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BoD log - 6/27/07

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  • Paul W. King
    [22:07] shall we get started? [22:07] yes, let s [22:07] y [22:07] Sure [22:07]
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2007
      [22:07] <[Chair]Karianna> shall we get started?
      [22:07] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> yes, let's
      [22:07] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> y
      [22:07] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> Sure
      [22:07] <[Chair]Karianna> kk, reports first, Tom for Arch
      [22:08] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> my report is really part of the 5.14 part of the
      agenda, you want it now or later?
      [22:09] <[Chair]Karianna> later then
      [22:09] <[Chair]Karianna> James?
      [22:10] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> ok, We have fixed 3 small code bugs since
      [22:11] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> We seem to be getting a bug report every week or
      so. My recommendation is that code is ready to go as is.
      [22:11] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> are we going to do an RC4?
      [22:11] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> We have 0 code bugs left that are currently
      scheduled for 5.12
      [22:12] * [Chair]Karianna has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by
      [22:12] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> and there goes Kar
      [22:12] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> I'll hold for a minute or so
      [22:14] * Retrieving #pcgen modes...
      [22:14] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> I think RC4 is a point we need to discuss here.
      [22:14] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> what were the 3 code bugs that have been fixed
      [22:15] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> I fixed an issue with .COPY not processing tokens
      on the same line as the .COPY
      [22:16] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> 1743936 .COPY stopped supporting
      additional tokens in 5.12
      [22:16] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> 1741837 Choices for Exotic Weapon Prof Feat
      not displayed
      [22:16] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> 1741317 Multiple Weapon Proficiencies for
      Races are not saved
      [22:17] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> Those are the three. In reverse order, one was
      specific tor LST editors, one was changing default displayed columns on the
      feats tab and the top one was the .COPY processing of trailing tokens
      [22:18] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> do you think that we should have an RC4? or do you
      think the code is good as is to go 5.12.0
      [22:18] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> let's wait for K,
      [22:18] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> just came back onto Yahoo Chat, so should be back
      [22:21] * [Chair]Karianna has joined #pcgen
      [22:21] <[Chair]Karianna> back for now <sigh>
      [22:21] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> if you bounce again, we're taking the Ninja
      Monkeys from you :D
      [22:22] <[Chair]Karianna> it was tehm who pulled hte cord, wanted sleep
      apparently, llittle beggers
      [22:22] <[Chair]Karianna> what I miss?
      [22:22] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> just a quick tangent discussion, James paused for
      you to come back
      [22:22] <[Chair]Karianna> thnx
      [22:23] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> we were going over the three code bugs that have
      been fixed since RC3
      [22:23] <[Chair]Karianna> kewl, so was teh vote for RC4 or??
      [22:24] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> Well, I think that should be decided in the context
      of code and data, right?
      [22:24] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> So shouldn't that wait until after reports?
      [22:25] <[Chair]Karianna> sory that was the last comment I saw from James
      [22:25] <[Chair]Karianna> James are you done?
      [22:27] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> prob distrated by work, come back to him later if
      he wants to go on
      [22:27] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> *distracted
      [22:27] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> I think coide is reayd for prod release - we
      have the lowest bug count we have ever reached
      [22:28] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> Nothing else to report, so all done Kar
      [22:28] <[Chair]Karianna> cool, Frank - data?
      [22:29] <[Content_SB]Frank> Well, I've been ill for some time and need to
      catch up on my day job, so I only had about 5 hours for PCGen with in the
      last week, and that was mostly eaten by posting on the groups
      [22:29] <[Content_SB]Frank> I had a quick look at the trackers before the
      meeting, though
      [22:30] <[Content_SB]Frank> The only Data Bug that sticks out IMO is the
      Literacy cleanup, which hasn't happened yet.
      [22:31] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> yea, the problem is that it's done in the core
      classes, but not in some of the other ones, so it's 1/2 and 1/2... we
      shouldn't release with that open
      [22:31] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> my 2c
      [22:32] <[Content_SB]Frank> If we fix that, I would opt for RC4, because I
      want to test that a bit.
      [22:32] <[Chair]Karianna> OK, that's fair enough, whos it assigned to?
      [22:33] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> nobody
      [22:33] <[Content_SB]Frank> Nobody yet. I could get to it myself on Friday,
      or Saturday at latest.
      [22:34] <[Content_SB]Frank> Maybe even tomorrow, if RL isn't too hard on me,
      but no promise on that.
