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BoD log - 8/1/07

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  • Paul W. King
    [22:09] right well lets begin, Tom gave us his report on the boards, I ll post that to the main board for transparency [22:09]
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2007
      [22:09] <[Chair]Karianna> right well lets begin, Tom gave us his report on
      the boards, I'll post that to the main board for transparency
      [22:09] <[Chair]Karianna> James - Code?
      [22:09] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> Right-o
      [22:10] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> 5.12.1 RC 1 went out earlier this week with a
      little over 10 code fixes (and a heap of data ones), including all known LST
      editor bugs patched. Feedback on this would be appreciated as we are looking
      at a quick turnaround for the 5.12.1 prod release I believe
      [22:11] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> 5.14 has started slowly, but contributions by
      Tom, Aaron and Kevin comne to mind - all greatly appreciated
      [22:12] <[Chair]Karianna> cool, I'm really appreciative of our continued low
      bug rate, it's good stuff!
      [22:12] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> Given the closed scope of the 5.14 release I
      think we will need to move to a branch as soon as we can, but I think we
      need Tom around for a discussion on that as it will depend on when CDOM can
      fully run PCGen (I'm not aware of its current status unfortunately)
      [22:13] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> Yes, bugs are down at 25 I think now, so we are
      keeping up with the reports pretty well.
      [22:13] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> No specific stats prepared though, so I think
      that's about it. Any questions?
      [22:14] <[Chair]Karianna> great, when do ou think we can throw out the irst
      alpha for 5.14?
      [22:14] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> Anytime really. If we release 5.12.1 this
      weekend I'd recommend next weekend as a good target
      [22:16] <[Chair]Karianna> That would be good yeah, as can be seen by hte
      roadmap, quite a lot has been done already!
      [22:16] <[Chair]Karianna> Right Frank, content?
      [22:16] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> We have a new volunteer on the release side. He
      has succeeded in a local build, so that's really good. Will be nice to have
      a backup :)
      [22:16] <[Content_SB]Frank> Content Report
      [22:16] <[Content_SB]Frank> Looks so little when written down, but we have
      been able to move a lot lately.
      [22:17] <[Content_SB]Frank> 5.12.1
      [22:17] <[Content_SB]Frank> Docs:
      [22:17] <[Content_SB]Frank> Nice work from Eric fixing 4 Bugs there.
      [22:17] <[Content_SB]Frank> Data:
      [22:17] <[Content_SB]Frank> Kudos to Tir who worked his ass off with data
      reviews and bug fixes.
      [22:17] <[Content_SB]Frank> Many of Aaron's multitude of RSRD fixes for 5.14
      were ported to 5.12.1 by Tir.
      [22:17] <[Content_SB]Frank> Some work from me as well.
      [22:17] <[Content_SB]Frank> I haven't been able to commit the Bards and
      Sages - Neiyar set, as we still need a permission/license file for the used
      [22:17] <[Content_SB]Frank> For everything else we managed to stay on track,
      and I'm extremely pleased with that. :)
      [22:18] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> I'm working that issue
      [22:18] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> the B&S Liscence
      [22:18] <[Content_SB]Frank> cool.
      [22:19] <[Content_SB]Frank> Any question on 5.12?
      [22:19] <[Content_SB]Frank> If that isn't the case on to 5.14
      [22:20] <[Content_SB]Frank> 5.14
      [22:20] <[Content_SB]Frank> OS:
      [22:20] <[Content_SB]Frank> Eddy put in a fix for the InitTool sheets
      [22:20] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> What would you like in the way of a liscence?
      [22:20] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> B&S has offered to sign and fax me a letter . . .
      [22:20] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> I can scan the latter and forward it on . . .
      [22:20] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> letter that is . . .
      [22:20] <[OGL]PaulG> Look at some of the sets in the permissioned folder.
      There's several that have a license.txt file. Although a scanned PDF would
      be good.
      [22:20] <[Content_SB]Frank> I think whatever we can get, that definitely
      states we can use the PI
      [22:21] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> Not a question, but congrats on the huge effort
      for 5.12.1 - I was blown away by the amount of work in the short timeframe
      [22:21] <[Chair]Karianna> It's been fantastic to see the new datasets go in
      for 5.12!
