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Re: [pcgen] problem with custom data set

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  • boomer70
    ... ... pcgen.core.EquipmentList.autogenerateMasterWorkEquipment(EquipmentList.java:650) ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 19, 2006
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      --- fireflash1536 <fireflash1536@...> wrote:

      > Before the change from "Willpower" to "Will" in
      > 5.10, my data set
      > worked fine (well, as fine as it could without some
      > freqs). Now, after
      > I adjusted all references to that check, it doesn't
      > seem to load the
      > sources correctly. I can't even create a new
      > character. I checked the
      > normal stuff that would prevent character creation
      > (the presence of
      > races, classes, etc.), and everything seems fine.
      > There were no typos
      > in the Willpower -> Will changeover either.
      > Help?
      > -FF
      > Ps. here is the output from the debug console when I
      > loaded the source.

      > java.lang.NullPointerException
      > at
      > at
      > at

      I am not sure why this is happening but if you want to
      get up and running try turning off autogeneration of
      equipment in the pcgen options.


      Aaron Divinsky
      PCGen Docs 2nd, Data Chimp, Code Gibbon, Doc Tamarin

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