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BoD log - 1/11/06

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  • Paul W. King
    anyway, I have 9:30 PM Code - Devon/James - go ok, First off Tir found a pieece of hard coding today
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2006
      <kingpaul> anyway, I have 9:30 PM
      <kingpaul> Code - Devon/James - go
      <soulcatcher521> ok, First off Tir found a pieece of hard coding today
      <soulcatcher521> apparently the ac check penalty for armor is hard coded
      <soulcatcher521> so that moves to near the top of our list, but ziaster is
      on it
      <[CM]jdempsey> Are we going to squeeze that into 5.8.1?
      <soulcatcher521> I think it would probably be a ppor idea
      <[Content_SB]mosat> sounds like a bad idea
      <soulcatcher521> because it's gonna mess with the game modes
      <[CM]jdempsey> agreed :)
      <soulcatcher521> 5.8.1 is supposed to be a small patch release
      <soulcatcher521> James, you looked in to how the Ability object, where does
      that sit?
      <kingpaul> wait, ACCHECK is hard coded?
      <soulcatcher521> that's what ziaster found
      <soulcatcher521> I have not been able to confirm
      <kingpaul> joy...there's a couple sources that give class abilities to
      negate the AC penalty
      <soulcatcher521> well, it'll be fixed in 5.9.5
      <kingpaul> that's cool
      <soulcatcher521> and I think it's just the amount of the penalty for
      <soulcatcher521> I want to light a fire under code, cause it's been kind of
      <soulcatcher521> so I would like to hear some features/bugs from people (on
      list) that I can ask people to pick up
      <[CM]jdempsey> Last info on the ability object was from last week and Andrew
      said that he had more work to do on the requests assigned to him. He had to
      get back to it to assess what was left, but has not added more info yet.
      <soulcatcher521> smaller things are better for that
      <soulcatcher521> based on his response, I'm pretty sure it was only one of
      his trackers that still needed work
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Oh goody! I've got a few I can throw out
      <soulcatcher521> is that basically right?
      <[CM]jdempsey> After those two are complete it looks to just just be the
      output tags to be changed and we are done.
      <[CM]jdempsey> I thoguht it was both...
      <soulcatcher521> oh, ok
      <soulcatcher521> Eddy, to answer your query, I suspect we probably have
      about a month for ability object to be complete
      <soulcatcher521> if we can get movement
      <[CM]jdempsey> Yes, we need to get things moving ion code again
      <[Content_SB]mosat> so it still is in the current scope
      <soulcatcher521> absolutely
      <[Content_SB]mosat> killer!
      <soulcatcher521> Ability is one of two primary goals for code in 5.9.x
      <soulcatcher521> the other is getting as many tokens as possible into
      <[CM]jdempsey> which is a task that can be broken down nicely
      <soulcatcher521> yeah
      <soulcatcher521> I would say that's about 30-40% done
      <soulcatcher521> I've done mpost of it, but really, anyone can do it
      <soulcatcher521> we have more then enough example code of how these plugins
      should work, so I think this is one area where I can split this out to the
      <soulcatcher521> ok, James, you are right - andrew said he has stuff to do
      with both
      <[CM]jdempsey> We can try again to get some of the new code monkeys
      interested. We have had two drop out of the project and none of the others
      have gotten started yet
      <soulcatcher521> the other 3 are smaller for Ability object
      <soulcatcher521> yeah
      <soulcatcher521> I think we really jsut need to start asking people to do
      stuff instead of saying "pitch in where you want"
      <soulcatcher521> so lets see if we can get some good bugs/freqs that newer
      people can do
      <soulcatcher521> it's not like we don't have hundreds of bugs/freqs waiting
      <kingpaul> brb
      <soulcatcher521> that's about all I can think of for code right now - you
      have anything james?
      <[CM]jdempsey> Yes there are a few available
      <[CM]jdempsey> Just that the Spells tab revamp is progreessing well. I think
      I have covered all existing features, so I might check it in in a week or
      <soulcatcher521> sweet - what exactly are we doing on the spells tab?
      <[CM]jdempsey> splitting it into 3 subtabs - known / prepared / spellbooks
      <[CM]jdempsey> So we can finally get all handled correctly
      <soulcatcher521> ahh, cool - are we doing it as one tab with child tabs like
      <[CM]jdempsey> and have it display ok on 800x600 :)
      <kingpaul> back
      <[CM]jdempsey> yep, that's how it is setup
      <soulcatcher521> sweet
      <soulcatcher521> those tabs have needed this for some time
      * [CM]jdempsey nods
      <soulcatcher521> ok, guess that's it for code
      <kingpaul> cool
      <kingpaul> Content - Eddy - go
      <[Content_SB]mosat> OK
      <[Content_SB]mosat> first a request for the code team
      <soulcatcher521> da?