      [22:21] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> The last e-mai; from B&S has a simple "We said
      FUll Permission' . . .
      [22:22] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> I'll send you the email then and follow up with
      the pdf . . .
      [22:23] <[Content_SB]Frank> If we want that set still for 5.12.1, we would
      need an RC2 I guess?
      [22:23] <[Content_SB]Frank> I don't think that will work out, so it's 5.14 I
      [22:24] <[Chair]Karianna> we could try and make it hte first dataset we
      release outside of the full pcgen release...
      [22:24] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> I don't think an RC2 is feasible if we want
      5.12.1 out this weekend
      [22:24] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> BTW: I have some ideas on the dataset releases
      when the time comes to discuss it
      [22:26] <[Content_SB]Frank> @James, right! @Kar: we need to discuss this
      further. MInd if we through that discussion on Experimental, so other Data
      Monkeys can take part as well?
      [22:27] <[Chair]Karianna> no worries, throw it out there
      [22:27] <[Content_SB]Frank> Cool. On with 5.14 now.
      [22:27] <[Chair]Karianna> right, so next is... Paul - PR stuff
      [22:28] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> i've sent out several emails over the past several
      weeks with very few responses
      [22:29] <[Chair]Karianna> oh sorry go ahead franl
      [22:29] <[Content_SB]Frank> Erm, while nothing much happened on 5.14 yet,
      but at least let me state that David (Takeyabu) has done good work with the
      W3C validation of the docs!
      [22:29] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> i think whoever is going to GenCon needs to corner
      some publishers
      [22:30] <[Content_SB]Frank> I wasn't quite finished Paul, but you can go on
      now. :)
      [22:31] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> sorry Frank, Kar said go and i went
      [22:31] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> :)
      [22:31] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> but that's pretty much my report
      [22:31] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> Frank, any problem with me moving Dave Cheever up
      to Lemur?
      [22:31] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> IT had been my plan, but its looking like I won't
      be able to go . . .
      [22:32] <[Content_SB]Frank> No, Eric, as a matter of fact working on the
      docs makes him that already. :)
      [22:32] <[Chair]Karianna> hmm does that leave any of us going to gencon?
      [22:33] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> Paul G . . .
      [22:33] <[OGL]PaulG> Yep it looks like it's just going to be me
      [22:34] * [CM]Zaister has quit IRC (Read error: Operation timed out)
      [22:35] <[OGL]PaulG> I'm definitly going to talk to GR other than that any
      targets I need to talk to?
      [22:35] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> so, Paul, your mission, whether you want to do it
      or not, is to corner each publisher and talk to them :)
      [22:35] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> I'll send you a list and a few other suggestion
      Paul . . .
      [22:35] <[Chair]Karianna> well is it really worth talking to GR? They
      madetheir position pretty clear
      [22:36] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> I think we need to leave GR alone for now . . .
      Chris was very certain that we didnt need to bother him.
      [22:36] <[Chair]Karianna> For those rading this log the BoD will be posting
      an announcement about GR datasets shortly, stay tuned!
      [22:36] <[OGL]PaulG> rading?
      [22:36] <[OGL]PaulG> :)
      [22:36] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> raiding?
      [22:36] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> Its the new thang . . .
      [22:36] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> grading?
      [22:37] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> rapping?
      [22:38] <[Chair]Karianna> sigh reading that is :)
      [22:38] <[Chair]Karianna> OK, is that it Paul/Frank?
      [22:39] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> If I might?
      [22:39] <[Content_SB]Frank> shoot
      [22:40] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> I have built a publisher database on the BOD
      Group site that has contact, address, phone # and CD status . . .
      [22:40] <[OGL]PaulG> Cool :)
      [22:41] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> In the process of populating it, I managed to
      find some additional contacts for some of the pubs that were miissing in
      [22:41] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> Sovereign Press is gone and has been replaced by
      MArgaret Weis Productions.
