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Re: [pcgen] Anime SRD ever done?

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  • Andrew Maitland
    Hi Chris, ... From our permission page: *Guardians of Order - NO LONGER AN ACTIVE COMPANY* Point-of-Contact: Needed
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      Hi Chris,

      Chris Fletcher wrote:
      > With Guardians of Order out of business, it seems unlikely that there
      > would be approval to turn their Anime SRD into a dataset. Poking
      > around, it appears as though there was something being done with it a
      > year ago. Did anything ever come of it, or the Mecha SRD?
      From our permission page:

      *Guardians of Order <http://www.guardiansorder.com> - NO LONGER AN

      Point-of-Contact: Needed

      Permissioned Titles - All

      Permission Type - OGC Only - No Review Required

      Date Confirmed - 20/12/2003

      Based upon this, we did/do have permission to make any of their OGC
      content into a dataset. I think I remember seeing a dataset in progress
      (whether active or not is another matter) on the _experimental file folder.

      You can ask on the _experimental group if any one is actively working on
      it or would be interested in finishing it, or you can download what is
      done and finish it for your own use (and upload anything you've added
      for the rest of the community).

      We have a place where you can ask for help in making lst files
      (listfilehelp) group.

      Hope that answered your question.

      Tracker & Data Tamarin, Docs Lemur

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