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Re: [pcgen] [FREQ] [Trackered] menu to adjust skill points

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  • Eddy Anthony
    ... I like it, trackered: [ 1411731 ] Window for retroactively editing skill points
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 21, 2006
      Eric Jarman scribed:

      > I have often seen requests to allow INT increases to retroactively
      > affect skill points, and each time such a request gets pushed aside
      > because it really wouldn't work with the current skill point
      > architecture. This usually leaves the only option for changing skill
      > points to be going in and manually editing the character.pcg file.
      > Since the max number of skill points is stored in the pcg file, I was
      > wondering if it would be possible to implement a menu to edit these,
      > much like the HP adjustment menu? The max value could be limited by the
      > character's current INT bonus (or maybe even allow a checkbox to remove
      > this limit, in case of odd houserules), and allow the user to also edit
      > the amount of currently available skill points per level in the same
      > menu. (This could default to increasing/decreasing by the same amount
      > that you adjust the skillsgained.)
      > Thus, standard rules for skill points would always be followed by
      > default, but houserules for skillpoints would still be easily allowed
      > for via manual intervention, without having to break out a text editor.
      > Any thoughts?
      > Eric Jarman
      > hairless (er, i mean rankless) monkey

      I like it, trackered:
      [ 1411731 ] Window for retroactively editing skill points
      ~ Eddy Anthony (MoSaT)
      ~ PCGen Content Silverback
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