      [22:41] <[OGL]PaulG> Have you attempted contacting Beaver? He might already
      have a DB that you can get info from.
      [22:42] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> I spoke to MWP as well as Holistic DEsign and
      have sent off letters to them
      [22:42] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> No, I havn't tried to contact Beaver, but the
      work is done for the most part.
      [22:43] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> One of the things I was planning on doeing at
      GenCon was to walk around and find some of the missing pubs . . .
      [22:44] <[Chair]Karianna> Maybe apul G can look at the wiki and try and hist
      those we're missing (Paul's personal time permitting of course!)
      [22:44] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> MWP has the Castlemourbe line of source material.
      They may also still have Sovereign Presses source material.
      [22:44] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> Thats one of the wirstions I sked them in my
      letter . . .
      [22:45] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> The database in the BOD group site has the same
      list as the wiki . . .
      [22:46] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> wirstons should have been questions . .. speed
      typing . . . :-)
      [22:46] <[OGL]PaulG> One of the problems is that there isn't a comprehensive
      list of gaming publishers anywhere. I was looking for one earlier
      [22:46] <[Chair]Karianna> I think we have one of the better lists now!
      [22:47] <[OGL]PaulG> Right, but ours still isn't complete.
      [22:47] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> While your at GenCon, maybe you can pick me up a
      listing of the booths . . . I'll plumb that for all its workth . . .
      [22:47] <[OGL]PaulG> It should be up on Gencon.com by now
      [22:47] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> I'll go check . . .
      [22:49] <[OGL]PaulG> MAN is the site slow right now
      [22:49] <[Chair]Karianna> cool, is that it for PR?
      [22:49] <[PR_SB]kingpaul>
      [22:49] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> Only one more thing.
      [22:50] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> No, never mind . . .
      [22:50] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> Thats a heck of a list . . .
      [22:51] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> that's what i thought as well
      [22:52] <[Chair]Karianna> right, well on the admin side, you've seen the
      roadmap all set up and I been organising various small teams (CDs, website).
      [22:52] <[OGL]PaulG> Eric where on the Wiki is the DB?
      [22:53] <[Chair]Karianna> I'm still trying to catch up on the sending out of
      team news letters and the gentle reminders to inactive volunteers that have
      commit access
      [22:53] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> Not on the wiki . . . on pcgen_bod . . .
      [22:53] <[OGL]PaulG> Doh
      [22:55] <[Chair]Karianna> Apart from that there's been a large increase in
      traffic and team members so the day to day stuff is getting harder to catch
      up with, I'll be looking for admin monkeys again
      [22:56] <[Chair]Karianna> OK if I go onto the rest of the agenda?
      [22:56] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> fine by me
      [22:57] <[Chair]Karianna> 1.) 5.12.1 - Release schedule and status of BP and
      Bards and Sages datasets
      [22:57] <[Chair]Karianna> we've covered this
      [22:57] <[Chair]Karianna> 2.) 5.13.0 - Release schedule and process, what
      outstanding 5.12.x
      [22:57] <[Chair]Karianna> items should move to the 5.13.x Roadmaps?
      [22:58] <[Chair]Karianna> in other words do we think there will be a 5.12.2?
      [22:59] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> I think we should aim for there not to be and
      only go for one if there is a clear need to do so. 5.14 is supposed to be
      short and any 5.12.x effort slows down 5.14 IMO
      [22:59] <[Chair]Karianna> OK< well I'll move the remaining 5.12 trackers to
      5.14 then
      [23:00] <[Chair]Karianna> 3.) CDOM - General update
      [23:00] <[Chair]Karianna> this is covered by Tom's post which I'll repost to
      the main board
      [23:00] <[Chair]Karianna> 4.) CMP datasets - progress report on team
      [23:00] <[Chair]Karianna> Frank, an further word from Mynex about your list
      of recruits?
      [23:01] <[Content_SB]Frank> CMP support
      [23:01] <[Content_SB]Frank> Including me we have 9 volunteers of mixed LST
      expertise who are willing to help, but work hasn't started yet, as we still
      have to wait for a reply from Mynex.
