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Re: [pcgen] Re: [Trackered] Fast Movement and TYPE

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  • Andrew Maitland
    Trackered: [ 1786075 ] [RSRD] Monk Fast Movement needs Enhancement TYPE
    Message 1 of 14 , Aug 31, 2007

      [ 1786075 ] [RSRD] Monk Fast Movement needs Enhancement TYPE


      More inline -

      Tir Gwaith wrote:
      > On 8/31/07, Andrew Maitland <drew0500@...> wrote:
      >> Yes, we had an email discussion about leaving low-hanging fruit.
      >> Something where you didn't need to back track multi-lateral dependencies
      >> or such...
      > That was a side discussion, IIRC. Low hanging fruit was that I was
      > grabbing and doing the really easy bugs, and all the remaining were
      > complex, making it difficult for other monkeys to get experience. Was
      > I totally out of it during the exchange?
      No, that was the gist... We also defined low-hanging fruit as
      non-multi-level dependencies - like NOT the Mace... LOL
      >> Oh, I opened your tracker for new stuff since 5.12, BUT, I don't see any
      >> tracker with a request to swap TYPE=Enhancement to TYPE=ENHANCEMENT or
      >> such... (Am I going crazy?)
      > There isn't. I was just mentioning so when you implement the Monk
      > Movement with TYPE=Enhancement, not TYPE=ENHANCEMENT. :P
      Oh ok... Have we opened a tracker on this? (Sheesh, go to sleep for a
      few hours and it seems like I miss half the conversation) - nope no new
      trackers. I'm "assuming" that you want a tracker and then I'll handle
      it... Yes, I think that's what I'm missing. [Andrew M's worst times,
      apparently, to hold conversations before and after sleep] - Yes,
      Enhancement isn't hardcoded.
      >> Andrew (M) can be either of us, but since I figure you're off the good
      >> drugs, you aren't talking to yourself.
      > I'm Tir, or Andrew McD. Not even close to Andrew M. No resemblance.
      > I have no idea where you would get such an idea.
      Micky D? Yum.

      Okay off to open a tracker and do some fixing...

      -- Andrew
      Tracker & Data Tamarin, Docs Lemur

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