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FW: [Oathbound] DragonWing Games to Produce Bastion Titles

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  • Paul Grosse
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      > Subject: [Oathbound] DragonWing Games to Produce Bastion Titles
      > DragonWing Games to Produce Bastion Press titles
      > (October 4, 2006) Fort Wayne, IN - DragonWing Games has
      > acquired the rights to the Bastion Press line of d20 titles.
      > Effective October 4, 2006 the home for Bastion Press will
      > relocate itself to the DragonWing Games website
      > <http://dragonwing.net> along with the official company forums.
      > "I am very excited about this opportunity," said Steven
      > Creech, owner of DragonWing Games. "Bastion Press and I have
      > shared a long history and I am honored that Jim would entrust
      > the Bastion legacy to me." DragonWing Games will not only
      > continue to offer Bastion Press' existing titles such as Arms
      > & Armor, Minions, Torn Asunder: Critical Hits and Airships,
      > but also develop and publish new products under dual Bastion
      > Press and DragonWing Games logos. These new books will
      > include the long-delayed Lore of the Gods and Book of Curses
      > along with offering new reprints of the sold out Arms & Armor
      > v3.5, Torn Asunder: Critical Hits, and Complete Minions with
      > any errata included.
      > "Steve has been involved with Bastion long enough that I'm
      > comfortable handing him the reins," said Jim Butler,
      > President of Bastion Press.
      > "Steve's guidance and drive will allow Bastion Press products
      > to thrive in the marketplace as my professional life leads me
      > back into the computer gaming field. I'm confident that
      > Bastion remains in good hands."
      > Bastion Press products may be purchased from electronic
      > online retailers such as DrivethruRPG, EN World Gamestore,
      > Paizo online store, and RPGNow.
      > Print copies of all available Bastion Press titles may be
      > purchased directly from our partners at the Studio 2
      > Publishing online store or from your local hobby and games store.
      > About DragonWing Games
      > DragonWing Games was founded in 2004 as a means of producing
      > small, quality products designed for use with laptops while
      > gaming. In addition to the license with Bastion Press,
      > DragonWing Games has also licensed the Hunt:
      > Rise of Evil and Fall of Man campaign settings from Mystic Eye Games.
      > DragonWing Games is owned by award-winning game designer
      > Steven Creech, who also serves as the sales director for
      > Magnificent Egos miniatures. He may be contacted at
      > creech@... or on the DragonWing Games website
      > <http://dragonwing.net>. DragonWing Games' most recent product is
      > Darkwalkers: The Evil Within, an OGL supplement on evil
      > player characters and campaigns.
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