      [23:01] <[Content_SB]Frank> I think next step will be signing NDAs, but
      nothing came forth from CMP yet.
      [23:02] <[Content_SB]Frank> I sent a followup to my lest message about 24
      hours ago.
      [23:02] <[Content_SB]Frank> lest = last
      [23:03] <[Content_SB]Frank> That's all at the moment.
      [23:03] <[Chair]Karianna> kk
      [23:04] <[Chair]Karianna> 5.) Potential website - progress report on team
      [23:04] <[Chair]Karianna> I need to forma team around Koen who has stated
      investigating Drupal, looks like there is a module but that module needs to
      be ported to the latest version
      [23:06] <[Chair]Karianna> not much more to say there really
      [23:06] <[Chair]Karianna> 6.) Where Karianna thinks we are and where
      Karianna thinks we need to
      [23:06] <[Chair]Karianna> go (In terms of team structure, our processes and
      our status as a
      [23:06] <[Chair]Karianna> 'semi professional OS project).
      [23:07] <[Chair]Karianna> Right, well we're certainly getting there, we've
      got a pretty well documented piece of software, regular releases, nightly
      builds a web site, a community etc.
      [23:08] <[Chair]Karianna> I'm still convinced we need to go to our own
      integrated site where we can offer the communiy more than justa Y! board and
      static web pages, so I'm hoping we can have some luck with that.
      [23:09] <[Chair]Karianna> I'd also really like to see this dataset between
      release cycles idea take hold
      [23:09] <[Chair]Karianna> And we should defintely keep working on the
      publisher relationships, we and them should be promoting each other a little
      [23:10] <[OGL]PaulG> It would need a semi-automated install
      [23:10] <[Chair]Karianna> That's about it really, brain is sleeping :)
      [23:11] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> i can't recall who said it earlier, but a robust
      editor would be a huge boon
      [23:11] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> @PaulG - I have some ideas there - I'll post
      them on experimental
      [23:13] <[Chair]Karianna> Tom will be working on the editor as part of 6.0,
      the UI overhaul will be 6.2, after those 2 go in I'd say PCGen will be as
      bout as powerful and useful as it can get (framewok wise
      [23:13] <[Chair]Karianna> )
      [23:15] <[Chair]Karianna> Any other business?
      [23:18] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> None from me.
      [23:18] <[Content_SB]Frank> Me neither.
      [23:19] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> i'm good
      [23:20] <[Chair]Karianna> cool, well a big thank you to you all, it's really
      taken off again in the last few months and I know at tmes its realy hard to
      keep up!!
      [23:21] <[Chair]Karianna> Hopefully we can stay on track with 5.14 scope and
      actually release another major version within a year ;)
      [23:21] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> I was hoping for within *the* year myself :)
      [23:23] <[Chair]Karianna> same here, it would be a great coup for us if we
      could manage it :)
      [23:24] <[Content_SB]Frank> I'm still a bit frightened about the Data side.
      I hope in the end it will not be us that delays the release.
      [23:25] <[Chair]Karianna> I think we're getting more and more people
      interested in the data (users) we should probably start asking them if
      they'd be keen to join
      [23:26] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> The vastly improved doco and consistent syntax
      would have to be making starting as a data monkey easier - the next big step
      is the editor revamp I think
      [23:27] <[Content_SB]Frank> Still it takes time to train them so they reach
      a state of knowledge where we want them to work on the COre sets.
      [23:27] <[Content_SB]Frank> Remember errors in the Core sets affect any
      other dataset.
      [23:27] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> who wants to work on the core? could bring the
      whole thing to ruination :)
      [23:27] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> Very true
      [23:29] <[Chair]Karianna> Not to mention the wrath of Tir ;)
      [23:29] <[Chair]Karianna> right I'd better go, thanks agin and good night!
      [23:29] <[Content_SB]Frank> Yeah, I'm quite tired too! Good night, all.
      [23:30] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> l8r
      [23:30] <[PL_Doc]Maredudd> Good nite!
      [23:30] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> i've got the log
      [23:30] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> Cya everyone
      [23:30] <[OGL]PaulG> Night all

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