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RE: [pcgen_bod] BoD log - 2/16/06

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  • Paul Grosse
    See image I just uploaded (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pcgen_bod/files/Proposed%20Official%20Spo nsers.PNG
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 17, 2006
      See image I just uploaded
      nsers.PNG> ) to see what I was proposing last night, of course it will
      need to be prettyfied. But this is a Button that would bring up a dialog
      displaying all the logo's of our official sponsers, and then the Source
      Info on the lower left could have the info specific to that source. And
      of course we would have a section in the About page that would list the
      official sponsers (possibly just a link to the dialog that pops up when
      the button is pressed to minimize upkeep).

      Also while I think that I would like to have CMP on this page
      permenantly, funding or not, I can see some other publishers having a
      beef with that.


      <Nylanfs> No I don't think we want to have this screen turn off,
      just have it come up when the new button is pressed
      <[CM-SB]soulcatcher> a budget for real advertising in something
      like dragon would rock
      <Karianna> I feel that we should make this known to Battlefield
      press (so they can opt in as well) and Bryan (just quickly) before we go
      any further
      <Nylanfs> Agreed
      <[CM-SB]soulcatcher> I agree
      <Rageheart> agreed, sounds like a win-win situation.
      <[LM]Tir-Gwaith> Definitely

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