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Re: Output Sheet Question

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  • karianna03
    OK, finally got around to trackering these. Thanks for the bug report! K
    Message 1 of 10 , May 3 3:25 AM
      OK, finally got around to trackering these. Thanks for the bug report!


      --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, "raven0282" <raven0282@...> wrote:
      > Okay, tested the sheet out in 5.81 and 5.98.
      > In 5.81 and 5.98, the sheet does recalculate properly the Attack bonus
      > based on whether the character is Fighting Defensively or using Full
      > Defense.
      > On both sheets, when a character is fighting with two weapons, any
      > other carried melee weapon had it's attack bonus reduced by -8. I had
      > said -10 earlier but I noticed those were magical weapons. However, I
      > noticed that this behavior is also happening when I export to text
      > only. Which leads me to believe that this might be caused internally
      > by PCGen when it calculates attack bonus instead of being an output
      > sheet problem.
      > One weird error when working with 5.98. The money carried as coin
      > does not get reported correctly. The sheet puts code in that box. In
      > 5.81 this problem does not occur.
      > Also on both versions any consumable equipment (potions, etc.)
      > displays the little square boxes incorrectly. The boxes appear
      > several items below the correct item. I seem to have found the error
      > causing this and it has to do with not having the same "variable"
      > during the "FOR Statements." I think the variables should be
      > EQ.MERGELOC.Not.Coin.NOT.Gem.%equip1 or
      > EQ.MERGELOC.Not.Coin.NOT.Gem.%equip2. However it seems that some are
      > using just EQ.Not.Coin.NOT.Gem.%equip1 and at times just EQ.%equip1.
      > I hope that helps to fix that problem.
      > Thank you so much for your help with the original sheet.
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