      <[Content_SB]mosat> when you get useable/testable parts of the ability
      object done send them over to me for the docs
      <[Content_SB]mosat> there should be a few new tags for this right?
      <soulcatcher521> many things are done, but I suspect we'll need for andrew
      to close his freqs first
      <[Content_SB]mosat> cool
      <soulcatcher521> then yes, we should be ready for doco
      <soulcatcher521> luckily it'll be copy and paste mostly
      <[Content_SB]mosat> OK Content Status
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Docs
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I've got the Kit page updated with all the new tags
      added to date
      <[Content_SB]mosat> this is a dynamic situation, Aaron sent me a couple of
      new ones last week
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Creating a LST class about Default Monster Kits is on my
      to do list
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Output Sheets
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I've got a sheet I've been refining and polishing to
      check the Default Monster Kits with
      <[Content_SB]mosat> It was adapted from one of the existing stat block
      <[Content_SB]mosat> It pretty much matches the format of the RSRD text where
      it is possible to do so (can't split up Special Attacks and Abilities untill
      we code and implement them as Ability objects)
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I've put a lot of work into it and I think it would be
      of use to the general community
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I'd like to put it in the release
      <[Content_SB]mosat> It's in the Files > Misc section of the main Yahoo group
      if you wish to have a look
      <[Content_SB]mosat> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pcgen/files/Misc/
      <[Content_SB]mosat> named csheet_fantasy_statblock_SRD.htm
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Data
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Lots happening in data
      <[Content_SB]mosat> The Default Monster validation project is in full swing
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I have done a full QA sweep of the standard monsters
      from E through Z, Animals, Vermin and I've started on the A's today
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Frank has completed his sweep of the Modern Default
      Monster Kits
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I was suprised to find that our monsters had quite a few
      data errors
      <[Content_SB]mosat> missing feats, incorrect skill points, missing
      templates, missing proficiencies
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I had to correct about 80% of the beasties I've
      reviewed, far too many to document every little error
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I have resolved a major error regarding creatures with
      no intelligence scores
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Some Plants, Constructs, Vermin, Oozes and Undead are
      mindless and get no skills or feats
      <[Content_SB]mosat> But all our monster classes granted skil points
      <[Content_SB]mosat> The solution was to create alternate classes for these
      <[Content_SB]mosat> For example there is now a Construct (Mindless) class
      and a Vermin (Intelligent) class
      <[Content_SB]mosat> the Vermin (Intelligent) class is the alternate class
      because most Vermin are mindless and this let me leave the standard Vermin
      class name unchanged
      <[Content_SB]mosat> The upshot of this is that when we are done there will
      be a huge jump in quality where the creatures are concerned
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Once we are done we will need to generate kits for the
      SRD dataset and the rest of the monsters in the repository
      <soulcatcher521> sweet
      <[Content_SB]mosat> One of the side effects of this QA sweep is that it has
      uncovered errors made by WotC
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Once we are done we will have a complete list of these
      we can send them
      <[Content_SB]mosat> In development news Frank has been reviewing the Modern
      sets in Alpha and moving them into d20ogl for the production release
      <soulcatcher521> considering they are working up a new SRD
      <soulcatcher521> we should get those out asap
      <[Content_SB]mosat> probably be completed by the end of the month
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I plan on putting in some time on some of the fantasy
      sets in Alpha some and see if we can winnow it down to just those sets
      awaiting code support
      <[Content_SB]mosat> And just let me say Frank is doing a great job enhancing
      the MSRD in general
      <[Content_SB]mosat> He's got really good ideas for code developments to
      implement Modern game features (such as the Wealth system)
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I hope that can get some attention by the CM's in the
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Willpower to Will conversion
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Eric has added this conversion to prettylst
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Frank and I have tested it and no major problems were
      <[Content_SB]mosat> A few free form Willpower text strings were left but
      this presents no problem
      <soulcatcher521> assign needed bugs to me with a comment that this is for
      frank/s modern work/to clear sets from alpha
      <[Content_SB]mosat> sure will, as I find them
      <soulcatcher521> thanks
      <[Content_SB]mosat> really the only set I know is in Alpha because of code
      is Dawnforge
      <[Content_SB]mosat> and that I hope to solve with the Ability object
      <soulcatcher521> ok
      <[Content_SB]mosat> back to the Will conversion
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Before we can convert the data we need to prepare the
      outputsheets and the code for this
      <[Content_SB]mosat> currently many of the outputsheets and a few places in
      the code are hard coded to the check names
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Rather than change CHECK.WILLPOWER.TOTAL to
      CHECK.WILL.TOTAL I think we need to referrence it by it's array number
      <[Content_SB]mosat> This will allow both names to function and will keep the
      sheets and the program backwards compatible since CHECK.2.TOTAL will return
      whatever the third check is no matter what it is named
      <[Content_SB]mosat> what do you guys think?
