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Introducing Eruvian.com

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  • Matthew LeBaron
    Greetings Fellow PCGen Fans, I m delighted to announce the official launch of www.Eruvian.com , a website where PCGen users can share
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2007
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      Greetings Fellow PCGen Fans,

      I'm delighted to announce the official launch of
      a website where PCGen users can share their character creations with each

      Need a 4th-level halfling paladin quick? Eruvian contains a searchable index
      of PCGen character sheets in PCG format. Search by gender, alignment, race,
      or up to three combinations of classes and levels to find just the character
      that you're looking for. As I write this email the index currently holds
      some 56 characters, but with your help that number is sure to grow quickly.

      Registering at Eruvian.com is free and allows access to simple tools for
      uploading character files into the Character Repository. It also allows you
      to review characters uploaded by other gamers like you, rating them for such
      qualities as Depth, Verisimilitude (realism), Gameplay, and Creativity.

      However, Eruvian is far more than just a character index. It is the first
      site that allows _you_ to publish your own RPG content in an easily
      navigable web format for free. Upload classes, deities, domains, items,
      locales (with or without maps), organizations, races, spells, and vehicles,
      including the PCGen LST data where appropriate. Organize this content into
      rich worlds and full campaign settings, complete with encounters and
      adventures. Click a link and all PCGen LST data for the setting is output in
      neat LST files ready for loading into PCGen.

      Eruvian is designed to be a collaborative, community-driven environment for
      creative GMs to work together to build campaign settings of unheard of depth
      and detail. Our flagship setting, a world called Pelagos, currently has over
      250 pieces of content - locales, maps, items, deities, characters, etc. - as
      well as a small team of active contributors. Take part in the development of
      something bigger than any one GM could create; help develop one of the
      existing settings or build your own setting from scratch.

      The collaborative environment allows contributors to own pieces of a world -
      a continent, a kingdom, a town, or even a single building - and dole out
      ownership over sub-pieces to those interested in helping out. Own a kingdom
      or an inn, dedicate your life or an afternoon, and in so doing become a
      builder of worlds. In addition to your own creativity, you can also create
      Content Requests - appeals to the Eruvian community to help out by
      developing a specific piece of content for the area(s) you own. There are
      currently over 50 open content requests for Pelagos - characters, locales,
      maps, and so on - waiting to be claimed and filled by creative GMs.

      All objects include both player and GM-only content, so GMs will be able to
      use all the GM-only information to run their own campaigns while players
      will view Eruvian as the world's largest player gazetteer, without seeing
      stuff they're not supposed to. If the site is well received, PDF and even
      print versions of some of the best content may be considered - the 100 best
      characters, a collection of the best maps, and even campaign sourcebooks.

      Please take a moment to check out www.Eruvian.com
      <http://www.eruvian.com/>- you might like what you see or have an idea
      to make it even better. All
      feedback is welcome and encouraged.


      Matt LeBaron
      P.S. While there is currently no formal relationship between PCGen and
      Eruvian, this message is being sent to you with the express permission of
      the PCGen Board of Directors. Thanks guys! =)

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