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BoD log - 9/26/06

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  • Paul W. King
    [22:08] Code, go [22:08] OK [22:08] So far for the 5.11.1 release we have had 4 features and 9 bug fixes
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 26, 2006
      [22:08] <kingpaul> Code, go
      [22:08] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> OK
      [22:08] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> So far for the 5.11.1 release we have had 4
      features and 9 bug fixes implemented
      [22:09] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> Bug fix week wasn't much of a goer, apartfrom
      Aaron sterling contribution - many thnaks for that
      [22:09] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> We have some hassles in the code as evidenced by
      7 failing unit tests that have ben failing for a couple fo weeks now. 3 of
      those are character tests, which are often just a case of the code having to
      catch up with data, but could be more serious
      [22:10] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> These will all have to pass before I would be
      comfortable having the 5.11.1 release go out
      [22:10] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> Thats about it for code
      [22:11] <kingpaul> so how many bugs (total) are outstanding?
      [22:11] * [PR_SB]kingpaul has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
      [22:11] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> 35 right now, with one of those arriving today
      [22:11] * kingpaul is now known as [PR
      [22:12] * [PR is now known as [PR_SB]kingpaul
      [22:12] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> that includes the new GMGen bug i just posted
      [22:12] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> in the plugin section
      [22:12] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> Ah no, there are about 5 plugin bugs
      [22:13] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> in addition to the code ones
      [22:13] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> k
      [22:13] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> Content
      [22:13] <[Content_SB]Frank> Content Status
      [22:13] <[Content_SB]Frank> OS: Nothing
      [22:13] <[Content_SB]Frank> Docs: Eddy fixed a mistake in the Companionmods
      [22:13] <[Content_SB]Frank> Data: Activity has been okay here.
      [22:13] <[Content_SB]Frank> Eddy updated the RSRD to use the new
      Companionmod code. He is currently out for the known reason. I hope Conor
      will keep improving as in Eddy's last
      [22:14] <[Content_SB]Frank> message.
      [22:14] <[Content_SB]Frank> Tir has done quite a bit of good work on
      enhancing the RSRD Core classes to be easier modifiable and also made some
      other improvements in the RSRD
      [22:14] <[Content_SB]Frank> I have added Wild Shape templates to the SRD and
      some maintenance on SRD, RSRD and some secondary sources (busted the last 2
      Data Bugs on the 5.11.1
      [22:14] <[Content_SB]Frank> roadmap, Yay!)
      [22:14] <[Content_SB]Frank> New Sources: The OGL review came in only
      recently (Sunday) and we're currently bashing on the Freqs that are still on
      the roadmap, so no new source has been
      [22:14] <[Content_SB]Frank> entered in the last 2 weeks.
      [22:14] <[Content_SB]Frank> Left on the roadmap for 5.11.1 still are:
      [22:14] <[Content_SB]Frank> Data - 0 Bugs, 13 Freqs
      [22:14] <[Content_SB]Frank> OS - 9 Bugs, 6 Freqs
      [22:14] <[Content_SB]Frank> Docs - 2 Bugs, 15 Freqs
      [22:14] <[Content_SB]Frank> New Sources - 4 data sets
      [22:14] <[Content_SB]Frank> I lurves me some copy 'n' paste :)
      [22:14] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> i can tell
      [22:14] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> you're just hammering away on the text lines
      [22:15] <[Content_SB]Frank> hehe
      [22:16] <[Content_SB]Frank> any questions?
      [22:16] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> anything else Frank?
      [22:17] <[Content_SB]Frank> No, that summed the status up.
      [22:17] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> No questions here
      [22:17] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> alright, let's get to Kar's list...wish he was
      [22:17] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> 1) Silven - need info from Kar now...i've emailed
      them and they're checking into it
      [22:18] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> 2) 5.11.1
      [22:18] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> James, you said that you want the unit tests to
      pass before you want 5.11.1 to walk out the door, yes?
