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[pcgen] New Source: Untapped Potential: New Horizons in Psionics, by DreamScarred Press

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  • David M. Bebber
    To whom it may concern, I am planning to begin work on coding the new book I have purchased. I would prefer to be able to donate it to the PCGen Comunity upon
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 13, 2007
      To whom it may concern,
      I am planning to begin work on coding the new book I have purchased. I
      would prefer to be able to donate it to the PCGen Comunity upon
      completion, however I understand this is a Legal Minefield. I have
      contacted the authors of the material about including it in PCGen and they
      were quite pleased to give me their OK. However in acordance to the CYA
      principal, I have copied the Legalese portion (the Delaration or PI and
      OGC) for the proper monkeys to look into. I don't wish to make trouble for
      anyone, much less myself.

      - Rageheart (David M. Bebber)


      “d20 System” and the “d20 System” logo are trademarks of Wizards of the
      Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc., and are used
      according to the terms of the d20 System License version 6.0. A copy of
      this License can be found at <www.wizards.com/d20>.
      This edition of Untapped Potential is produced under version 1.0a, 5.0,
      and/or draft versions of the Open Game License, the d20
      System Trademark Logo Guide, and the System Reference Document by
      permission of Wizards of the Coast. Subsequent
      versions of this product will incorporate later versions of the license,
      guide, and document.

      Designation of Product Identity: The following items are hereby designated
      as Product Identity in accordance with Section 1
      (e) of the Open Game License, version 1.0a: Any and all Dreamscarred Press
      logos and identifying marks and trade dress, such
      as all Dreamscarred Press product and product line names including but not
      limited to Untapped Potential: New Horizons in Psionics, any specific
      characters, monsters, creatures and places; capitalized names and names of
      places, artifacts, characters, countries, creatures, geographic locations,
      gods, historic events, magic or psionic items, organizations, and
      abilities; any and all stories, storylines, histories, plots, thematic
      elements, and
      dialogue; and all artwork, symbols, designs, depictions, illustrations,
      maps, and cartography, likenesses, poses, logos, or graphic designs, except
      such elements that already appear in final or draft versions of the d20
      System Reference Document or as Open Game Content below and are
      already open by virtue of appearing there. The above Product Identity is
      not Open Game Content.

      Designation of Open Game Content: Subject to the Product Identity
      designation above, the following portions of Untapped Potential: New
      Horizons in Psionics are designated as Open Game Content: all class
      advancement tables and Class Features in Chapters Two, Three, Five, and
      Six, the feats in their entirety in Chapter Four; the power parameters
      (range, duration, etc.) and game mechanics in Chapter Seven; the psionic
      in their entirety with the exception of any artifacts in Chapter Eight;
      all mechanical and game statistics for monsters in Chapter 9, and anything
      contained herein which is already Open Game Content by virtue of appearing
      in the System Reference Document or some other Open Game
      Content source.

      Some portions of this book which are Open Game Content originate from the
      System Reference Document and are ©1999, 2000, and 2001
      Wizards of the Coast, Inc, while others originate from Hyperconscious:
      Explorations in Psionics ©2004 Bruce R Cordell or Unearthed Arcana ©2004
      Wizards of the Coast. The remainder of these Open Game Content portions of
      this book are hereby added to Open Game Content and if so used,
      should bear the COPYRIGHT NOTICE “Untapped Potential: New Horizons in
      Psionics” ©2006 Brian Dupuis, Greg Jacob, Jeremy Smith, Michel
      Fiallo-Perez, Will Elyea. This material is protected under the copyright
      laws of the United States of America. Any reproduction, re-transmission, or
      unauthorized use of the artwork or non-Open Game Content herein is
      prohibited without express written permission from this book’s authors,
      for purposes of review or use of Open Game Content consistent with the
      Open Game License. The original purchaser may print or photocopy copies
      for his or her own personal use only.

      This document is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people,
      organizations, places, or events is purely coincidental.

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