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BoD log - 11/30/05

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  • Paul W. King
    i have 9:30 PM EST Code - Devon - go not much to say. holidays and rl have kept me away from code where do you
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2005
      <kingpaul> i have 9:30 PM EST
      <kingpaul> Code - Devon - go
      <CMsoulcatcher> not much to say. holidays and rl have kept me away from code
      <kingpaul> where do you think we are on RC2?
      <CMsoulcatcher> the bugs are registered, and I need one good night to knock
      then all out
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I expect December will be slow as far as the project
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I won't have much time either
      <CMsoulcatcher> I think we can get it out befor years end
      <CMsoulcatcher> not much to do, but finding time for that small amount for
      everyone will be painful
      * soulcatcher521 has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
      <CMsoulcatcher> I *think* I can get to it this week
      <kingpaul> that'd be cool
      <CMsoulcatcher> chris's bugs are *probably* all fixed
      <kingpaul> and i know that time's short for most everyone (me included)
      because of the holiday season
      <CMsoulcatcher> I think the problem currently is one of communication, not
      <CMsoulcatcher> for his bugs
      <kingpaul> how do you mean?
      <CMsoulcatcher> I tink
      <CMsoulcatcher> I think the functionality is there
      <CMsoulcatcher> but I don't think its been properly communicated to chris
      how to use it
      <CMsoulcatcher> I forwarded the last letter to z
      <CMsoulcatcher> I think he can probably straighten it out
      <kingpaul> that's cool
      <CMsoulcatcher> so if that's the case
      <CMsoulcatcher> it's one good coding session
      <CMsoulcatcher> to get the rest done
      <CMsoulcatcher> that's it for me
      <kingpaul> cool
      <kingpaul> how's the alpha code looking?
      <CMsoulcatcher> slowly moving towards the goal
      <CMsoulcatcher> activity has dropped
      <CMsoulcatcher> I expect it will stay that way until after the new year
      <kingpaul> makes sense
      <kingpaul> alright, moving along
      <kingpaul> Content - Eddy - go
      <[Content_SB]mosat> k
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Content Status
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Docs
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Kar has been jumping in and stiring things up, all in
      all a much needed breath of freash air
      <[Content_SB]mosat> some old trackers dealing with OS tokens are getting
      worked on
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I enjoy how he comes in and blow the dust off of
      everything :)
      <[Content_SB]mosat> OS: nothing new to report
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Data
      <Nylanfs> *cough*she*cough* ;)
      <[Content_SB]mosat> ?
      <kingpaul> ummm...Kar's a he
      <Nylanfs> nm making funny and fun of bD
      <kingpaul> i've met him...and so have you
      <kingpaul> oh, yes, that
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I said he
      <kingpaul> Paul G said she
      <kingpaul> its from a situation several years back
      <[Content_SB]mosat> ah, a joke
      <CMsoulcatcher> *anyway*
      <kingpaul> never mind, move along, nothing to see here
      <CMsoulcatcher> ;-)
      <[Content_SB]mosat> yeah I noticed those were used interchangably with him
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I didn't know for a long time
      <[Content_SB]mosat> anyway, The data meetings have been useful
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Between the nice work Eric has been putting into
      prettylst and the Default Monsters we have lots to do
      <[Content_SB]mosat> but we are slowly but steadily making progress
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Paul G has hit a nice crop of datasets for us so we can
      get them into the next release
      <[Content_SB]mosat> questions for content?
      <CMsoulcatcher> how would y'all feel if we added a dropdown in the summary
      tab for those kits?
      <CMsoulcatcher> filtered of course
      <kingpaul> that'd be very nice
      <CMsoulcatcher> as per usual, i'm on my cell
      <CMsoulcatcher> can someone add that as a p7 freq assigned to me?
      <[Content_SB]mosat> sure would like to see a more prominant GUI element but
      not sure about a drop down, how would you select?
      <[Content_SB]mosat> a button beside the dropdown?
      <CMsoulcatcher> same way you select a class or race
      <kingpaul> i'll get right on it
      <CMsoulcatcher> maybe add a button
      <[Content_SB]mosat> yeah, like the class dropdown, that would work fine
      <[Content_SB]mosat> speaking of buttons, any one going to look at where my
      buttons have gone to?
      <kingpaul> [ 1370559 ] kit drop-down on summary screen
      <CMsoulcatcher> also, I need a list of tags that are deprecated by the
      default monster thing
      <CMsoulcatcher> so that we can remove the old default stuff after the next
      prod rel
      <CMsoulcatcher> eddy - what button?
      <[Content_SB]mosat> we'll need that for Eric as well, to add to prettylst
      <[Content_SB]mosat> the Mac look and feel is now missing all the buttons
      <CMsoulcatcher> ahh
      <CMsoulcatcher> we need a mac coder
      <[Content_SB]mosat> it still has the text and they still function but the
      graphic element is gone
      <CMsoulcatcher> le sight
      <CMsoulcatcher> le sigh
      <[Content_SB]mosat> this happened shortly after that text smoothing went in
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I really think that had aomething to do with it
      <[Content_SB]mosat> because Mac already has font smoothing at the system
      <CMsoulcatcher> ok, post that to devel
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I opened a tracker for it:
      <CMsoulcatcher> k
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I did mention it there as well
      <CMsoulcatcher> alpha or rc?
