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Re: pcgen [doc][bug] New soul?

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  • karianna03
    Well firstly thanks for the bug reports! I ll tracker them shortly. Secondly thanks for your offer to assist, I ll email your privately and I m sure you ll be
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 5, 2006
      Well firstly thanks for the bug reports! I'll tracker them shortly.
      Secondly thanks for your offer to assist, I'll email your privately
      and I'm sure you'll be really happy in the Soul Jar ;p


      --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, Andrew Maitland <drew0500@...> wrote:
      > Hi hardworking monkeys, chimps and silverbacks, I came across the
      > All of these were autobuild Feb 3 (last night) 5.9.4
      > DOC:
      > In the documentation the example indicates that
      > to the off-hand making the damage normal, however, I needed to use
      > BONUS:COMBAT|DAMAGEMULT:0|1 to get the off-hand damage to be normal.
      > Of course in a strange sense multiplying .5 x .5 would equal .25, and
      > math isn't always a favorite subject, so maybe it worked fine. *shrugs
      > shoulders* Point being the example doesn't jive with the actual results.
      > BUG:
      > The above seems to only work in a TEMPLATE file, I tried using it as a
      > feat, but unless the feat points to a template it doesn't work.
      > Karianna - I have a *little* free time, but I wouldn't mind helping out
      > in a small way. I've had some great experience coding in new spells,
      > skills, feats, domains & equipment (Unfortunately no OGL, all WOTC for
      > my own group). I'm interested in learning the Java code PCGen uses. All
      > I ask in return is lots of patience. (I'm a paramedic that works 60+
      > hour work weeks and has a family to take care of, so my availability is
      > limited)
      > Thanks,
      > Andrew
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