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[FREQ] Data driven LST Converter

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  • Eddy Anthony
    This is trackered in Code Feature Requests: [ 1310543 ] Data driven LST Converter
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2005
      This is trackered in Code Feature Requests:
      [ 1310543 ] Data driven LST Converter

      This is a request for new functionality in the LST converter. Currently this
      feature is disabled because it had not been updated in so long it really
      didn't do anything useful. We would like to re-enable this feature and give
      it the capability to perform simple name changes to data from a text file.
      This way these sort of changes would not need to go through the code monkeys
      to be hard coded. Additionally I think this needs to be gameMode specific
      because there is no reason that two gameModes which share nothing in common
      should need to have the same names and VARs and if the converter worked in a
      general way this would cause problems.

      I'm going to suggest a new gameMode file called conversions.lst which would
      hold all the name changes for that gameMode. The syntax for the tags in this
      file should be fairly simple:

      <object>:<old name>|<new name>

      And maybe a MENUNAME tag, this would say what gameMode the conversions were
      for and be at the top. We would then have:


      Additionally we also need:


      Key names are a bit tricky, lately when we have been renaming keys it is
      because we are redesigning the EQMODs they come from and often this has
      meant we have added additional versions of the particular modifier. For
      example the one Mithral EQMOD was split into 5, 3 for the different armor
      types, 1 for shields and 1 for everything else.

      With the assumption that the converter is for peoples home brew sets the
      place the converter will encounter EQMOD keys are in equipment lines in an
      EQMOD tag we need to be able to test for equipment types as a prerequisite
      for the conversion. Out Mithral conversion might look like this:



      This specific example might be further complicated because Mithral changes
      the the Armor type and I don't know if the original type can be tested for
      but just about any other EQMOD could handle the split up this way.
      ~ Eddy Anthony (MoSaT)
      ~ PCGen Content Silverback
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