      [22:34] <[Chair]Karianna> hmm, OK, looks like we should lean for a RC4
      [22:34] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> I'll next have time for an RC4 release on Sunday
      my time
      [22:35] <[Content_SB]Frank> That would leave me enough time, James.
      [22:35] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> Excellent
      [22:36] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> I think after the RC4 we have to be very
      conservative on what changes we make.
      [22:36] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> I'd like to see it limited to showstoppers only
      [22:36] <[PL_2nd]Maredudd> Any issues with doc updates?
      [22:37] <[Chair]Karianna> yeah keen to get this out, but I think doc changes
      are OK
      [22:39] <[Content_SB]Frank> Kar, question about that Combined OS, do you
      intend to tackle that still for 5.12?
      [22:39] <[Chair]Karianna> will try to, but it;s nastier than I inituially
      thought, not a showstopper though
      [22:40] <[Content_SB]Frank> k, if you can't work it out before RC4 then
      let's postpone it.
      [22:41] <[Chair]Karianna> k
      [22:41] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> Frank, postpone what? the sheet correction or
      [22:41] <[Chair]Karianna> right, Paul K, PR report?
      [22:41] <[Chair]Karianna> sheet correction
      [22:41] <[Content_SB]Frank> right
      [22:42] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> nothing at this moment. i haven't had much time to
      do PCGen related things due to RL
      [22:42] * [Code_SB]jdempsey has quit IRC (brain.hub.eu.dal.net
      [22:42] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> i'll get tackling on the emails that Eric created
      [22:42] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> probably not 'til next week...not much scheduled
      [22:43] <[Chair]Karianna> kk
      [22:44] <[Chair]Karianna> Well from the admin side you've all probably seen
      me staring up a few storms, but most of that can be covered as later parts
      of the meting
      [22:46] <[Chair]Karianna> so onto the rest of teh agenda?
      [22:46] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> sounds good to me
      [22:47] * [Code_SB]jdempsey has joined #pcgen
      [22:47] <[Chair]Karianna> right extra PR for teh 5.12 release any thoughts?
      [22:48] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> Back again
      [22:48] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> well, we definitely hit the regular
      places...ENWorld, Mortality, our own Y! groups
      [22:49] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> Agreed
      [22:49] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> i can make a post on the WotC digital
      board...other folks do there as wel
      [22:49] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> l
      [22:49] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> Sounds like a good option
      [22:50] <[Chair]Karianna> cool, we'll just hit every online place we can
      [22:50] <[Chair]Karianna> so now that 5.12 is almost out, onto 5.14, Tom you
      probably know the mot about this, how much work is there?
      [22:50] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> The current status of 5.14 from an Architecture
      perspective is stored here:
      [22:50] <[Arch_2nd]thpr>
      [22:50] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> To summarize:
      [22:51] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> From an architecture perspective:
      [22:51] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> For 5.14 proper, about a dozen items are complete,
      eight are open
      [22:51] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> Three are up for vote on _experimental (CONTAINS,
      [22:51] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> One is being summarized for a vote (SA)
      [22:51] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> Two discussions have slowed and may be able to
      handle a vote? (KNOWNSPELLS, PRETYPE)
      [22:51] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> One I haven't yet raised, because I'm debating how
      important it really is (REGION)
      [22:51] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> We also need to address PRERACETYPE, which is still
      dependent upon deprecated code (getCritterType)
      [22:51] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> I believe we need someone to test the datasets vs.
      5.14 and let us know if there are unexpected CHOOSE issues (messages)
      [22:51] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> For 6.0 data compatibility tester (to be shipped
      with 5.14), I am approaching a clean build in the CDOM branch
      [22:51] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> It is necessary to find out more on [ 1687907 ]
      ADD:SPELLLEVEL doesn't work if we ever intend to support backwards
      compatibility for that token
      [22:51] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> I realized I need to understand more about Default
      Monster mode to figure out whether this can even be done (relative to
      backwards compatibility for 6.0)
      [22:51] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> ...who can educate me as to what the conversions
      are to move from Default Monsters to Kits? (any way to offload this from
      Tir/Eddy to someone else?)
      [22:51] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> In a local branch, have a partial
      backwards-compatibility token system in place (works for Equipment & EqMod
      [22:51] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> ...this involved some alteration to the Logging
      [22:51] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> It would be nice to progress the discussion on
      PCGen 6.0 CHOOSE:
      [22:51] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> ...this helps me understand a major item and
      therefore ensure proper context for compatibility.
