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Re: Changing weapon enhancement (PLUS:1) costs?

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  • taluroniscandar
    ... enhancements ... * bonus ... for two ... finding ... COST tag ... increasing ... More or less cross-posting and reprinting a post by Eddy on experimental
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 30, 2005
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      --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, "Ben Craig" <ben_craig@h...> wrote:
      > In my homebrewed system, I'm trying to make it so that weapon
      > are based on the size of the weapon, instead of being the flat 2000
      * bonus
      > * bonus (aiming for 1500 for light, 2000 for one handers, and 3000
      for two
      > handers, each times bonus squared). However, I have had no luck in
      > where this formula is stored, and the tinkering I've done with the
      COST tag
      > (using rsrd_equipmods_enhancing on 5.8.0) has only succeeded in
      > the price, never lowering it. Any hints?

      More or less cross-posting and reprinting a post by Eddy on experimental
      In the miscinfo.lst file you will find these lines:


      These set the Plus costs. It is somewhat hard coded in that the types are
      hardcoded so you could not do something like this:

      We've been discussing something similar on pcgen experimental due to
      the differences in price in epic magic and magic.

      You could try altering the equation to take into account size.
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