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RE: [pcgen] LST Files, Unique Language Names and .MOD/.COPY/.FORGET

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  • Thomas Clegg
    Big reason for this I m guessing is the English TYPE:Spoken English TYPE:Written differentiation such for the MSRD.. Here s the thing though.... on the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 16, 2005
      Big reason for this I'm guessing is the


      differentiation such for the MSRD..

      Here's the thing though.... on the Abilities tab and selecting languages for
      the Intelligence bonus it only lists the names, not the type. There's no way
      to know if your Common is the Spoken version or the Written one... perhaps
      the languages, when they do have types, should list as language (type) i.e.
      English (Spoken), Spanish (Written), etc... ?


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