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Alpha
      <[Content_SB]mosat> RC is fine
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Alpha 5.9.4 to be exact
      <CMsoulcatcher> k
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I can help out whoever looks at this, I can make my own
      build now :D
      <[Content_SB]mosat> so I can test any commits as they go in
      <CMsoulcatcher> k, cool
      <[Content_SB]mosat> qaaaaahn`ju e567 8
      <kingpaul> what was that Eddy?
      <[Content_SB]mosat> sorry, kitten dash over they keyboard
      <CMsoulcatcher> he got fragged
      <Nylanfs> There's some MAC people on CMP's forums. Maybe we can poach one of
      <kingpaul> is it really poaching to ask them if they'd be interested in
      <Nylanfs> Well the people I'm thinking of are the users. So technically it's
      not poaching :)
      <kingpaul> anything else Eddy?
      <[Content_SB]mosat> nope
      <kingpaul> OGL - Paul G - go
      <Nylanfs> Cleared three sets this week, Diadamon, Kressmer's Grimoire and
      Tortuga. I attached the file for Tortuga back to the tracker
      <Nylanfs> Kressmer's just needed the abjuration spells marked with the
      NAMEISPI tag like Tir did with the rest
      <Nylanfs> I'll hit the other three sets assigned to me later this week.
      <[Content_SB]mosat> and we need permissions from the pub
      <Nylanfs> Right
      <Nylanfs> Kressmer's is done by Silverthorne
      <kingpaul> i know we got permission from them to do the Templates Deluxe
      <Nylanfs> The Diadamon set is a FanCC so it can go straight in
      <[Content_SB]mosat> yeah, saw that in the docs, did we ever do that set?
      <kingpaul> and that was back in Aug 2003
      <kingpaul> i haven't talked to them since
      <[Content_SB]mosat> Diadamon went in last night :-)
      <Nylanfs> And the Tortuga is RPGO so it's good as well :)
      <kingpaul> not to mention that i'm the author of New Toruga to boot :D
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I've never heard of Templates Deluxe, I don't think that
      was ever up in experimental
      <[Content_SB]mosat> working on Toruga now
      <kingpaul> it was supposed to be assigned out...both Beaver and got NDA
      copies to be assigned by...i think Tir was SB then
      <kingpaul> i don't think anyone was interested in doing it though, so it
      fell through the cracks
      <kingpaul> i still have the file
      <kingpaul> just dug it up earlier today after i got your email Eddy
      <CMsoulcatcher> I don't think y'all will need me for anything else. my gf
      has a feaver of 103
      <kingpaul> ick!
      <Nylanfs> How hard does it look? Maybe I could take a crack at it during my
      free evenings
      <CMsoulcatcher> so I need to go make her feel better
      <kingpaul> feed her lots of chicken noodle soup
      <kingpaul> there's 200+ templates in it
      <[Content_SB]mosat> that sounds intimidating
      <Nylanfs> But anything "really" odd?
      <kingpaul> i honestly have no idea
      <kingpaul> i didn't take a detailed look at it
      <[Content_SB]mosat> when they gave perms was it just for that or did they
      grant general perms for OGL books
      <[Content_SB]mosat> ?
      <kingpaul> it was just for that book
      <kingpaul> they said, in the Aug 2003 email, that they were looking forward
      to working with us
      <Nylanfs> great, that
      <Nylanfs> that's nice :(
      <Nylanfs> I'll take a crack at it of the next week or so
      <kingpaul> anything else Paul?
      <Nylanfs> Nope I think that's it
      <kingpaul> ok
      <kingpaul> PL - Paul K
      <kingpaul> i've sent a follow-up email to The Game Mechanics
      <kingpaul> we've received permission from Sword's Edge Games for all of
      their books, as long as we stay a free app
      <kingpaul> i have been sent all of SEP's (that should have been Publishing,
      not Games) material, and will work with Eddy on how to get it included
      <kingpaul> at a glance, it appears to be all MSRD based material
      <kingpaul> i have contacted Bloodstone Press about getting their material in
      <kingpaul> i just got their Talent Tree books (also MSRD based) and found
      them to be rather interesting
      <kingpaul> TM - Paul K
      <kingpaul> nothing new to report
      <kingpaul> open discussion
      <Nylanfs> Experimental was getting kinda full, I deleted the scans in my OGL
      folder to clear some room
      * CMsoulcatcher has quit IRC (Read error: Operation timed out)
      <kingpaul> anything else by anyone else?
      <[Content_SB]mosat> I'm adding Sword's Edge Games to our pub page in the
      <kingpaul> its actually Sword's Edge Publishing
      <[Content_SB]mosat> fixing
      <kingpaul> anything else?
      <[Content_SB]mosat> nope
      <kingpaul> then i'll see y'all in 2 weeks
      <[Content_SB]mosat> have a good one
      <Nylanfs> night all

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