      <kingpaul> sounds good to me
      <kingpaul> don't know if it'd work for code...Devon/James?
      <[Content_SB]mosat> it works, I've edited the bits I've found and build it
      <[CM]jdempsey> no objections here
      <soulcatcher521> yeah, we're cool
      <[Content_SB]mosat> OK, in that case we can do the OS and code work before
      the conversion
      <[Content_SB]mosat> and then the data change is transparent to them
      <soulcatcher521> Paul, can we get a bug assigned to James (this is a good
      one for what we were talking about) for converting all references?
      <soulcatcher521> tho we should probably fast track this so it can make 5.9.5
      <kingpaul> i'll create it now
      <kingpaul> [ 1403538 ] converting willpower to will references
      <soulcatcher521> Thanks<kingpaul> np
      <kingpaul> Devon, just saw the 'game mode override' tracker
      <[CM]jdempsey> being picky, but is this a feature request rather than a bug?
      <kingpaul> is that fixed in the 5.8.1 release as well?
      <kingpaul> branch i meant
      <kingpaul> fine James, its now a Freq ;P
      <soulcatcher521> yes, that was what we kept holding off on 5.8.1 rc 2 for
      <[CM]jdempsey> thanks :)
      <kingpaul> cool
      <soulcatcher521> the will conversion is now a bug, as it's incorrect
      <kingpaul> hopefully then Eric can get RC2 out the door by week's end
      <soulcatcher521> if it';s not fixed, we'll want ot know
      <soulcatcher521> cause that was what took the damn release so long
      <kingpaul> and its now changed back
      <kingpaul> am i in a tennis match? :D
      <soulcatcher521> heh
      <[CM]jdempsey> ok, I'll be quiet now!
      <soulcatcher521> leave it whereever it is now
      <kingpaul> bug...and it staying! :D
      <soulcatcher521> either way it's high ppriority
      <kingpaul> p9
      <kingpaul> anything else Eddy?
      <[Content_SB]mosat> nope, that coverd a bit of ground
      <kingpaul> cool
      <kingpaul> alright, PL
      <kingpaul> contacted Silverthorne and got their permission on the Kessmer
      line that Tir did
      <kingpaul> i've sent a follow-up email to TGM
      <kingpaul> i can't recall if this happened before the last meeting i was at
      <soulcatcher521> Can we add a new function to PL, and sick kar on the
      unwitting populace - I think we need a marketer. Someone to pimp us out to
      review sites, and blogs, and to pester enworld to say things about us and so
      <kingpaul> we got permission from Swords Edge Publishing and Bloodstone
      <soulcatcher521> cause I was looking around the net today, and we have a
      surprisingly small presence on the mass of RPG websites out there
      <kingpaul> i try my best on the boards i visit
      <kingpaul> and Beaver's the PL SB, so we'll need to check with him
      <soulcatcher521> I'm figuring on trying to get someone into a sub position
      to run around and just get people to spend ink on pcgen
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Yeah, PR is different than PL
      <[Content_SB]mosat> and we do need a bit of that
      <soulcatcher521> for the big kind on the block, we sure seem to be kind of
      hard to see
      <kingpaul> well, i try to do PR when i wander around the message boards
      <kingpaul> very true Devon
      <soulcatcher521> yeah, and you do a good job too
      <kingpaul> but we aren't a business and don't have a marketing budget
      <soulcatcher521> but I think we need to perhaps get some more people
      <soulcatcher521> tir is willing to donate $30 to get some ad impressions
      when we release 5.8.1
      <soulcatcher521> and for tha tmatter so am I
      <soulcatcher521> which btw, we need a banner if we are gonna do banner ads
      <soulcatcher521> but we can talk about htat in open floor
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I'll add it to my list :-)
      <[Content_SB]mosat> the banners and other graphics that is
      <kingpaul> any other PL comments?