      [22:51] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> When that is complete, we can "release" 5.14 to the
      care of just Code & Data (meaning what is implemented or not is up to James
      & Frank)
      [22:53] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> Tom, is the PRERACETYPE getCritterTypoe call
      just a fallback?
      [22:53] <[Chair]Karianna> right, so lots to be sorted out on experimental,
      but pretty good progress apart from that!
      [22:54] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> no, there are methods of getCritterType having an
      impact even if all other methods fail
      [22:54] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> it's part of the system that applies "Humanoid" as
      a Type to any Race that doesn't otherwise have a Type
      [22:54] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> ok, we'll need to analyse that and see what the
      affected tags are
      [22:54] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> so there is "deep magic" that needs to be removed
      [22:55] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> Yes, agreed
      [22:55] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> Part of the solution may be to just get rid of
      PRERACETYPE, since I think PRERACE:RACETYPE=xx can do much of that work
      [22:56] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> but there are also some corner cases with RACETYPE
      being changed before a Monster Level is applied that may make that fail
      [22:56] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> so it needs more consideration on _experimental
      [22:56] <[Content_SB]Frank> Defaultmonster to Kits was largely Aaron's baby,
      I did the modern conversions by hand, Depending on what you need to know, I
      may or may not be able to help you there.
      [22:57] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> ok, I will take a look at Modern in 5.10 vs. 5.12
      and then post questions.
      [22:57] <[Chair]Karianna> and aaron should be reachable for questions
      [22:58] <[Chair]Karianna> Tom, is there any work we can split out to others?
      [22:58] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> for 5.14? there isn't that much work to begin with
      [22:58] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> I'd have other folks addressing the bugs that are
      tagged 5.14
      [22:59] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> since there are a bunch that are independent of
      architecture needs in 5.14
      [22:59] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> I'll be tackling some of the 5.14 bugs and freqs
      once 5.12 is out
      [22:59] <[Chair]Karianna> cool, there are definitely a few candidates, will
      be good to get that count even further down
      [23:00] <[Chair]Karianna> Is that all you need to discuss for 5.14?
      [23:00] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> me? yes, that's my 5.14 report :)
      [23:00] <[Content_SB]Frank> Is there a working autobuild for 5.14?
      [23:01] <[Chair]Karianna> cool, it sounds like it's been going pretty well
      [23:01] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> should be, it's the trunk
      [23:01] <[Chair]Karianna> yeah it builds and passes all tests at moment
      [23:01] <[Content_SB]Frank> doh. Yeah that must have happened when I was
      [23:02] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> that happened when we went to RC1
      [23:02] <[Chair]Karianna> OK, next item, do people want to see team
      newsletters again, I know I stopped when I had back troubles, but am
      thinking of starting them again
      [23:03] <[Content_SB]Frank> Well, I never got negative feedback about them,
      so my guess is people liked them.
      [23:04] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> I say go for it; wouldn't hurt to have the Chair
      Monkey nudging the code folks to explore the cdom branch :D
      [23:05] <[Content_SB]Frank> If your time allows, just keep it up. :)
      [23:06] <[Chair]Karianna> cool, speaking of which I'll poll the developers
      and see how many have looked at CDOM and/or understand it
      [23:07] <[Chair]Karianna> As much as I like seeing Tom work hard ;) that
      would be unfair to make him do it all
      [23:08] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> Agreed - we all need to have a handle on it and
      if 5.14 is a nice short release we will need to learn about it sooner rather
      than later
      [23:08] <[Chair]Karianna> Well I guess that's about it, the pol bout hte BoD
      was useful, I'll contact the one other person who wanted improvemetns (but
      no specific feedback), I'll get hold of the opposed user as well, would be
      good to gethis thoughts
      [23:11] <[Chair]Karianna> The rest we need to keep discussing in the Y!
      group until legal/NDA stuff clears out and we can discuss with the community
      in public, I'll push the sponsorship discussion further and merge in Tom's
      ideas (sorry Tom, not sure how I missed those when I bumped that thread up)
      [23:11] <[Chair]Karianna> Anybody got anything else?
      [23:11] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> no worries. A lot of the lists have been heavy
      traffic of late
      [23:12] <[Arch_2nd]thpr> no more from me
      [23:12] <[Code_SB]jdempsey> No more from me either
      [23:12] <[Content_SB]Frank> It's past my bedtime already. Will the meetings
      in the future take place at this time?

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