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Re: [pcgen] [BUG] Spellbooks

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  • frugal@purplewombat.co.uk
    ... Just a couple of usability points: 1 - The popup menu states: Auto add new known spells to Spellbook but there is no indication that only 1 spell book
    Message 1 of 5 , May 31, 2006
      >> I just figured out that if you right click on a spell book in teh
      >> spellbooks tab you get a popup menu. But there is no indication that a
      >> spellbook will auto add new known spells.
      > If you click on the spellbook, the info pane in the bottom left will
      > show it as "Default Book for New Known Spells" after the name.

      Just a couple of usability points:

      1 - The popup menu states: "Auto add new known spells to Spellbook" but
      there is no indication that only 1 spell book can have this flag set. The
      wording indicates that you can have multiple spellbooks with this set and
      each one would have any new spells added by default. (eg. I have a main
      and a backup spellbook and I add all new spells to both so that I do not
      have a crisis if I loose the main book).

      2 - The wording of the popup menu and the details in the "Spell Info" box
      are not worded in such a way as to make it obvious that they are the same

      3 - The popup menu looks like it should have a tick mark next to the entry
      if the spell book has the auto add flag set.

      4 - Selecting the auto add popup option does not cause the spell info box
      to be refreshed, so there is no indication that it has done anything. The
      only way to refresh the spell info box is to select another spell book and
      then reselect the first one.

      5 - I intuitively expect that if I make a menu choice like "Auto add" top
      a spellbook that the spellbook entry in the tree would get updated with
      some kind of indicator. eg. "Spellbook [65/100, Auto-Add]" or "Spellbook
      [65/100]*" with a note at the below the tree to indicate that spellbooks
      marked with "*" will automatically add new spells.

      6 - If a spellbook has the Auto Add flag set and is full then I would
      expect that when a new spell is added on the "Known Spells" tab that I get
      a message stating "You spellbook 'Spellbook (Wizard)' is full so this
      spell has not automatically been added to the spellbook. Please manually
      add it to a different spellbook", rather than a message stating "There are
      not enough pages left to add this spell to the spellbook". I did not try
      to add a spell to a spellbook, I tried to add a spell to my selection of
      known spells so the message is rather confusing and does not give the user
      any obvious idea how to fix it.

      7 - On the Known Spells tab not all of the combinations of "Sort known
      spells by:" will show the spells. Class/School shows the spells in the
      "Sort Spells By" for all spells, but does not show any spells if you use
      that sorting combination in "Sort Known Spells by:" or "Sort Recorded
      Spells By".

      > I didn't think that the default book was on by default though. I'll
      > have to check on that.

      I think I must have fiddled when the spellbook functionality first came
      out and forgot

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