player's characters within PCGen and, in
      > turn, use them within GMGen, my ultimate goal. Needless to say, things did
      > not work out as I had planned and I found myself beating my head against the
      > wall trying to debug the code I was writing to implement the Favored Soul
      > class into my PCGen (Yes, I own the book, therefore I have the right to copy
      > the data into my PCGen legally).
      Yes, we encourage this. We have a yahoo group dedicated to helping end
      users learn and accomplish what they want using their own custom data.
      > The second issue that I came across was a lack of control over character
      > creation. One thing that E-Tools and the old WOTC 3.0 character editor that
      > was shipped in CD format with every new 3.0 PHB did that made things easier
      > was the ability to override every aspect of character creation. For example
      > if you have a character that is using a feat that increases the amount of
      > skill points they acquire at each level, but the feat is not included in the
      > dataset, you always had the option to add more skills than you have points
      > for (traditionally by checking a box that says 'buy skills for free'). In
      > the case of PCGen, I would have to break into the hard code and create the
      > feat along with it's effects and debug it completely, just for the purpose
      > of allowing my character to have x more skill points than normal. This
      > creates a lot of work, especially for GMs that already have too much to do
      > in keeping a campaign going.
      You can 'over-ride' feats gained, and skills gained - the boxes that
      contain the number remaining can be changed manually.
      > Since my main purpose for downloading and installing PCGen in the first
      > place was to simplify my OpenRPG campaign by putting everything in one place
      > and keep me from having to juggle 20 different windows on game day, I was
      > mostly disappointed about the fact that in order to even use GMGen in the
      > first place, you were required to have PCGen created characters. Just
      > having the option to create a campaign in GMGen and manually enter my PCs
      > stats just for the purpose of GMGen would have solved all of my problems as
      > I would not have even had to worry about the character creation process in
      > PCGen.
      Ah, GMGen is a plug-in to the PCGen program. It's not a separate program
      in itself per se. Like everything we make and create it is always
      improving based upon feed-back from our users. It still has some issues
      and it's not always easy to use; however, feel free to give specific
      items you want to see and we will put a tracker for it and our
      programmers will work towards improving the program. Most of the plugin
      is from people wanting a interface to use with the already created pcs.
      > Overall, I can guarantee that I WILL be making use of PCGen for my next
      > campaign, and I will limit my PCs to rules that I have datasets for only,
      > therefore allowing me to make full use of the program, which as I stated
      > above, is a very good program. For the purposes of use in my currently
      > running campaign, I cannot make any use of PCGen or GMGen because neither
      > aspect allows any control over the character creation. Honestly, it is my
      > personal opinion that the control of character creation should never be
      > taken out of the player's hands. Yes, some will cheat, that's why the GM is
      > supposed to review every character sheet whenever he or she deems necessary.
      You can change things and over-ride things. And we will even help you
      create easy lst code to enable "cheating" until you get it working to
      how you want. Just give us a list of items you need to accomplish and
      either myself or one of the other lst monkeys will help you out. -
      Please use the listhelpgroup for those particular questions.
      > So there it is, my two cents, forgive me if I upset any of you,
      > constructive criticism is never easy =P
      No offense taken. Welcome to PCGen and may you find many uses for you.
      Personally I've found it's great for letting me do what I want.
      > Sincerely,
      > James Clement
      -- Andrew
      Data Gibbon, Tracker Tamarin, Docs Lemur
      "Quick-Silverback Tracker Monkey"
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