      [22:18] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> Yes
      [22:19] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> any idea what it would take to kill the unit test
      [22:19] <[Docs_2nd]Boomer> I am looking at them now.
      [22:19] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> Thanks Aaron - I won't be able to get to them in
      a serious fashion for about 2 weeks
      [22:20] <[Docs_2nd]Boomer> Some are related to Tir's changes to the data but
      there are a few related to ability object changes that are a little more
      [22:20] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> can the ability-related ones be passed over (for
      now) since that's an evolving change?
      [22:20] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> No, that's not a good habit to get into
      [22:21] <[Docs_2nd]Boomer> No unless you don't mind not being able to create
      fighters or anyone with a CHOOSE:NOCHOICE feat
      [22:21] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> just curious...didn't know if the evovling code
      would work itself out later
      [22:21] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> Each of the failures most likely point to
      something that will impact users
      [22:22] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> gotcha
      [22:22] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> so, Aaron, any idea on a time-frame?
      [22:22] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> Yeah the fighter issue is a show stopper
      [22:23] <[Docs_2nd]Boomer> A day or two to at least get the unit tests
      working probably a few days till I would be happy it is stable enough to
      [22:24] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> fair enough
      [22:24] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> so we're looking at this weekend at the very
      earliest...next weekend probably better?
      [22:24] <[Docs_2nd]Boomer> I think so
      [22:24] <[Content_SB]Frank> We haven't heard from √Čric yet. Who would be
      doing the release?
      [22:25] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> not sure
      [22:25] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> The weekend of the 14th is the earliest I could
      do a release
      [22:25] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> James, how's the, as Kar put it, Maevenization
      coming along?
      [22:26] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> There is a list of prereqs on the wiki. That
      still has to be tackled.
      [22:27] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> I've taken Kar's keenness to get it doen as
      approval to run with those steps and will get onto them as soon as I have
      [22:28] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> i'm looking at the tiddler, and i'm lost on what
      the prereqs are
      [22:28] <[CodeSB]jdempsey>
      [22:29] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> aha!
      [22:29] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> i was looking at the MAVEN tiddler, not that one
      [22:29] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> I should create a link there....
      [22:30] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> so, now that i know which tiddler to look
      at...what's the ETA of those prereqs getting done?
      [22:30] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> i know we're all volunteers, just trying to get a
      possible timeline going
      [22:30] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> End of Octboer is the earliest I could see it all
      [22:31] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> k
      [22:31] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> so, James is not available until at least 10/14 to
      do a release
      [22:31] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> all in favor of shooting for that?
      [22:31] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> Yep
      [22:32] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> Sounds good to me
      [22:32] <[Content_SB]Frank> Why not?
      [22:32] <[Content_SB]Frank> That was a yes, Mr. King.
      [22:32] <[Content_SB]Frank> ;)
      [22:32] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> :) i figured
      [22:33] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> 3) PrettyLst
      [22:33] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> that's in SVN, so i think that takes care of that
      [22:33] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> 4) thanks for progress towards 5.12
      [22:33] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> 5) CMP compatibility with the 5.10.x line
      [22:33] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> they were looking at this, then the gaming gods
      turned a baleful eye at them
      [22:34] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> their testing is, understandably, on hiatus
      [22:34] <[OGL]PaulG> I still vote for Bill getting worried about his throne.
      [22:34] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> 6) more official sponsors
      [22:35] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> i think we are cool with that...which just means
      that Brian and i have to do some talking
      [22:36] <[OGL]PaulG> Don't bother with Bastion Press, it looks like there's
      going to be some news in the next week on them
      [22:36] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> yeah, i noticed that
      [22:36] <[OGL]PaulG> Maybe closeing doors or murger not sure yet.
      [22:36] <[OGL]PaulG> I REALLY hope they don't go under, they have some of
      the best designed product.
      [22:37] <[OGL]PaulG> And the Oathbound series isn't complete yet :)
      [22:38] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> 7) Brian to update Wiki
      [22:38] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> he said he'd get on that, but got hit with the RL
      [22:38] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> 8) best wishes to Conor
      [22:38] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> anything else?
