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Re: [pcgen] [bug] [Trackered] Roll method not saving

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  • Brass Tilde
    ... I think the second clause in your statement is the significant one. ... Believe it or not, it s not that difficult. You d merge the changes made to file
    Message 1 of 10 , Apr 21, 2006
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      > Even this strictness which is difficult to manage and
      > way beyond what this project can stand is not
      > foolproof.

      I think the second clause in your statement is the significant one.

      > Say I have two commits to the truck,
      > commit 1 modifies lines 4 and 10 of file a and commit
      > 2 modifies lines 4 and 5 of file a. Now I decide I
      > want commit 2 in the branch. How do I do that?

      Believe it or not, it's not that difficult. You'd merge the changes
      made to file "a" in rev 2, which do *not* include the changes made in
      rev 1, to whatever working copy you wanted them in.

      Your example where the same line is modified in both revs is a little
      trickier, but it's still doable. Unrelated changes to the same line of
      code, so closely located in time is really a rather pathological case

      As you say, though, not recommended for this project.

      > Backporting is a bad idea (which at times is required)
      > and developing a process around it is an even worse
      > one.

      I don't know that I'd go so far as "bad", but it's certainly a practice
      that benefits from thought and discipline.
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