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Re: [pcgen] Calling all Mac Intel PCGen users

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  • Ludovic Fierville
    The installer worked perfecty for me on my Mac Pro (OS X.4.9) the last time I used it (RC2, haven t tried the RC3 yet). However, since as you said the
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 20, 2007
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      The installer worked perfecty for me on my Mac Pro (OS X.4.9) the
      last time I used it (RC2, haven't tried the RC3 yet).

      However, since as you said the installer does nothing more than copy
      the program in the /Applications folder, I don't think it is very
      useful (using an installer to copy a file seems a bit like windows
      thinking to me :p )

      You could perhaps try to add a link to the Applications folder on
      the .dmg (not an alias but a "unix" link), but since the Applications
      folder is visible in the left panel bar since 10.3 (or was it 10.2 ?)
      it's not really important.

      To conclude, thanks for this installation method, I like it much more
      than an installer.


      Le 21 juin 07 à 04:38, Eddy Anthony a écrit :

      > We received a report from a user with a Mac Intel stating that the
      > installer
      > would fail. I don't have an Intel Mac to test on yet and since it
      > works for
      > me I suspect that there is an incompatibility with the installer
      > program. I
      > can't troubleshoot this until I get access to an Intel Mac (which
      > should
      > happen soon at my job).
      > I don't want Intel users to be left out in the cold so I've created
      > another
      > option. I've added a file to the 5.12.0 RC3 release named
      > pcgen5120rc3_macintel_install.dmg. This package does not use an
      > installer,
      > instead it has the application right there and it can simply be
      > copied to
      > your applications folder. The release notes and other information is
      > available in a read me file also on the dmg. This package can be
      > used on any
      > Mac running OS X, not just Intel Macs.
      > Intel users, this will bypass the installer problem since no
      > installer is
      > involved, if at all possible I'd like to get some feed back to see
      > if the
      > Mac app itself has any problems running on an Intel Mac.
      > I'd also like to hear from all Mac users about this configuration, I'm
      > thinking that we might want to switch to this entirely. The
      > installer does
      > not do anything other than put the app in the applications folder
      > and look
      > pretty doing it. The installer looks more professional but the
      > package is
      > easier to put together without it and I'm not sure the added
      > complication
      > brings us anything.
      > Thoughts?
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      Ludovic Fierville

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