      [22:39] <[Content_SB]Frank> Wasn't there another message from Kar?
      [22:40] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> hmmm...
      [22:40] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> aha
      [22:40] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> 9) team mailing lists
      [22:40] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> just what we need, spam from the Chair
      [22:40] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> :D
      [22:40] <[Content_SB]Frank> lol
      [22:42] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> so, anything else?
      [22:42] <[OGL]PaulG> Eric is working out very well
      [22:42] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> Was there a request for resolution on the team
      [22:43] <[OGL]PaulG> I'm going to bump the other three people that responded
      to the OGL team after the meeting again
      [22:43] <[OGL]PaulG> And it's kinda cool to have a MASA Engineer working for
      PCGen :)
      [22:43] <[OGL]PaulG> NASA even
      [22:44] * [CM]Zaister has joined #pcgen
      [22:44] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> James, technically, Kar was asking our thoughts on
      his pinging the teams
      [22:44] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> Right-o
      [22:44] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> but, as its Kar sending out emails, i'm sure he's
      going to do it anyway :)
      [22:44] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> regardless of what we think D:
      [22:44] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> :D even
      [22:45] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> Well, yes but so long as it isn' t too frequesnt
      or scares people away, its not a bad idea
      [22:45] <[Content_SB]Frank> I wouldn't mind it. When I was a newbie on the
      team, I was craving for any kind of communication with the team.
      [22:45] <[OGL]PaulG> We have communication? :)
      [22:45] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> Yes that is true - done properly it can help make
      people feel part of the team
      [22:46] <[Content_SB]Frank> @PaulG: Ook
      [22:48] <[Content_SB]Frank> So, who tells Kar to do it proper? *hides in
      [22:48] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> Oh I trust Kar not to spam people :)
      [22:48] <[OGL]PaulG> CRAP CRAP CRAP
      [22:49] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> ??
      [22:49] <[Content_SB]Frank> I think he's communicating. ;)
      [22:49] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> what's wrong Paul?
      [22:49] <[OGL]PaulG> I just deleted my entire pdf collection of my books off
      my laptop I hope it's on my desktop
      [22:49] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> Ugggh
      [22:49] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> its not in your trash can?
      [22:50] <[OGL]PaulG> not 4 gigs
      [22:50] <[Content_SB]Frank> Got them on CD?
      [22:50] <[OGL]PaulG> Whew it's on my desktop. close call
      [22:50] <[OGL]PaulG> nevermind go on with meeting
      [22:51] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> and he's now going to burn them to CD :D
      [22:51] <[OGL]PaulG> Yeppers
      [22:51] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> so, anyway, Kar will spam...er...communicate with
      the teams
      [22:52] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> anything else for the good of the order?
      [22:53] <[Content_SB]Frank> Well, I still think a OS Liaison TM would be a
      good idea, but we can talk about that on the list.
      [22:53] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> probably not a bad idea
      [22:54] <[OGL]PaulG> Somebody was asking about a rough pdf creation guide on
      CMP's new boards
      [22:54] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> right
      [22:54] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> OS creation notes are helpful
      [22:54] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> i've tried my hand its not an easy task
      [22:55] <[Content_SB]Frank> Yeah, I think we should Chuck let try his hand
      on that, but he's currently short on time.
      [22:55] * [AFK]Zaister has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
      [22:55] <[OGL]PaulG> Now he's REALLY AFK
      [22:57] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> alright, i think that's a night then
      [22:57] <[Content_SB]Frank> Cool. Will you post the log?
      [22:58] <[PR_SB]kingpaul> yep
      [22:59] <[OGL]PaulG> K, night all
      [22:59] <[CodeSB]jdempsey> ok, have a good rest fo the day everyone
      [22:59] * [OGL]PaulG has left #pcgen
      [22:59] <[Content_SB]Frank> gn8

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