      <[LM]Tir-Gwaith> :)
      <kingpaul> seeing none
      <kingpaul> OGL
      <kingpaul> Paul G cleared the Kessmer set...or however its spelled
      <kingpaul> there are still some sets that need checked out
      <[LM]Tir-Gwaith> Kressemer's, I think - I'll be getting the Licence popup
      html thingy done this weekend
      <kingpaul> [SEP][Roles and Classes] Covert Hero
      <kingpaul> Player's Guide to Arcanis by Paradigm Concepts
      <kingpaul> [Midnight] Against the Shadow
      <kingpaul> [ENPub] Secrets of Theurgy
      <kingpaul> i've did the 1st and 4th, so i can't clear those
      <kingpaul> i'll see if i can get around to the 2nd and 3rd
      <[Content_SB]mosat> cool
      <[LM]Tir-Gwaith> Wow, didn't know we had an AtS set finished
      <[Content_SB]mosat> yup
      <kingpaul> Eddy, are there any other sets that you know of that need
      <[Content_SB]mosat> no that's the waiting on list
      <[Content_SB]mosat> we do have one set ready for Alpha entry
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Malhavoc Press: Book of Iron Might
      <[LM]Tir-Gwaith> That the one you emailed me on? working on that this
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Great :-)
      <[Content_SB]mosat> The rest of the Future sets should be ready for review
      <kingpaul> excellent!
      <soulcatcher521> schweet
      <[Content_SB]mosat> when Frank and I can find time to review each others
      <[CM]jdempsey> Speaking of modern, I still haven't worked out what was going
      on with that weapon prof bug
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I finished up Robots recently
      <kingpaul> very cool
      <[Content_SB]mosat> As far as everything else in the development list I see
      [RPGO][Modern Dispatch] Dispatch #67 needs to be looked at
      <[Content_SB]mosat> the rest is still in development
      <[Content_SB]mosat> it's that time, I'm going to have to sign off soon
      <soulcatcher521> ok, eddy
      <[LM]Tir-Gwaith> K. Did anyone mention the Hardcode bit Z and I stumbled
      <soulcatcher521> the banner
      <kingpaul> Devon did Tir
      <soulcatcher521> can we get a standard sized banner with normal pcgen
      iconography, and the ennie?
      <[LM]Tir-Gwaith> :)
      <[Content_SB]mosat> sure
      <soulcatcher521> Tir - yes, I did
      <[LM]Tir-Gwaith> kewl.
      <kingpaul> any other open floor items? othe than the banner
      <soulcatcher521> quick update on the tiddlywiki doco idea
      <soulcatcher521> that I brought up in november
      <soulcatcher521> the code for that is now just about ready to do what I was
      hoping - maintain a copy of everything, while at the same time being ale to
      update from a server
      <soulcatcher521> I expect the whole thing to be viable in about another
      <kingpaul> nice
      <soulcatcher521> oh, and there is already an export to make a 'website'
      version from it
      <soulcatcher521> so it can export pages for people who don't ahve good
      javascript support
      <kingpaul> so it can automatically make an offline version?
      <soulcatcher521> via a plugin, yeah
      <soulcatcher521> the normal one *is* an offline version
      <soulcatcher521> this wuld just make a non-javascript version
      <soulcatcher521> what's about to be finished is the code that would allow us
      to designate stuff as 'read only' and the have that stuff auto update off
      our server
      <soulcatcher521> if the person has a conneciton
      <soulcatcher521> thus, self updating docos
      <soulcatcher521> which I think is hella cool ;)
      <soulcatcher521> I don't think I have anything else
      <soulcatcher521> please get your favorite bugs assigned to me!!! so we can
      get some newbies going
      <[Content_SB]mosat> will do
      <soulcatcher521> actually, we should also ask the list if anyone there has
      favorites as well
      <soulcatcher521> and eddy - I'll give priority to the MSRD bugs if you let
      me know which ones are which
      <[Content_SB]mosat> K
      <kingpaul> purchase DC? :)
      <soulcatcher521> if ther eis a bug/freq, assign it to me
      <soulcatcher521> and I'll see what I can do
      <[Content_SB]mosat> heh heh, that one is a bit invloved
      <soulcatcher521> very
      <kingpaul> i know
      <soulcatcher521> but I jsut looke dat the restricted freq
      <[Content_SB]mosat> but Frank does have some good writeups on it
      <soulcatcher521> and if I do what I just proposed in there, we could
      probably get purchase DCs working
      <soulcatcher521> ok, or that
      <[Content_SB]mosat> OK I gotta run fellas :D
      <soulcatcher521> and eddy, get back tome on that freq (RESTRICTED for msrd)
      I think a general tag that can add 'qualities' to items would in general be
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I'll take a look at all the ones you assigned to me
      tomorrow and respond
      <kingpaul> anything else? (i know Eddy's got to jet)
      <soulcatcher521> not here
      <[Content_SB]mosat> night guys
      <soulcatcher521> night
      * [Content_SB]mosat has left #pcgen
      <kingpaul> later all
      <[CM]jdempsey> night all
      * [CM]jdempsey has left #pcgen

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